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I'm Giving Away a Ministry Secret I've Kept
for 20+ Years! 

All About Me Kid Info Sheet

You know I'm passionate about relational ministry. You know I urge kids ministry leaders and volunteers to know the world of kids.
Now I'm giving away one of my favorite ministry tools that I've kept a secret for years!
For my entire 20+ years of ministry, I have given my kids what I've always called a "Kid Info Sheet." It is simply a form I asked kids to fill out to help me learn about them, know how to pray for them, and get insights into their thoughts and world while getting valuable feedback on my ministry.
The forms have never been fancy or colorful - but have always been incredibly helpful to me. I still have binders filled with Kid Info Sheets from kids who are now all grown up. Some are even parents now!
I finally had a designer make the forms cool and fun and colorful so I can share this incredible tool with you!
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