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Starter Where Do You Place Your Hope?

Do we place our hope in God, or in man?

Free Kidmin Talk #120 - October 16th, 2019

Kidmin Talk #120 - Karl Bastian, founder of Kidology.org, shares a musical outreach tool, a crazy object lesson, updates on conferences he'll be at and his first Kidology Kidminism. Listen to be Equipped and Encouraged!

Outreach Tool, Object Lesson, Conferences, & More!
Starter Bible Verse Coloring Pages - Light

Bible verse coloring pages for light in the Bible will give your kids a fun way to learn 2 great scriptures.

Coloring Pages
All Access List of Super Powers

A list of over 30 "super powers" to use as a lesson intro.

Starter Out of Bounds - No Boundary Between "Church Work" and Home??

Without clear boundaries, a pastor and their family suffer “boundary ambiguity” and become completely enmeshed in their parishioner’s lives and problems.

All Access When Technology Fails

Technology is great... until it isn't. What do you do when your tech fails?

All Access Teaching Bible Skills

Let’s encourage our kids to be comfortable and familiar with their Bibles. 

Bible Study
All Access Loving Kids in a Pumpkin Pie Culture

In this throw away culture where relationships change so often, how can we help children overcome their fear of being rejected for the next best thing?

Love, Affirmation, Friendship
All Access Crazy Countdown 42

It's a Vintage Toybox Tale Countdown where Davey and Goliath learn about self-control.

All Access Crazy Countdown 41

It's a Vintage Toybox Tale Countdown where Kermit and a host of toys compete in the Indianapolis 500 Inches to learn about how to WIN in the Race of Life!

Running the Race
All Access Crazy Countdown 40

It's a Vintage Toybox Tale Countdown where Kermit heads to McDonald's with Miss Piggy and Doctor Bunson Honeydew to find out what is healthy!

Spiritual Health
All Access Crazy Countdown 39

Its a Vintage Toybox Tale where Buzz Lightyear learns to fly through faith!

All Access Crazy Countdown 38

It's a Vintage Toybox Tale Countdown! It's a Star Wars Special where the Power of Kindness is discovered

All Access Recruiting Tool: Don't Fear Kidmin Flyer

Give this fun flyer to your volunteers and have them give to a friend to invite them to serve in kids ministry.

All Access Family Table Talker - Friendship

Kidology's Family Table Talkers are a reproducible tool designed to help families disconnect from tech and connect with each other and God's Word.

All Access The Three Secrets

The 3 Secrets to Having an AWESOME Classroom!

Volunteer Training: Teaching
All Access Ministry Management Part 10 - Marketing Management

Part 10 in Karl's Ministry Management Series - Learn the Four Arenas of Marketing and the Top Four Methods for Messaging.

All Access 10 Fun Ideas For A Friendship Lesson

 Use these ideas when teaching about friendship. 

All Access 5 Sheep Crafts for Sunday School

Use these 5 fun sheep crafts for teaching multiple Bible stories!

Crafts, Sheep
All Access My Top Failures As A Kids Pastor

We all make mistakes. But it's never too late to fix them. 

KidCheck Check-In System Give Your Kidmin a Boost! Protect My Ministry Kidology's Ultimate Toolbox for Children's Ministr DiscipleTown Unit 24 - Victory ToyBox Tales Kidology Online Training
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