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Find your next Kidmin Event Plan here! Many of these event downloads are available Free for All Access Members. Explore the available events, and start planning your next outreach or party plan!

Before you begin, you might want to watch this Event Management video put together by Karl Bastian as part of his Ministry Management Video Series


Event Management Video

Events can make or break a ministry! Whether it's a small ministry event or giant community outreach, effective ministry managers know the Why, What, When, Where, Who and How of their event before they even begin promoting it.

Gain valuable insights from Pastor Karl before you plan your next event!

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Church Escape Event Plan

"One of the BEST church events I've ever created!" says Pastor Karl. NOW you can do it too!

Karl has put together all the files you need to pull off this fun, interactive preteen Church Escape Event at your church! Downloads, printables, and even video training are all provided to help you pull off an incredibly memorable event! 

This is an event folks will be talking about for weeks to come! 

Get more details about this awesome event.

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Bible Ninja Warriors

Bible Ninja Warriors will get kids excited about learning to use their Bibles and becoming more familiar with them.

David was a GodPro because he understood God's PROmise, PROtection, and PROvision. These are known through the stories of David's anointing, fighting Goliath, and not killing Saul later when he had the chance!

Read more about Bible Ninja Warriors and watch a walk-through video!

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Trunk or Treat Halloween Outreach Guide

The Trunk or Treat Halloween Outreach Planning Guide helps redeem a frustrating holiday for Christians. By providing you with the tools to host a successful fall outreach event, you'll have a wonderful opportunity to share the Gospel with families. This bridge-building is great for connecting with those who may not visit your church at any other time throughout the year.

This 24-page booklet contains a collection of simple tips, suggestions, ideas, and advice – but it is only a fraction of the help available to you. It also comes with a large collection of helpful downloads! You will find pictures, samples of documents, flyers, forms, and more!

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Easter EGGstravaganza Show

The Easter EGGstravaganza Show is a high-energy interactive game show experience that will involve both selected volunteers from the audience, as well as full audience participation elements.

The theme is “That’s Impossible” as participants attempt to do impossible feats! At the end, they will learn that the Bible says (twice), “…with man this is impossible, but with God, all things are possible!” 

This is a Family Show that can be held before Easter Egg Hunts. Files and a video walk through for Easter Eggstravaganza are provided! 

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Family Gingerbread House Building Kit

With this Family Gingerbread House Building Kit, you can create a much-anticipated family event at your church! Instructions are included for how to successfully hold a contest with several categories and a system to make it all fair and objective.

Find out more details here!

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Bible-O-Rama Super Sunday

This stand-alone SUPER SUNDAY lesson is meant to "break the mold" and do something different and fun on those "gap Sundays" between series.

Bible-O-Rama Super Sunday helps kids learn about the Books of the Bible and its structure. It's a FUN SUNDAY whenever you use it!

Think of it as a game show, but set up as a rotational event with many games all going on at the same time! It's a fun day of games to help the kids explore and review the various Books of the Bible.

Read more about Bible-O-Rama and watch a walk-through video!

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Nerf Wars

There was a lot of interest on social media over the Nerf Wars event, so we created a complete kit with all the files and details you need to edit, adapt, and use them for your own event!

At church on Sunday, there isn't much time for play, and play is where friendships are formed and developed for kids. Nerf Wars provides an event where kids can play together in a super fun, controlled environment. It also provides an opportunity for kids to invite friends to church by removing the hurdles that may keep unchurched kids from venturing into this new territory.

You can read more about Nerf Wars and even watch some videos of the action!

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Concert of Prayer

Whenever the adult ministry decides to do a Concert of Prayer or extended prayer meeting, instead of providing "child care", you can say, "The kids will have a prayer meeting too!"

Of course, you can't expect kids to sit quietly and pray with the heads bowed, eyes closed, and hands folded for an hour without being distracted! (Can you really expect that of adults either?)

Now you can plan an extended prayer meeting for kids. Not only can kids pray - they should pray! God delights in their prayers! But it is also a wonderful teaching opportunity for them to learn more about prayer.

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The material is taken from the four week curriculum on prayer: DiscipleTown's Kids Church Unit How to Pray and simplified for an evening of fun, education, and prayer!
Suggested Concert of Prayer Companion Videos are not included, but may be purchased for your convenience.

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