88 Games BONUS Content

Pastor Karl tells about this new resouce in KidminTalk #129!

This is your home for BONUS content for the 88 Games with 8 Objects Game Book available in the Kidology Store.


Nicki Straza's 88 Games with 8 Objects book is amazing! It is one of the most practical and creative books I’ve ever seen. But I shouldn’t be surprised, because it comes from one of the most practical and creative children’s pastors I know!

This book will provide you hours of games you can play with your kids. The way the book is organized is pretty cool, too. Don't miss the cool #hashtag feature in the PDF. You can search any of the key #hashtags to jump to just the right idea! Teaching on Cooperation? Just use your Find tool and search for #cooperation - and POOF, you find games that require kids to cooperate with each other.

Leaders and teachers everywhere will be using this book to better connect with kids, enhance their lessons, and simply have more fun teaching! Suitable for use in church, schools, homeschool, clubs, and anywhere else kids play games! Subjects can include Bible, math, science, history, English, or any other subject you need to review, practice, or otherwise engage the kids in. The games are theologically neutral so they can be used in any environment, whether a church or a public school.

This page is where we will post additional information and instructions for the games, and in time, videos of the games in action!


Time to go shopping! Once you gather the objects, you are good to go! Some of these you can buy, and a few take minor effort to prepare, but then they are ready when you are!

  • Object 1: This book! Print a copy of it to keep in the Game Box with all your gear!
  • Object 2: 5 Decks of Regular Playing Cards (all matching in color!)
  • Object 3: 30 Plastic Stacking Cups (choose strong sturdy ones!)
  • Object 4: 20 Ping Pong Balls (make sure they are bouncy!)
  • Object 5: 20 Bandanas (10 of one color, and 10 of another!)
  • Object 6: 4 Small Whiteboards and Markers
  • Object 7: Pool Noodles and Nuggets (Buy 8 pool noodles - 2 noodles in 4 different colors. Take one pool noodle in each of four colors and cut in half. The others cut into 1.5” slices.)
  • Object 8: 6 Gizmos (See demo video below.)


Post a picture of your Game Box in the Kidology Facebook Group to inspire others! We'll add your picture here!


Nicki Introduces 88 Games with 8 Objects:
NOTE: For noodles, purchase 8 noodles: 2 each of 4 different colors (video says 4 each of 2 colors, which is wrong)

Nicki Explains the Why and How of 88 Games with 8 Objects:

Nicki Explains How to Make Gizmos:

Nicki Shows the Gizmo Completed:

The symbols for the objects are throughout the book:


Here is a game you can play with just cups:

More game videos to be added as we collect them. IF YOU HAVE A VIDEO of a game from 88 Games with 8 Objects, please post it in our Kidology Facebook Group and we'll add it here!

ORDER YOUR OWN COPY OF 88 Games with 8 Objects TODAY!


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