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it is a Super FUN, Scripturally SOLID Children's Church Curriculum for Creatives like YOU!

it is DIFFERENT because it includes everything you WANT in a kids church curriculum without all the fluff and extra work.

it offers you a fully-packed curriculum along with the flexibility to use what you want!

it is designed for Elementary: Kindergarten through 5th Grade 

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Had an Amazing time with the kids this past Sunday. After 28 years of children's ministry,
I have tried a lot of curriculum and I am really enjoying 
it BIBLE Curriculum.

- Paul Anglemyer 


  • FUN themes kids will love!
  • Solid Scriptural content
  • The Biggest Bible Stories
  • Funny Intro Videos
  • Practical Life Principles Kids Need
  • Disciple Skills Kids Need
  • 8-Week and 4-Week Series' to Choose from Each Year, Plus Easter and Christmas
  • PLUS Super Sunday Bonus Weeks! 

I love that it is the complete package but still allows
the teachers to use their creativity to make it all happen!

~ Cyndi Martinez


  • Fun and Creative Teaching Ideas!
  • Many 8-Week Series available so you aren't redecorating every month! 
  • Themes are repeated so decorations are reusable too!
  • Kids need their Bibles!
  • Variety of Content focus:
    • The Gospel
    • Old and New Testament stories
    • Practical Life Principles kids need
    • Bible Skills kids need for Life
    • Integrated Bible use and memorization

SAVE 50-75% on units with a All Access Membership! 

I like that it Curriculum gives more material than we can use on a Sunday morning!
And it keeps moving so kids don’t get bored!

~ Amy Goble


THE it - The big idea or main point, the it of the lesson that everything else will reinforce and build upon. 

INTRO it - Launch with a fun engaging introduction that will capture the attention and interest of the kids. Out of the gate the kids are into the lesson! 

PLAY it - Games with a purpose that help introduce it.

WATCH it - A fun video kids will enjoy that sets up the lesson.

TELL it - A creative method to tell the Bible Story.

TEACH it - The core teaching of it for the lesson.

SHOW it - An object lesson or activity that illustrates it.

FIND it - Kids use their Bible to search for verses that will expand on it.

HIDE it - Every series has a passage kids will work to memorize during the unit.

LIVE it - A practical life application challenge so kids can live it this week!

TAKE it - Take home tool to help parents review it with the kids (paper and/or digital version).

Is your kid’s ministry missing the 
it factor? Now you can purchase it.
it has everything for your classroom to make it the place to be every week

- Gordon Lanpher 


Created by real-life full-time children's pastors, it has what you are wishing for!

it provides a yearly scope and sequence, but each year has familiar themes for consistency. Those who love to build sets will only need to create five that can be used from year to year instead of 6-12 new sets each year. The best thing is, you'll not only be able to reuse the sets you build, but also props you collect or buy, improving and building upon them each year. (Easter and Christmas series' may have unique themes each year.)

Using universal themes with it is ingenious!
To be able to reuse props and establish a routine
for teachers and students is so valuable!

- Diane Wiccks



Outdoor Adventures Series' teach kids basic Bible skills so they can learn how to use their Bibles as their Adventure Guide for Life. The New Year is a great time to review how to use the Bible and basic spiritual disciplines.

Mystery Adventures Series' use spy and riddle themes to help kids better understand stories of the Bible and how they relate to our lives today. 

Summer Sports Series' teach practical life principles that kids need to live in, but not of, the world.

Big Screen Adventures Series' teach Big Bible Stories from the Old Testament. Every year will feature a different story, so through the years they will learn several of the major ones!

Time Travel Adventures Series' teach kids about some of the lesser-known stories or characters of the Bible with practical life application for Christian living. Each year will feature a different story so they learn several of the minor ones!

Each year a new Easter Series teaches kids about the death and resurrection of Jesus in a new, interesting, and exciting way! 

December celebrates the season with the Christmas Series which is new each year! The Christmas Story may be familar, but it's presented with a fresh perspective every time! 

Single lessons are also provided for Thanksgiving and Christmas weekends. 

BONUS SUPER SUNDAYS! Occasionally, there is a need for a "filler week" between series due to 5th Sundays. These are amazing even for churches not using it when they need that "in-between" lesson to bridge units.

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While a schedule is suggested, these units work just as well independently. While it is designed for Sunday Morning Children's Church, every unit stands alone and can be used for midweek or other times when you need a fun series for your kids!


All Access Members get all NEW it units at a huge discountThe most recent unit of it is available for download at 75% OFF as long as your All Access Membership is current. This price is in effect for the newest unit until the next unit is made available.

Find a past theme you want to teach? All prior units can be purchased in the Kidology Store! All Access Members always save 50% on older units, too! 

I love that it covers all you need for a lesson and is so adaptable.
You have done so much work to make it fun and great for diverse learning styles.
- Sarah Parks  

Mission Moses 9-Week Series 

Mission Moses is a 9-Week Series in which kids will follow the EPIC Adventures of the Life of Moses and how God can use ordinary people to accomplish extra-ordinary things if we are willing to allow Him to lead!



The Great Rescue - 4-Week Series

The Great Rescue can be used any time of the year to teach how Jesus saved us from our sins! Works great for Easter!


Riddle Me This 4-Week Series

Riddle Me This helps kids explore some of the Mysterious Sayings of Jesus. 


Bible Boot Camp 8-Week Series

Bible Boot Camp army-themed series teaches kids how to train and equip themselves for spiritual battle! 


Angel Sightings 3-Week Christmas Series

Angel Sightings, our Storm Chaser Themed series, featuring the M.A.G.I. (Meteorological Angelic Global Investigations) Team, teaches about the angel visits of the Christmas Story announcing God's plan to visit the earth. 


Joseph, A Hero's Journey 8-Week Series

Our Joseph movie-themed series, featuring The Heavenly Rewards Show, spends 8-weeks exploring the trials and triumphs of Joseph's life.


Xtreme Livin' 8-Week Series

Our Xtreme Livin' 8-week sports-themed series teaches kids how to live out the Fruit of the Spirit by Unleashing the Power to Live a Radical Life for God!


Undercover Queen 4-Week Series

Undercover Queen: Being God's Kid in God's Place! featuring Luke's Blog videos, is a 4-week spy-themed series on the Amazing Life of Queen Esther!


Miraculous 8-Week Easter Series

Miraculous, Marveling at the Miracles of Jesus! featuring Miracle Busters TV Show, is an 8-week magic-themed series that teaches kids about the true Miracles of Jesus!


Rock Solid 8-Week Series

Rock Solid: Climbing Upward and Onward with Jesus! featuring Grandpa Stone, is an 8-week rock climbing themed series that teaches kids how to climb spiritually with Christ! 


Hark from the Herald 4-Week Series

HARK FROM THE HERALD: Investigating the True Meaning of Christmas, follows a reporter as he investigates some key characters and eyewitnesses of the Christmas Story in order to discover what Christmas is really all about! He reveals the Biggest Breaking News of all time: God Comes to Earth!


Zany Zootopia 8-Week Series

ZANY ZOOTOPIA - Discovering the Animals of the Bible, featuring the Animal Adventures of Dr. Doomore, is an 8-week zoo-themed series that introduces kids to 8 important biblical concepts found in 2 Peter 1:5-7.


Bible Blockbusters! 8-Week Series

Bible Blockbusters - Big Bible Beginnings is an 8-week movie-themed series that provides an overview of the Big Bold Stories from the amazing first Book of the Bible - Genesis! The kids will also be introduced to 8 Attributes of God.


Power Up! 8-Week Series

Power Up! is an 8-week video game series your kids are going to LOVE! It covers 8 Winners from the Bible and reveals which Power Up helped them to succeed! Help your students discover the Power Ups they need to WIN in the Game of Life!


Agents of Acts 8-Week Series

Agents of Acts is a spy-themed 8-week series that studies the Book of Acts by exploring the lives of those who acted as God's Agents while spreading the Gospel and increasing the followers of Jesus. Your kids, too, can be Agents for God!


Undefeated! 4-Week Easter Series

In this 4-week ninja-themed series, your kids will learn powerful Christian skills as they study under the Master Jesus. They will learn the skills that enabled Jesus to defeat any foe He faced: Patience, Perseverance, Purity, and Peace.


Secrets of the Ancient Scrolls 8-Week Series on Bible Basics

In this 8-week archeology-themed series, kids will learn where the Bible came from, how to study it, and how to use it to spend time with God so they can then use the Bible as a guide for their life. They will discover that these ancient scrolls are a map for navigating life today.


Wise Kids Seek Him 4-Week Christmas Series

At Christmas, use this 4-week series to help your kids wise up as they learn about the wise men in the Christmas story! has existed for almost 30 years to provide fun, creative, biblical content for churches of all sizes.
Bible Curriculum can be purchased in the Kidology Store by all members (including Starter), but is deeply discounted for our Kidology All Access Members. You can easily join today

Brought to you by Pastor Karl Bastian, founder of, full-time children's pastor, and respected curriculum developer, writer, and teacher. Karl has collaborated with various kids pastor friends and leaders to bring you this fun and engaging curriculum series! 






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