The new and improved site is great and filled with wondrous ideas - I get pumped up everytime I get to go on it.
- Tonya Daugherty
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Mother's Day Zone

Mother's DayLooking for a special and unique way to honor moms on Mother's Day or any other day of the year?

These scripts, songs, and ideas on how to celebrate moms are filled with humor and love. Make the kids in your ministry realize what a blessing their moms are!

After all, scientists have proven that if you didn't have a mom, you wouldn't have anything else either!

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Premium Mother/Daughter Camp-In

Mother/Daughter overnight idea.

Premium Mother's Day Funny Quotes

What mothers in history may have said to their children. (fictional but humorous)

Mother's Day
Premium Why did God make mothers?

Enjoy these hysterical answers given by 2nd grade school children to the following questions about moms.

Premium Flatman and Bobbin Save Mother's Day! (#4)

The bumbling duo saves the world from a mother who was forgotten on Mother's Day - and all children are warned to love their mothers.

Mother's Day
Premium How Do I Show Mama I Love Her?

Here is a great puppet skit about what children should give their mothers for Mother's Day!

Mother's Day
Premium Kid's Kook Book

Soon to be mom's favorite cook book!

Mother's Day
Premium Mom's Cookie Jar

This is a skit that demonstrates how important Mothers are, and how we can help them!

Mother's Day, Puppet Skit
Premium Mother's Day Gift Ideas (To Buy & Make)

Whether you’re looking to create a craft with the kids in your Sunday School (or classroom) or searching for a great gift for your own mother, here are some crafty ideas and some store bought ideas to get you headed in the right direction!

Mother's Day, Gift Ideas
Premium Mother's Day Service in Children's Ministry

It’s time to talk about Mother’s Day! Make moms feel special by incorporating these ideas into your ministry time.

Ideas for Mother's Day
Premium Mother's Day Skit

A skit about the best gift you can give Mom for Mother's Day!

Mother's Day, Puppet Skit, Skit
Premium Pajamarama: Mother-Daughter Event Idea

Here's a great idea for a mother-daughter event that you can host at your church. 

Mother's Day, Mother-Daughter Event
Premium Preparing for Special Needs Kids

Are you prepared for special needs kids in your ministry? Here are 10 tips to help you!

Special Needs
Premium The Mother's Day Gift

Here is a skit on what children can get their moms for Mother's Day. Hint: the gift will last all year long!

Skit, Puppet Skit, Mother's Day
Premium Mother's Day Craft

Here is an easy to do craft that could easily be adapted as something special the children can make for Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day
Premium A Mother's Dream

This funny puppet show is the exact opposite of how most kids fight. A lesson is on accepting responsibility for mistakes.

Taking Responsibility
Premium A Parent Can Only Do So Much

This is a simple poem from the heart of a parent telling the difference between what they can and can't do as a parent... children ultimately must decide the character of their life.

Premium Matching Bible Moms

This is a PowerPoint matching game of mothers to use on Mother's Day.

Mother's Day Game
Premium Momma Taught me a LOT!

Humorous look at the things we learn from mom

Mother's Day
Premium Mother's Mind Mender

Mother invents a machine that reads thoughts and wishes she never did. Shows the importance of watching our thoughts as well as our words.

Premium The Surprise

Short story and puppet script that can be used for Mother's Day or other event to teach honor/obedience.

Mother's Day, Honor, Obedience
Premium Why God Made Moms

Answers given by 2nd grade school children:

Mother's Day


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