Super Sunday Events Guide


These stand-alone SUPER SUNDAY lessons are meant to "break the mold" and do something different and fun on those "gap Sundays" between series.

Find details on each available Super Sunday Event below.

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The Great Escape

This super-fun interactive event will take kids through nine stations, each exploring a phase of Jesus' life where they will learn a key phrase to complete a challenge and receive a puzzle piece. Once they have all nine puzzle pieces, they will complete the puzzle, tape it together, and turn it over to discover the phrase that will allow them to “ESCAPE” and win the game! That same phrase contains the secret to escaping the consequences of sin and entering heaven! (John 14:6)

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Bible Boot Camp Training Day

Have your kids GEAR UP with their Bibles. They'll have FUN working with their friends (Squad) to play competitive games while learning how to navigate their Bibles, look up Bible verses, and review key Bible stories and concepts… all while having a blast! 8 Different Bible-Based Challenges (games) are included, each containing a physical and Bible challenge. 

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The Ultimate Birthday Party for Jesus

This Super Sunday includes a collection of Christmas Celebration ideas to use during a Birthday Party for JESUS! Pick the ones that you like best! More than enough ideas are included with this Party Planning Pack, but additional resources are listed as well.

The kids will have a great time playing games and learning how they can be God's Special Gift! This event is chock-full of FUN!

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Candy Pancake Breakfast

Host a Candy Pancake Breakfast for the kids! It’s something they will LOVE, TALK ABOUT, and LOOK FORWARD TO, and even BRING A FRIEND! 

This Super Sunday helps reinforce with kids the importance of being thankful for all we've been given! It's also a fun time to enjoy some yummy pancakes with friends, new and old!

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Xtreme Fruit Games

This stand-alone lesson is designed to introduce kids to the Fruit of the Spirit through a FUN series of interactive games. It is perfect for introducing the Xtreme Livin’ series from it Bible Curriculum available at or can be used independently or to introduce any series on the Fruit of the Spirit.

There are nine “events” representing the nine “Fruits” of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.  

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Bible Ninja Warrior!

This SUPER SUNDAY NINJA-THEMED lesson can be used between series when you want to focus on Bible Books and Bible Skills!

Based on the very popular American Ninja Warrior TV show, Bible Ninja Warriors encourages kids to get AWESOME at using their Bibles! You simply create a Bible Skills course that kids try to complete in a time limit, or in a head-to-head competition!

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This Super Sunday helps kids learn about the Books of the Bible and its structure!

Think of it as a game show, with many games going on at the same time!

It's a fun day of games to help the kids explore their Bible and review the various Books it contains. It's a FUN SUNDAY whenever you use it!

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A super fun Bible Game that is a blend of Charades, Pictionary, Bible Quizzing, and even Play-Doh!

This Bible Review and Educational Game helps review stories kids have learned, as well as introduce stories they may have never heard of before.

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Challenges kids to show thanks in creative ways!

We live in a "gimmie gimmie" culture that focuses on how much it can get. God wants us to have an attitude of gratitude for the many blessings we already have. The purpose of this unit is not only to help kids focus on being thankful, but to challenge them to think of some people that they haven't expressed thanks to, and help them think of some ideas to express their thanks in practical ways.

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