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We all know that Easter is more than bunnies and Marshmallow Peeps! But how do you help your kids comprehend Christ's resurrection? Grab some fresh ideas eggsploring our collection of Easter resources. There's still time to pull everything together for Easter Sunday.

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All Access Foretold Easter Single Lesson

Easter lesson by Karl Bastian & Stanley Mearse exploring the fulfilled prophesies that prove Jesus IS the Messiah.

All Access Easter Egg Hunt Outreach Plan

TONS of ideas/advice for planning an Easter Egg hunt.

All Access Easter Egg Puzzle of Life

Jesus rose from the dead to fix the problem of death once and for all.

All Access Easter EGGstravaganza Show

Overview of Karl's Easter Outreach Family Game Show

Easter Outreach
All Access EGGbert the Egg

A funny, MESSY story that illustrates the importance of being "hidden" in Christ instead of living for what the world offers.

All Access My Easter Comic Book

Your children can now create their very own Easter Comic Book! You provide the comic, they provide the illustrations!

Easter Activity
All Access Un-Hang Man

Interactive lesson with a powerful teaching twist for upper elementary kids! Follow these instructions carefully and you will have a lesson filled with fun and laughter that ends with a somber challenge both for salvation and a surrendered life for kids already saved!

Starter An EGGcouraging Note at Easter (for workers)

An 'egg' themed appreciation note for your volunteers at Easter.

Thank you note
All Access The Story of God's Trees

This is a retelling of the classic story of The Three Trees written by Karl Bastian, provided here in three different formats. The original author is unknown. This is Karl's version of the beautiful fable. Ideal for Christmas or Easter.

Free 4 Tips for Sharing the Gospel with Kids at Easter

It is our privilege to share the good news of the Gospel with the kids in our children’s ministries! Here are 4 tips for sharing the gospel with kids at Easter.

Easter, Sharing the Gospel
All Access Candy Land Style Cards for Egg Hunt

To ensure that all kids fare equally in your next egg hunt, use these Candy Land style cards. Each child gets one card and finds the one egg to match each color square. Also included a reverse egg hunt.

Easter Egg Hunt
Starter Candy Rain - Balloon Release

Dropping candy from a fire truck ladder and balloon launch!

Balloons, Candy,
All Access Creative Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Have fun this Easter by changing up your egg hunt!

Easter, Games
All Access Dead Sea Audio Files

Easter Scripture Readings in a whole new way!

Easter Audio Files
Starter Easter Memory Verse Egg Game

An easy fun Scripture Memory game for Easter!

Scripture Memory
All Access Easter Sunday

What is the purpose of Easter Sunday? Use this skit to explain it to children.

Skit, Puppet Skit
All Access Easter Trail

Put the focus back on hope in your kids lives.

Hope, Death, Life
All Access Easy Easter Song

This is a great Easter song sung to the tune of Jesus Loves Me.

Starter Egg Object Lesson

Use an egg to teach children about being a sinner.

Sin, Salvation
Free Five Easter Games for the Classroom

Celebrating Easter is an essential part of Christian ministry and when you do it “kids’ style” you will need Easter games for the classroom. Holiday Easter games maintain the flow of the theme and add excitement to your sessions. Since I have kids ages 6 to 11 usually, I like to keep things as uncomplicated as possible. Take a crack at these Easter-themed games and let the fun begin!

Easter Games
All Access Flatman and Bobbin - The Grinch who stole Easter

Flatman and Bobbin rediscover Jesus' death and resurrection

All Access Free Easter Coloring Page

Download these free printables to use this weekend!

Crafts, Easter
All Access Going Green

Save $$ and get better Easter Egg candy!

Recycling, Plastic Eggs, Easter,
Starter Good Friday Family Service

Our Good Friday Service plan to equip parents to talk to their kids about salvation.

Equipping Parents
All Access He Took My Place

An easter experience your congregation will not forget.

Cross, Crucifixion
All Access How old was Jesus when he died for us?

We played a guessing game to start with. I started with one of the younger children and worked my way up to a very young-looking spry older lady in the choir.

Easter Children's Sermon
All Access In and Out of the Tomb

This game encourages Listening Skills and could be used at Easter for teaching about the Resurrection of Jesus or Lazarus.

Friendly Competition
Free Is Your Easter Hollow? Chocolate Rabbit Object Lesson

Is your Easter hollow? Show the kids in your ministry how to not feel empty this Easter. 

Easter Object Lesson
All Access Jesus Died and Jesus Is Alive!

Here are two Easter lessons designed for kids church or a midweek kids club outreach event.

Outreach Lessons, Easter
Free Make Your Easter Egg Hunt a Family Event

Involve the parents with your next Easter egg hunt!

Easter, Family
All Access More Than Just a Chocolate Bunny

Kids travel through four different rooms to meet important people in Jesus' life and to experience the reality of what Easter is really about.

All Access Paper Gospel Illusion for Easter

This is a great Gospel Illusion and Object Lesson for Easter to show how Jesus was killed and rose three days later! It uses a paper and pen to visually demonstrate this important truth.

Easter Object Lesson
All Access Preparing for Special Needs Kids

Are you prepared for special needs kids in your ministry? Here are 10 tips to help you!

Special Needs
All Access Proof!

Did you know Paul used a legal argument to prove Jesus rose from the dead?

Evidence for Jesus Resurrection
All Access Reverse Easter Egg Hunt: Great for Older Kids (Even Teens)

Are your preteens getting too old for Easter egg hunts? Here's a creative way to get them excited about Easter.

Easter, Tweens, Preteens, Game
All Access Scripture Eggs

Because Easter Egg Hunts are so very secular, our Children's Ministries Department decided to "put Christ in the Easter Egg"...

Starter The Barren Cross

We used this as an introduction and mood setter for our Easter Lesson. The kids learned about the origin of the cross and saw how it turned into something beautiful

Cross, Life

Easter eggs are a great way to tell the Easter story. This is a game that leads into a powerful lesson.

All Access The Egg, er, the Tomb is Empty!

A hollowed out egg is smashed, to the surprise of the children, to illustrate the surprise of Mary when she found the empty tomb.

All Access The Great Egg Drop

An exciting event you can plan for your church to celebrate Easter.

Easter Idea
All Access The Impression

A young boy learning how to be an ironsmith learns about Jesus in a powerful way.

All Access Trinity object lesson

All Access What Is Easter All About?

A host asks three panel guests the question "What is Easter all about?"

All Access Why Jesus Had to Die

God the Father loved us so much that He let His son die for our sins.

Easter and the Crucifixion
Starter Easter Ideas that Worked

We had a community outreach event where we prayed with people and talked about God/Jesus and the true meaning of Easter.

Event, Party, Outreach
All Access Family Easter Ideas

The following ideas are intended to help families make the celebration of Easter more meaningful. We believe that Christians are in the best position to proclaim the “real” meaning of holiday, beyond Easter eggs, candy baskets and new clothes.

Starter Fun with Resurrection Eggs

A fun way to present the resurrection eggs.

Resurrection, Jesus
Starter Kidmin Flash Mob

Make Easter Sunday memorable for the kids and the adults.

Dance, Worship, Budget
All Access Ressurection Celebration 2003

Easter Sunday is a special day for God’s children. In this children’s church program, the children look BACK at what Christ has done. They look AHEAD at what is prepared for them in Heaven. They look IN at their heart and make sure that Jesus is there. They look OUT at others who need to hear the message of God’s great love!

Starter E.A.S.T.E.R. Eggs Lesson

An Easter presentation that uses the letters of EASTER to tell the real meaning of the holiday.

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