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Every year since 1972, over 1 million children have seen their parents divorce. Countless more have seen the dissolution of their parents' (or step-parents') cohabiting relationships. Currently, about 40% of kids live in an arrangement other than with their married biological parents, and studies show that less than 50% of kids will reach their 18th birthday having always lived with their married biological parents. The effects of divorce and parental relationship transitions are well documented. They include poorer emotional, psychological, social, criminal, economic, and sexual outcomes. These kids are at risk, and both the church and children's ministers must be prepared to minister to these kids and stand in the gap to help them when their natural support system (their family) is falling apart. The Divorce Ministry Zone is sponsored by DivorceMinistry4Kids.com and Blog.dc4k.org.

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All Access Dealing with the Effects of Divorce on Kids

A parent and children's worker's guide to dealing with the wide range of emotions that are felt by children of divorce.

The Effects of Divorce on Children's Emotions
All Access Training Your Volunteers on How to Work With Children of Divorce

Here are some ways that you can train your volunteers to help them minister to children of divorce or children from single-parent homes.

Training Volunteers
All Access "I Can't Feel God Today"

What will you say when a little child says to you, “I can’t feel God today”?  

Divorce Care
All Access "Whether" getting you down?

Find out how you can calm the 'whethers' in your kids' lives, even if you can't control the 'weather'.

Divorce, Uncertainty
All Access Are Hungry Hearts Listening?

How should churches minister to hurting children?

Children of Divorce
All Access Are You Flying Over Mission Fields to Get to the Mission Fields?

Do you know where YOUR mission field is?

Divorce Care, Single Parents, Local Missions
All Access Ask Me No Questions and I'll Tell You No Lies

Why do some divorced and single parents lie to their kids? What affect could this have on them longterm? How can you help?

Divorce, Lies
All Access Can Children of Divorce Multi-Task?

Can children of divorce be productive while doing several things at once?

All Access Children of Divorce and Overcoming Anger at God

This is a study of the anger that so many children of divorce feel towards God for letting their family fall apart.

Anger Towards God after Divorce
All Access Children of Divorce Need YOU to Help Them Manage Their Behaviors

How can you and your volunteers help children deal with stress?

Divorce, Behavior
All Access Co-Parenting That Hurts Kids

Co-parenting among divorcing couples is becoming more popular. What can churches do to help?

Bad Co-Parenting
All Access Co-Parenting the Divorce Way

Co-parenting is becoming the norm for divorcing couples and couples who are involved in cohabitation situations. But what exactly is co-parenting?

All Access Creative tips to use when living with or ministering to a traumatized child

A look at what we can do when ministering to, living with or working with a child that has been traumatized.

Divorce, Trauma
All Access Dealing with Challenging Kids at VBS

With VBS coming up, attitudes and conversations can make a difference when you have a rambunctious group of kids.

Divorce, Discipleship, Difficult Kids
All Access Discipleship Ideas for Divorced and Single Parents

When discipleship is the strategy, Deuteronomy 6:6-8 can be a reality, even for single and divorced parents. 

Divorce, Discipleship, Single Parents
All Access Do Children Experience Stages of Divorce?

Do children with divorced parents experience stages of grief from the divorce?

Stages of Grief from Divorce
All Access Do you recognize the behaviors of a traumatized child?

Experiencing a life crisis can lead to some children exhibiting particular characteristics of being “traumatized?”

Behavior, Divorce
All Access Does the Shape of Families Shape Faith?

Here is a report on how the shape of families shape faith.

Shaping a Child's Faith
All Access Does your church disciple single dads?

How does your church disciple the single dads in your community?

Divorce Care
All Access Emotional Concussions

Emotional concussions can be just as lethal, and sometimes even more so, than a physical concussion

Divorce, Emotions
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