Let me tell you how much I am enjoying the Kidmin Talk episodes.  They are absolutely wonderful. I didn't think they could get better, but you have managed that! The most refreshing thing I have found is I always get an email back when I write. The business world could take a lesson from you guys! Keep up the good work, people are listening!
-Marty McCutcheon
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Premium Follow Up Letters for Kids

A bunch of kids accept Christ on Sunday - how do you follow up with them? In this post Karl shares the letters he sends out to both kids and parents. You are welcome to edit and adapt.

Follow Up
Premium 10 Easy Ways to Partner with Families in Your Ministry

Ten easy steps to help you get started on your goal to partner with families in your church.

Partnering with Parents, Leadership, Equipping
Premium 21 Questions to Ask Those You Lead

One of the most important skills a leader needs to learn is to listen. Here are 21 crucial questions we need to learn to ask. 

Leadership, Listening
Premium Bible Teaching Skit: Modern-day story of King Josiah (2 Kings 22)

Use this skit, set in modern times, as a way to illustrate the story of Josiah. 

Doing What's Right
Premium Discipleship Roller Coaster

Discipleship is messy and gritty and sloppy, and that’s the beauty. And some weeks that can also be the tough part of it.

Premium Does your church disciple single dads?

How does your church disciple the single dads in your community?

Divorce Care
Premium Don't Be Afraid of the Big Gospel Words When Teaching Kids

Do you teach the kids in your ministry about the big words? Or do you shy away? Here are some great reasons to attack these words head on.

Teaching, Spiritual Growth
Premium Explaining the Trinity to Kids

How do you explain the Trinity to your kids?

Premium How Young Is Too Young

When should the Gospel be presented to a child?

Relationship with God
Premium Let Us Pray--Bible Lesson for Children

This lesson is designed to teach children how to pray using The Lord’s Prayer. 

Lord's Prayer, Bible Lesson
Premium My Heavenly Da Da

How do you address God the Father?

Relationship with God
Premium Nothing Else Like This

It is not about what we do for God but about what God has done for us through Jesus.

Nothing Like Jesus
Premium Now What?

Review of Salvation decision following a child's surrender to Christ.

Premium Printable Devotions for Kids

Devotionals that will help your kidmin get into God's Word and grow in their faith. 

Premium Quotes That Inspire Me

Quotes have a way of succinctly summing up what we are all thinking. Hopefully some of these quotes resonate with you. 

Inspiration, Success
Premium Ring Toss Bible Game

Looking for a versatile Bible review game that you can create with inexpensive materials. You've found it!

Game, Bible Review
Premium What Do These Stones Mean To You?

Do your kids know what God has done in your lives? Set up an "altar" to remind them every day. 

Parenting, Spiritual Growth
Premium When Kidmin Breaks Your Heart

God reached down and touched our hearts thru Jesus. He wants us to do the same for the hurting families and children in our midst.

Leadership, Caring
Premium Why We Lose Our Children When They Become Teenagers

How do we help teens learn freedom and independence while maintaining boundaries for healthy growth?

Spiritual Growth, Parenting Issues
Premium Why You Should Always Skip Your Kids' Baseball Games

This article explores the danger of helicopter parenting in turbulent times.

Family Life
Premium Advice for Graduates

Advice for Graduates using the letters from the word.



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