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Here are a variety of resources related to baptism and children. While is a non-denomination site most of the posts will relate to water baptism. The purpose of our site is to share resources and ideas for practical ministry application. It is not for debating forms of baptism that exist in different denominations. All Christians faiths are welcome here. Use what fits your church's practice, and leave the rest for others who may benefit. We hope you will find some helpful resources and encourage you to leave some behind as well!

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All Access Baptism Comic for Kids

This is a short comic I created for parents to use to help explain water baptism to their children.

Water Baptism
All Access Am I Ready to be Baptized? - Kids and Parents Baptism Booklets

I found this Baptism Packet at LifeBridge Church in Longmont, Colorado and asked their children's pastor, Craig Wilson, if I could make it available on - as it was so well done.

Baptism Resources
All Access Your Journey Baptism Follow Up Booklet

Craig Wilson, the children's pastor at LifeBridge Church in Longmont, Colorado has provided this excellent follow up booklet for kids who have recently been baptized.

Baptism Resources
All Access 5 Questions to Ask if Your Child Wants to be Baptiized

This article gives practical advice to parents wondering if their child is ready to be baptized.

All Access Baptism and Kids

A Question and Answer Time with the Kidologist! How do you know when a child is ready for baptism? How do you explain the meaning of baptism? How do you make a child's baptism memorable?

All Access Baptism Booklet

Here is an excellent Baptism Booklet for you to use with your kids!

Baptism for Kids
All Access Baptism Class Notes pt. 1

Helpful notes on how to run a Baptism class for 3rd graders and up.

Baptism, Salvation
All Access Baptism Class Notes pt. 2

Small Group Leader Guides used in Baptism Classes for kids.

Baptism, Salvation, Small Groups
All Access Jesus' Baptism and Significance (Matthew 3:1-17) Sunday School Lesson

When and why should children be baptized? This lesson can help explain it.

All Access The Problem with Second Generation Christianity

Is spiritual knowledge enough to believe your child is 'saved'?

All Access An Important Seal

When we're sealed with the Holy Spirit, people should be able to see that we belong to the Lord.

Christian Living
All Access Jesus Makes us Clean

This lesson presents the Salvation message with a craft project that will bring home the point. With simple adaptations, it could be used with a wide variety of age groups.

All Access Sample Baptism Class

Understanding what it is to be in God's family and why Baptism is important.

Baptism Class
All Access The Baptism Game

In this game, kids learn more about John the Baptist while having fun too!

All Access Baptism Class for Children

Need a pre-baptism class? Have we got a material for you! This course will take a child through the basic Christian beliefs that our church felt were important for children to know before the were baptized.

Basic Christian Beliefs
All Access Baptism Class for Parents and Kids

A Baptism curricula for kids interested in being baptised

All Access John the Baptist 3- A River, A Dove, A Voice

Jesus was baptized in the water by John the Baptist. He did this to be an example for us. When we are baptized we show people that we have decided to follow Jesus and become His child. God wants each of His children to be baptized.

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