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Starter 5 Ways to Stay Connected Over the Summer

Keep your relationships strong this summer by staying connected to the kids you teach. 

Starter Training Kids to be Truthful and Kind

Are your kids meat-eaters and bone-spitters? We need to train them in clarity and charity. 

Truth and Kindness
All Access An Open House Policy

Here are some ideas that may help you create an ‘open house’ policy with your family.

Create a Welcoming Home
All Access 9 Get-To-Know-You Games to Build Relationships in Your KidMin

Education research has shown that when kids have a relational connection to their teachers and peers, they listen and learn better.

Get to Know You Games
All Access Enhancing Your Cross-Cultural Connections in Ministry

In our diverse modern culture, virtually all ministry is “cross-cultural” and effective connections and relationship building will depend up your cross-cultural understanding and communication skills.

Cross Culture
All Access Is there a difference between a broken home and a single parent family?

You might question if there is a big difference between broken homes and single-parent homes. 

Divorce Care
Starter Ingredients for a GREAT Volunteer Meeting

Create volunteer meetings your people will WANT to come to!

Volunteer Training
All Access Preteen Survival Guide

Learn the secrets of effective preteen ministry.

Volunteer Training
All Access Volunteer Encouragement Postcards

Four volunteer encouragement postcards.

All Access Ministry Management Part 5 - Communication Management

Part 5 in Karl's Ministry Management Series - The Why, What, Who, When and How of Ministry Communication.

Communication Management
All Access Family Table Talker - May 2019

Kidology's Family Table Talkers are a reproducible tool designed to help families disconnect from tech and connect with each other and God's Word.

All Access Crazy Countdown 21 - Rubiks 10x10!

Watch the Rubiks 10x10 being solved right before your eyes!

Rubiks Countdowns
All Access Crazy Countdown 20 - Rubiks 6x6

In this Crazy Countdown, Pastor Karl demonstrates a Rubiks 6x6 being solved.

Rubiks Countdowns
All Access Crazy Countdown 19 - Rubiks 4x4

In this Crazy Countdown, Pastor Karl demonstrates a Rubiks 4x4 being solved.

Rubiks Countdowns
All Access Crazy Countdown 18 - Rubiks 1x1, 2x2 and 3x3

Watch the Rubiks 1x1, 2x and 3x3 being solved right before your eyes!

Rubiks Countdowns
All Access Blessed are the Losers

Lesson on Unexpected Heroes (Matthew 5:1-12) 

All Access Noah's Ark Preschool Game - Print & Play Animal Match

Use this fun interactive animal matching game to teach about Noah's Ark. 

Noah's Ark, Games
All Access Collaborative Problem Solving

3 steps to collaborative problem solving.

Problem Solving
All Access Here's why play time might be the most important part of your KidMin

Why and how can playtime be the most important part of your Sunday morning?

Fun and Games
Free Kidmin Talk #118 - April 17th, 2019

Kidmin Talk #118 - Karl gives his personal review of the new Pilgrim's Progress movie that is coming out April 18th and 20th, 2019. Was it too scary? Why should you go see it? After a screening at his church, Karl shares how well it was received and gives some sneak peek highlights of the film.

Inside Scoop on New Pilgrim's Progress Movie
KidCheck Check-In System Give Your Kidmin a Boost! Protect My Ministry Background Checks DiscipleTown Unit 13 - New Testament My Awesome Adventure is Back! Learn about DiscipleTown
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