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Starter 'Uber for Kids' Companies Picking Up Speed

What’s a parent to do when their child has practice, but can’t get off work to transport them? 


WARNING! This ministry tool is going to have a profound impact on your ministry.

All About Me - With Kids In Mind
Starter The Ongoing Damage of Porn on Kids

Most Christians would agree that pornography is destructive and addictive. But did you know that when a child views pornography, there is the potential for lasting damage to that child?

Starter "Why would you write a Halloween series?!?!"

I don’t “celebrate” Halloween. I wish it didn’t exist. But it does. And the decision regarding whether or not to write this unit was not an easy one.

Spooky Halloween Series - With Kids In Mind
Starter Kidzania - Theme Park with a Purpose

Who could have imagined kids (and parents) would pay to put kids to work?

Starter Volunteer Training

Ongoing training of your team is critical – but CHALLENGING!

Volunteer Training - With Kids In Mind
Starter Better Parenting, Better Health?

There have long been concerns about people growing up in poverty and their life expectancies.

Starter The Purpose-Driven Game

Games are a key part of Children’s Ministry. I believe no kids service is complete without a well-planned intentional game. However, no game should just be a time-filler. 

Games - With Kids In Mind
Starter Star Wars Trench Run 5-Minute Countdown

Star Wars themed countdown video - use with Mission Moses curriculum series!

Countdown Video
All Access Recruiting Tool: Fabulous Superhero

A Superhero Themed Recruiting Tool

Recruiting Tool
All Access StorySticks Video #7: The Parable of the Two Sons

Learn the art of using StorySticks to bring a story to life!

StorySticks Training
Starter StorySticks Video #8: Nicodemus

Learn the art of using StorySticks to bring a story to life!

StorySticks Training
Starter Drowning the Silence

What environment do you set up for your kids?


What is your passion? Are you living it? Did you know you can?

Passion in Ministry
Starter The LOVE Patrol

What is the most important volunteer role in your Children’s Church service? 

Starter Maker Minds - Built to Create

What is the “Maker Space” movement?


Many people start things, far fewer finish them, and diligence determines the difference.

Diligence in Ministry
Starter Do You Need Photo Permission Slips for Your Kids Ministry?

It is a common children's ministry myth that you need a media release for pictures to be taken of kids in your ministry. This comes up often in social media conversations, so Karl answers this question here.

Media Releases
All Access Prayer Boosts and Sliders Interactive Prayer Walk

A Prayer Walk Based on the Classic Game of Chutes and Ladders

Prayer Walk
Starter Teaching Kids to Lead Themselves

Strategies parents can use to develop personal leadership in their kids

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