God did us all a wonderful service in inspiring you to create this website. WOW! Your heart for children and those who minister to them just gets more and more visible.
-Elaine Moody
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PowerPoint Zone

Kids Today Are Highly Visual!

Bring your lessons to life with Power Point presentations. Worship, games, and teaching segments can all be improved greatly with Power Point presentations. Here you will find many ideas and sample Power Point Presentations from the Kidologist and other Kidology visitors that you are welcome to use in your local church ministry. A few require a purchase, but most are free! You will probably need to do some editing to customize to your situation and needs, but these will save you a lot of time!

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Premium A New Heart

A presentation you can show about getting a new heart.

Premium Club style lesson template

This template includes backgrounds, themes, and character artwork for a club style childrens program. It's set in a fun grassy hill area and introduces Sassy the Bible verse and clue finding dog.

Lesson Template
Premium The Name Game

Kids guess the meaning of common names. Goes well with a lesson about having a good reputation (or good name).

Good Reputation
Premium The Secret Church

Graphics, in a PowerPoint presentation, that are adaptable for many mission presentations.

Premium Top 10 Excuse Why I Didn't Do My Homework

My kids had so much fun with the Top 10 Things You'll Never Hear Your Mom Say that we decided I should write some more!

Fun Opening
Premium Why Jesus Had to Die

God the Father loved us so much that He let His son die for our sins.

Easter and the Crucifixion
Basic Christmas SAY WHAT PowerPoint Game!

This is a 'guess a letter' PowerPoint game that introduces Christmas and the theme of God's love through the gift of Jesus.

Popular Christmas Sayings
Premium Kidologist's Christmas Songs

These are Christmas songs written by Karl Bastian to the tune of other popular children's church songs.

Christmas Songs
Premium Baseball and Christianity

This PowerPoint compares Baseball to Christianity. Was made as an introduction to a unit we are doing on spiritual disciples with a baseball theme. The lessons will be added to the Kids Church Zone.

Christian Living
Premium Better Than Bubble Gum, Chew on God’s Word

This PowerPoint introduces the concept of meditation to children. While realistic practical application of meditation may be beyond most children, it is still valuable to give them a fundamental introduction to the concept. Those with more spiritual maturity will benefit from it.

Premium Cheerleader for God

This lesson introduces the discipline of worship to children. Worship is more than singing and praying, it is anything we do to show God His worth to us. It is a Show of Worth.

Premium Countdown Timer

Power Point Count Down Timer for Games

Premium Encouragement via Lego!

A Lesson on Encouragement from Legos! (Features a point by point PowerPoint)

Premium Jesus in My Neighborhood? Lesson and Video

Jesus in My Neighborhood? - Part 3 of 3: This is a FREE lesson and video download (for Premium members) on JESUS IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD. The video features Jesus visiting a boy for his bedtime prayers and giving him a surprise answer to prayer!

Jesus in My Neighborhood? Series (3 of 3)
Premium Kid's Church Top 10 - Christmas

Just a FUN Power Point for Christmas Time as a lesson opener.

Power Point Christmas
Premium Kid's Church Top 10 - Winter Retreat

This is just a fun "Top 10" power point to promote a winter retreat.

Power Point Event Promo
Premium Live to Give!

This PowerPoint introduces the concept of giving as a spiritual discipline.

Premium Me For King

This powerpoint shows the classic visual model of 'who is sitting on the throne of your life.'

Premium Spiritual Discipline: The Bible

This PowerPoint introduces the Bible, how to read it, and a challenge to be disciplined in reading and studying it.

The Bible
Premium Talkin’ to the Coach

This PowerPoint introduces the discipline of prayer to children. While we often talk about HOW to pray with children (I hope), this lesson focuses on how to develop the discipline of prayer.

Premium The Nerve to Serve

This PowerPoint introduces the concept of service as a spiritual discipline.

Premium Who is Jesus? Lesson and Video

Jesus in My Neighborhood? - Part 1 of 3: This is a FREE lesson and video download (for Premium Members) on WHO IS JESUS. The video has puppets answering the question, "Who is Jesus?"

Jesus in My Neighborhood? Series (1 of 3)
Premium Who is My Neighbor? Lesson and Video

Jesus in My Neighborhood? - Part 2 of 3: This is a FREE lesson and video download (for Premium members) on WHO IS MY NEIGHBOR. The video has puppets answering the question, "Who is Your Neighbor?"

Jesus in My Neighborhood? Series (2 of 3)
Premium 5 Lessons from Pacman

This is a fun way to bring a spiritual application to the popular game Pacman.

Fun Introduction
Premium Bible Verse Word Scramble

Scripture Memory
Premium The Fishing Hole Game

Bible Game
Premium The Most Important Job

Creative opening
Premium Duct tape and the Bible

Using Duct tape to share God's truth

Sticking together
Premium Magician & the Sparrows

A fictional story that sets up the discussion of how God sent Jesus to show us how (and make a way for us) to have relationship with God the Father

Relationship with God
Premium Matching Bible Moms

This is a PowerPoint matching game featuring mothers to use on Mother's Day.  

Mother's Day Game
Premium Prayer Meeting

This power point will guide children through a prayer meeting. It will help them to know what to pray for.

Premium Reminds Me of Jesus

Here is a Powerpoint presentation that gives several different object lessons, each illustrating a Christmas item and why it reminds us of Jesus!

Christmas Object Lessons
Premium The Greatest Gift

In this power point with a Christmas story, a town is all worked up to present a special gift to give to Jesus, but one little boy, who thinks he has nothing to give, discovers he has the most valuable gift to give... himself!

Christmas Story
Premium The Lord is My Shepherd

PowerPoint Devotional on Psalm 23

Psalm, Relationships,
Premium True Meaning of Christmas PowerPoint

Karl has this interesting story in the Christmas Zone. I put pictures to it to turn it into a visual story.

Santa explains the real meaning of Christmas
Premium Using Technology in Children's Ministry

Here are the many ways that I use technology in children's ministry.

Technology, Children's Ministry
Premium A True Friend

A true friend C.A.R.E.S.

Premium Attitude of Gratitude

This PowerPoint introduces the discipline of thanksgiving to children. We live in a greedy world – kids will be challenged to develop an attitude of gratitude.

Premium CROSSwords: A PowerPoint Game

The game basically is a jazzed up version of Hangman that can be used to reinforce kids’ knowledge of the Bible, as well as having fun at the same time!

Christ's Death and Ressurection
Premium Good Source of Animated Clipart

Great web site for PowerPoint Images

Premium Grandparents Day Slideshow

Here's a little slideshow with funny quotes from kids about their grandparents for our annual grandparents day.

Grandparents Day
Premium How to Fish for Christians

You need to reach out to others, and when they are ready, they will bite!

Premium Jesus Jeopardy

This is a Jeopardy style game with biblical catagories and answers. It can also be used as a template to make up your own answers and questions. This is a great family night activity.

Jeopardy style game
Premium Kids Church Olympic Games

We need to work hard to acheiver God's goal for our lives!

Premium Markers

Funny picture of toddler who drew all over a baby's face with permanent marker.

Sin is Permanent
Premium More Great Websites

Here are some more great sites for cool Power Point stuff!

Premium Musical Chairs

This is a autoplay file that lets you play musical chairs without stopping and starting the music yourself. Just click one time and the game plays by itself!

Premium Secret Weapon Scramble

I devised this game as a way of "practicing" our Secret Weapons (What we call our memory verse) The great thing about this game, is you could edit it quite easily to suit your own needs. Simply answer the generic, "what colour is the sky" questions to reveal the letters. The less letters you need revealed to guess the verse, the more points you can get for your team.

Scripture Memory
Premium Stack and Stomp

This is a autoplay file that plays mission impossible music with a screen with name of the game. Just click one time and the music plays while the kids play!

Premium Standing for What's Right

Doing What's Right


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