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Hey Karl, Just listened to your podcast and absolutely loved it! The podcast was a very beneficial time and a good investment in my day. I'll be joining you often. I'm so glad you're still on the front lines for kidmin! In His incredible joy,

Tina Houser

Pastor Karl, I have used the IT curriculum for a year now and absolutely love it. I love that it focuses on the Bible and looking up scriptures and that it has plenty of material for each week. Thank you for all you do.

Brian Dalton

Table Talkers have been a blessing for my church families. They provide guided devotional time that's educational AND fun! Parents tell me their kids are growing spiritually through this awesome tool from Kidology! Thank you for continually investing in our kids for the Kingdom!

Sasha Jones

I must say that in all your videos and podcasts I pay close attention. They are very noteworthy. Thank you so much for sharing with all of us.

Eric Shumaila

Karl, you really outdid yourself with the Agents of Acts series! Our kids absolutely LOVE it! It's so fun, plus, it is so easy to pull off. Keep it up!

Aaron Granade

I started using the Kidology curriculum and kids are loving it! I find it so much easier to prep for and it really keeps the kid's interest. We absolutely had a blast with the Ninja games!

Amy Garibaldi

I renewed my membership because this is the best sight for resources at your finger tips! I have used the lessons, activities, games for a lot of my children's ministry through the years. This is the first place I go to when I'm looking for inspiration. The wealth of material far exceeds any other sites that I have gone to. I like that you don't try to sell but rather offer tools to make our ministry so much fun for the kids to learn about Jesus. Thank you!

Sylvia Elrod

Thank you for all you do for children's ministry. During the early days of this pandemic, Kidology was offering free online series and I am one of the recipients of this blessing. I shared it with my church and the children had a great time learning. We used the RISE series, To Eternity and Beyond and the Extreme Bible Dudes series. I am so happy to be able to access the "it" Bible Curriculum and am very excited to start the lessons with the kids in Sunday School. The series you have is very attractive to the children and Word based. I am a volunteer in my church children's ministry and am always on the lookout for materials and ideas to help children in their spiritual growth. What you have in kidology.org is great stuff. Keep up the great work you are doing. God bless. In Christ,


I joined Kidology years ago, been in children's ministry over 20 yrs. and I'm still using your ideas! We will be doing the Bible Ninja Warrior and I have it all ready and excited. You are a blessing!

Doug Elrod

I am thankful for Karl Bastian because of his fun and wacky lessons and his leadership materials. I found his website when I first started in kidmin and was overwhelmed. He was such a blessing.

Tammy Phillips Jones

Thanks for the Encouragement!

It is so neat to know that the hours spent investing in this site are genuinely meeting a need out there! If you find Kidology helpful, please let us know!

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