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All Access Family Table Talker - Character

Kidology's Family Table Talkers are a reproducible tool designed to help families disconnect from tech and connect with each other and God's Word.


This is an object lesson demonstrating the fall of Adam and Eve using candy bars where volunteers get to choose a candy bar. If they follow the advice given, they get a tasty treat, but if they disregard the advice, they're in for a surprise.

Starter The Salvation Poem Video

The Salvation Poem is a song that expresses the Sinner's Prayer in song wonderfully. The lyrics and music are provided free from salvationpoem.com, this video was created by Kidology.org and is offered here for free.

Gospel Presentation
Free Lord, What About Him?

A talk from the story of Peter’s denial and restoration that notes that Jesus Jesus never answers that “what about him” question. He wants you to only be concerned with you. (Mark 14:29) (Mark 14:71) (John 21:21-22)  

God's Will
All Access In Jesus Name, Amen

A talk on the power of praying in Christ’s name. Praying in Christ’s name is as if Jesus handed us His own divine credit card, it will never run out. We must, however, ask for the things that He would want and would be pleasing to Him. (John 16: 24)  

All Access Creating a Welcoming Environment for Parents in Children's Ministry: A Guide for Children's Ministry

If you want to minister to kids, you must master winning over parents who visit your church!

First Impressions
Starter Say Goodbye to Fear

This object lesson uses a glass of water, coin and a piece of paper to demonstrate and teach the children how to have joy and peace when going through hardships.

Handling Problems and Hardships
Starter Cookin' Up Yummy Lessons!

Could you apply the principles of successful restaurants to your children’s ministry by cookin' up memorable lessons?

Starter No More BORING Countdowns

Countdowns can be boring. You need Crazy Countdowns!

All Access Fostering Camaraderie: Building Friendships in Church Volunteer Teams

The strength of the team often determines its success. This rings particularly true in the context of church volunteer settings, where individuals come together driven by a shared purpose. However, beyond mere cooperation, cultivating camaraderie among team members is crucial. Camaraderie not only enhances productivity and efficiency but also fosters a sense of belonging and support, ultimately enriching the volunteering experience. Let’s delve into the significance of building camaraderie within church volunteer teams and explore practical strategies to transform teammates into genuine friendships.

Leadership & Team Development
Starter Leadership vs. Management

How would like a TWO-WEEK PAID VACATION in addition to the time your church already offers you? (And your boss won’t even know you took it!) Sound good? Keep reading!

Ministry Management
All Access Feedback is Your Friend

Many a leader sabotaged his or her ministry simply because they were not teachable. How and why you should SEEK out feedback.

Leadership Development
All Access Recruiting Tool: Is Your Kid a WINNER? Recruiting Tool

A fun recruiting flyer that invites parents to see if their child is a winner!

All Access Here's Why You SHOULDN'T Align your Preschool and Elementary Lessons

The advantages to aligning preschool and elementary lessons are less than most people believe and the cost is much higher than most people realize. In short, the cost outweighs the benefits.

Lesson Planning
Starter A Valentine's Lesson Game Your Kids Will LOVE!

Guard Your Heart is a super-fun interactive object lesson game that can be used for Valentine's Day or any teaching situation that features Proverbs 4:23 - "Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.”

Object Lessons
Starter Today's Kids Need to be Discipled More Than Ever!

Disciple your kids with My Awesome Adventure!

All Access Sample Recruiting E-mail

A sample recruiting e-mail to parents attending regularly to your church, but not yet serving on any ministry teams to demonstrate how to be positive while making the case for why they should serve.

Starter The Classic Handbook That Can Still Train Your Volunteers TODAY!

Being a “Kidologist” was a mindset of approaching children’s ministry as an “always learner”, being a student of kids, their world, and the best way to minister within the culture of kids. 

Relational Ministry
All Access Light in the Darkness Object Lesson

Psalm 119:105 says God's word is a light unto our path. This object lesson uses an oil lamp or lantern to help explain the role the Holy Spirit has in helping us to understand and apply the bible to our lives.

The Bible
Starter An Amazing Magical Object Lesson for Kids!

Sometimes God’s Plans are bigger and better than our own plans!

My Plan vs. God's Plan - With Kids In Mind
it Bible Curriculum Recruiting Tools - Fishing KidCheck YouthCheck Boy 2024 FUNtastic Bible Activity Book 88 Games with 8 Objects Book Andy and the Ants My Awesome Adventure DiscipleTown Unit 16 - Truth ToyBox Tales Kidmin Talk Podcast
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