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Starter How Do Preteens Become Missionaries? (Part 2 - Involve Them)

Don't wait until kids are "old enough" to do missions work. Get them involved early!

Evangelism, Missions
Starter How Do Preteens Become Missionaries? (Part I - Creating an Interest)

Don't wait until kids are "old enough" to do missions work. Get them involved early!

Evangelism, Missions
Starter Water Games to Beat the Heat

Try these fun water games to beat the summer heat. 

Summer Fun
All Access 3 Ways to be a Better Dad

So many dads want to be better dads, but they have no idea what that looks like.

All Access 7 Greatest Questions Facing Children's Ministry

Other than take-home papers and a summertime VBS, most people - even church boards - don’t know what children’s ministry should do or be.

All Access 5 Questions to Help Teach Your Kids Responsibility

Every child is different, and every family is different, but there are some thing we can explore to help us figure out the right level of responsibility for our kids.

All Access 5 Questions To Ask Before you Change Something

Change effects all of us in different ways. Make sure you SHOULD make the change before plowing ahead.

All Access Recruiting Tool: Super Volunteer Poster

A fun poster highlighting the traits that make a Super Volunteer! 

Recruiting SUPER Volunteers
All Access 5 Tips for Helping Kids Navigate the Bible

How can God’s Word truly plant itself in a kid’s heart if they don’t know how to read it for themselves?

Bible Study
All Access The Quest for Quality Questions

Questions are powerful, if used strategically. Learn the 3 types of questions and many secrets to guiding kids learning through questions.

Volunteer Training
All Access Ministry Management Part 7 - Crisis Management

Part 7 in Karl's Ministry Management Series - Seven Principles that will help you turn Crises into Ministry Opportunities!

Crisis Management
All Access 6 Tips for Teaching Preschoolers

I love teaching preschoolers! They are fun and complicated and joyful and eager to learn. Here are 6 tips that will help you teach these wonderful little people:

Preschool, Teaching Tips
All Access Family Table Talker - Service

Kidology's Family Table Talkers are a reproducible tool designed to help families disconnect from tech and connect with each other and God's Word.

All Access Crazy Countdown 27

It's a President Trump Kids Church Rally! Mr. Trump is making Countdowns Great Again! Kid's Church is gonna be YUGE! The kids are in for a Bigly Sunday when they start out with this funny countdown video!

President Trump Kids Church Rally!
All Access PreachersNSneakers Should Concern You

Ask yourself: is there anything I am doing that is a hindrance to the gospel of Christ?

Public Image
All Access Icebreaker Bingo for Kids

Use this icebreaker game on your first day of class. 

All Access Keep Calm and VBS On!

Tips for Creating a Staffing Plan and Choosing Volunteers Wisely

All Access Safety Actions for Child-Centered Organizations

Here are some security topics being talked about and some of the actions organizations are taking to address them.

Child Safety and Security
All Access Sharing the Gospel with Kids

4 steps to simply sharing the Gospel with the kids in your mnisttry

All Access How to Help Kids Make Friends at Church

Share with kids these 5 basic tips on how to wisely choose their friends. 

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