Kidology Ultimate Toolbox for Children's Ministry

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Kidology's Ultimate Toolbox for Children's Ministry, by Karl Bastian, is your print and digital toolbox for building a ministry that will last.

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From here you can access additional digital add-on tools, bonus content and helpful links to enhance your ministry building project!

The Toolbox is organized into five Ministry Improvement Sections with an introductional video for each and then a final challenge from the author.

Visit each section by following the links below. If you came here directly from the book - welcome! Simply follow the links below to find the video or resource referenced in the book. If you are here to learn more about the book, welcome! You can order the book via the links below.


BONUS CONTENT and LINKS for the Introduction:




Kidology's Ultimate Toolbox for Children's Ministry is loaded with practical help and tools to help you build a ministry that will stand the test of time!

"I wrote this book after decades of ministry in churches of all sizes. I wanted to share what I have learned, often the hard way, and share the tools I have collected, the mistakes I have made, and the insights I have gained along the way. I'm so excited to share my toolbox with you!" - Pastor Karl Bastian

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