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Holidays, Summer Bashes, 5th Sundays, Outreach, or just for the fun of it! There are so many opportunities to host an event at your church! Let Kidology help with the planning! Download one of our fun-filled event guides, and you'll be well on your way to hosting something the kids will talk about for years!

Check out all the resources in our Events Zone below, from planning, checklists and training to how to follow up and even create highlight videos!

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Starter Bible Boot Camp Training Day Super Sunday

Bible Boot Camp Training Day is a stand-alone lesson to teach kids how to navigate their Bible through a series of FUN interactive games.

Spiritual Warfare
Starter Candy Pancake Breakfast Super Sunday

Host a CANDY PANCAKE BREAKFAST for the kids! It’s something they will LOVE, TALK ABOUT, and LOOK FORWARD TO, and even BRING A FRIEND!

Fun, Stand-Alone Lesson on Thankfulness
Free The Great Escape Super Sunday

The Great Escape – A Kids Church Escape Room Experience is a super fun, interactive experience for elementary children.

Secrets of Salvation
Starter The MOMstacle Course! Could You Handle a Mom's Day?

Do you have what it takes to be a mom? Find out with this fun obstacle course for kids!

An Obstacle Course for Mother's Day
All Access Welcome Back Signs

Just some fun friendly signs you can use to welcome folks back to church!

Covid-19 Reopen Resource
Free Xtreme Fruit Games Super Sunday

Xtreme Fruit Games is a stand-alone lesson designed to introduce kids to the Fruit of the Spirit through a FUN series of interactive games.

Fruit of the Spirit
Starter Magic Training Part 1 - Presence and Presentation

Part 1 of Karl's Magic Training Series focuses on Presence and Presentation. 

Magic Training
All Access Magic Training Part 2 - Patter!

Part 2 of Karl's Magic Training Series teaches about Patter! 

Magic Training
All Access Magic Training Part 3 - Props

Part 3 of Karl's Magic Training Series stresses the importance of Props!

Magic Training
All Access Magic Training Part 4 - Planning with Purpose

Part 4 of Karl's Magic Training Series shows you how to plan your show with purpose!

Magic Training
Starter Puppet Training Part 1 - Types of Puppets

Part 1 of Karl's Puppet Training Series shows you different Types of Puppets available.

Puppet Training
All Access Puppet Training Part 2 - Developing a Personality

Part 2 of Karl's Puppet Training Series explains the importance of Developing a Personality!

Puppet Training
All Access Puppet Training Part 3 - Creating a Puppet Voice

Part 3 of Karl's Puppet Training Series helps you with Creating a Puppet Voice all your own!

Puppet Training
All Access Puppet Training Part 4 - Ideas for Using Puppets

Part 4 of Karl's Puppet Training Series shares Ideas for Using Puppets

Puppet Training
Starter Bible Ninja Warriors Super Sunday - UPDATED!

Bible Ninja Warriors will get kids excited about learning to use their Bibles and becoming more familiar with them.

Bible Learning
Starter Bible-O-Rama Super Sunday

For any 5th Sunday, use the Bible-O-Rama Super Sunday, including several fun games that help kids review the Books of the Bible.

Super Sunday Stand-Alone Lesson with Games
All Access CHURCH Escape Event Plan

By popular demand, here are ALL the files you need to plan a fun Escape Room event, but using your entire church!

FUN Event
All Access Easter EGGstravaganza Show

Overview of Karl's Easter Outreach Family Game Show

Easter Outreach
Free Highlight Videos - Why You Need to Make Them (and How)

The why and how of ministry highlight videos with lots of samples.

Ministry Highlight Video
All Access Karl's Concert of Prayer

Pastor Karl shares the details of the Concert of Prayer he hosted at his church.


Purchase all the files and information on how to host a Nerf Wars event for the preteens in your ministry!

Preteen Event Details
All Access Prayer Boosts and Sliders Interactive Prayer Walk

A Prayer Walk Based on the Classic Game of Chutes and Ladders

Prayer Walk
Free The Ultimate Birthday Party for Jesus Planning Pack Super Sunday

A FUN Party Plan for Celebrating the Birthday of JESUS!

Fun, Stand-Alone Birthday Party Plan for Christmas
Starter Do You Need Photo Permission Slips for Your Kids Ministry?

It is a common children's ministry myth that you need a media release for pictures to be taken of kids in your ministry. This comes up often in social media conversations, so Karl answers this question here.

Media Releases
All Access 15 No Hassle Summer Events for Your KidMin

Events you can still plan for this summer!

Summer Events
Free A Peek Inside our Luau-Themed Volunteer Training

Great idea for your next volunteer training.

Volunteers, Training
All Access Do You Want To Have A Frozen Party?

Complete plans for an outreach event/party that uses Disney's movie, Frozen, for the theme.

Outreach Event
Free Make Your Easter Egg Hunt a Family Event

Involve the parents with your next Easter egg hunt!

Easter, Family
Free Reflections of a Follow-Upper

Follow-up ministry is so important for children's ministry. Whether it's camp ministry or church ministry, kids need to be discipled year round. Kendra shares her story about her own experience at camp and how follow-up plays a key role in her life now.

Follow-up Ministry
Free Retaining Visitors Who Attend Your Children's Ministry Christmas Event

How do you plan to retain the visitors to your church during this holiday season?

Christmas, Retention
All Access Reverse Easter Egg Hunt: Great for Older Kids (Even Teens)

Are your preteens getting too old for Easter egg hunts? Here's a creative way to get them excited about Easter.

Easter, Tweens, Preteens, Game
All Access Shorter Attention Span: Kids or Goldfish?

If you work with kids, you know how challenging it can be to keep their attention.

Attention Span
All Access The 2 Asks It Takes to Build a Great Volunteer Team

Use the power of 2 to build a great volunteer team. 

Volunteers, Team Building
All Access The KidMin Event Checklist

Make planning your next event a snap with this easy-to-follow checklist!

Event Planning, Volunteers
All Access When Technology Fails

Technology is great... until it isn't. What do you do when your tech fails?

All Access Ministry Management Part 9 - Event Management

Part 9 in Karl's Ministry Management Series - The Why, What, When, Where, Who and How of Event Management

Event Management
Starter Event Planning Worksheet

This is a bonus download from Section Five of Kidology's Ultimate Toolbox for Children's Ministry.  

Toolbox Section Five PDF
Starter Event Budget Worksheet

This is a bonus download from Section Five of Kidology's Ultimate Toolbox for Children's Ministry.  

Toolbox Section Five PDF
Starter Event Marketing Plan Worksheet

This is a bonus download from Section Five of Kidology's Ultimate Toolbox for Children's Ministry.  

Toolbox Section Five PDF
All Access Event Planning / Evaluation Form

This form could be following an event to evaluate how succesful the event was. If kept in file, this form could be extremly helpful in planning the same event the following year.

Event Planning
All Access Kidology Report: Book Report - Planning Church Events With Ease by V. Kerry Inman

The Kidology Report reviews the book Planning Church Events With Ease by V. Kerry Inman, which focuses on planning, preparing, and executing great events.

Event Planning
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