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Starter Going Around in Circles

This object lesson uses a threaded nut spinning inside a balloon to teach the lesson that when you complain you just spin in circles and don't solve anything. It is better to praise than to complain. 

Praising instead of complaining
All Access Family Table Talker - Fruit

Kidology's Family Table Talkers are a reproducible tool designed to help families disconnect from tech and connect with each other and God's Word.

Fruit of the Spirit
Starter Empower Your Ministry with Next Steps for Kids (and Students)!

This discipleship tool will prepare kids for their spiritual journey.

Starter Spurgeon Started It!

A Tiny Booklet with a BIG Message

Sharing the Gospel
Starter You Might Not Know It Yet, But You Need IT!

Kids Need it. God’s Word has it. Now You Can Teach it!

it Bible Curriculum
Starter Obedient Sauce Packet

This object lesson uses a simple sauce packet and bottle of water and a scientific principle to teach the importance of choosing to obey God rather than to go your way.

Obeying God
Starter Can You Hear Me Now?

This video will equip you with essential tools and strategies to ensure your messages are heard by everyone involved in your ministry. 

Starter BEWARE: Don't make this mistake when teaching the Bible

Is Proof-Texting Dangerous?

Proof Texting; Bible Teaching
Starter What Children's Ministry Will Look Like in 10 Years

With the growing use of technology, how could children's ministry look 10 years from now? 

Technology and Kidmin
Starter Be One of the First to Get My New Book!

Apply these theorems to your kids ministry, experiment with them, tweak them in your own laboratory, and watch as success bubbles up like you’ve never seen before.

Theorems, Ministry Tips and Techniques
Starter Get Kids Talking by Asking Questions!

Kid Conversation Cards get kids talking!

Conversation, Relationships, Discipleship
Starter Train Your Kids to Become Bible Ninja Warriors

It ought to be a sin to bore a kid with the Bible!

Bible Skills
Starter Oh, No! Not Another Meeting!

What is your gut response when you hear the word ‘Meeting’? Is it excitement or dread?

Ministry Management
Starter Romans Road Gospel Tool!

An updated Romans Road Gospel Tool for Kids!  

Starter Yes! Preschoolers CAN Study the Bible!

Use this Bible Curriculum for non-readers to challenge the youngest children to learn – they will rise to the occasion! 

Starter Soaring with Jesus

Use a hair dryer and ping pong ball to help explain eagles soaring and waiting on God found in Isaiah 40:31.

Waiting on God
Starter Why I Do What I Do...

And at the HEART of everything is the GOSPEL MESSAGE…which is why we are constantly looking for new and creative ways to communicate the timeless message of the Gospel! 

Kids Need Jesus, The Gospel
Starter That's One Week Rope

How much time do you spend with Jesus each week? 

Spend Time with Jesus
Starter Levitating Matchstick

A puzzle is shown where one matchstick is standing up and a second stick is placed on top of a nickel and leaned against the standing stick. The puzzle is to figure out how to get the nickel out from under the leaning stick without touching either of the matches or the nickel.

God Works All Things Together for Good
Starter The ABC's of Team Building

I know far too many former children’s ministry leaders who are “former” precisely because the “job” of being in children’s ministry seemed like a “bait and switch.”

Volunteers, Teams, Recruiting
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