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All Access Family Table Talker - Victory

Kidology's Family Table Talkers are a reproducible tool designed to help families disconnect from tech and connect with each other and God's Word.

Starter Train Your Kids to Become Bible Ninja Warriors

It ought to be a sin to bore a kid with the Bible!

Bible Skills
Starter Oh, No! Not Another Meeting!

What is your gut response when you hear the word ‘Meeting’? Is it excitement or dread?

Ministry Management
Starter Romans Road Gospel Tool!

An updated Romans Road Gospel Tool for Kids!  

Starter Yes! Preschoolers CAN Study the Bible!

Use this Bible Curriculum for non-readers to challenge the youngest children to learn – they will rise to the occasion! 

Starter Soaring with Jesus

Use a hair dryer and ping pong ball to help explain eagles soaring and waiting on God found in Isaiah 40:31.

Waiting on God
Starter Why I Do What I Do...

And at the HEART of everything is the GOSPEL MESSAGE…which is why we are constantly looking for new and creative ways to communicate the timeless message of the Gospel! 

Kids Need Jesus, The Gospel
Starter That's One Week Rope

How much time do you spend with Jesus each week? 

Spend Time with Jesus
Starter Levitating Matchstick

A puzzle is shown where one matchstick is standing up and a second stick is placed on top of a nickel and leaned against the standing stick. The puzzle is to figure out how to get the nickel out from under the leaning stick without touching either of the matches or the nickel.

God Works All Things Together for Good
Starter The ABC's of Team Building

I know far too many former children’s ministry leaders who are “former” precisely because the “job” of being in children’s ministry seemed like a “bait and switch.”

Volunteers, Teams, Recruiting
Starter Magnets Attract

Use magnets as a visual aid to help the kids understand the importance of standing strong for God.

Standing Strong for God
All Access STOP and GO Preschool Game

Class Stop and Go Game with printable signs to use

Stop and Go Game
Starter Fuzzy Vision

This object lesson uses several different kinds of glasses to talk about the problem of sin and how you can correct it.

Starter God's Spotlight

In a movie, the light shines on where the action is! The light points to where our attention needs to be. God is light and we should focus our attention on him.

God is Light
Starter YOU Are a Bible Character

Bible Characters were just ordinary people acting on Faith. 

Starter Candle Power

A simple science demonstration using a candle, plate, water, and a glass can be used to teach the truth that God's power is always available to his children when going through hard times.

Dealing with Problems
Starter Resting on the Word

With the help of a piece of a paper towel, you can get a paperclip to float on water and use it to help challenge the kids to memorize bible verses.

The Word of God
Starter Draw Near to God

Using birthday candles and a match or lighter, you can cause an egg to be sucked up into a bottle and use it to teach children the importance of drawing close to God.

Drawing Near to God
Starter A Pen-Pal in the Philippines!

It was a Sunday night in high school. And even though I was sitting in the back pew with my buddies, it was a day that would change my life forever.

Missions and Marriage
All Access The Bible Is Our Standard

How do we measure the world against God's word?

Object Lessons on God's Standards
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