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An alternative to electronic check in

Can't afford an electronic check in system? Maybe your kid's ministry is still growing and doesn't justify the investment yet. Here is a solution that worked well for one church. 



Tired of loose items cluttering up your kidmin space? Here is a fun Lost and Found sign that also warns that items will be disposed of soon.


The KidMin Event Checklist

Make planning your next event a snap with this easy-to-follow checklist!


Now What?

Review of Salvation decision following a child's surrender to Christ.


Volunteer Spotlight Templates

A simple fun way to recognize new or super volunteers! Just add a pictures and some interesting facts and post outside the room they serve in!


We'll Be Back! - a Toybox Tale Classic

What happens when Dr. Bunsen Honey Dew tried to clone Arnold Swartzewhathisname? Instead of "I'll be back!" You get "We'll be back!"


7 Things to Include in Every Volunteer Meeting

Make your next volunteer meeting a roaring success with these tips from SuperChurch!


Something from Nothing! - a Toybox Tale Classic

What happens when a magician tries to make Something from Nothing? Apparently only God can do that trick! And He did, when He made the world!


The Sin Eliminator - a Toybox Tale Classic

What happens when Dr. Bunsen Honeydew attempts to purge Beaker of his sin with his Sin Eliminator invention? This is the historic first Toybox Tale performed back in 2001, four years before YouTube even existed!


3 Temptations Every Leader Has to Face

What are the temptaions that new... and seasoned... leaders face? How can you overcome them?


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To What Standards Do We Hold Volunteers?

FREE Download for All Access Members

While none of us are perfect, serving and modeling Christ before children is a high calling indeed. Pastor Karl Bastian created a list for his ministry years ago and has used it ever since. He calls it the "10 Standards for Excellence" that are expected of all volunteers to live up to in order to serve in the children's ministry. The bar is high for those who are modeling Christ to our children!  

This Kidology classic document has been REVISED and UPDATED so you can provide it to every volunteer in your children's ministry! 

Each of the 10 Standards are supported by scripture to help substantiate that these are not just the leadership's expectations, but God's expectations of all believers.  

Our job as kids ministry volunteers is not only to instruct kids where to go, to follow rules, and to teach lessons, but also to model the Christian faith in our lives and behavior.

Several versions are provided for FREE for our All Access Members. Not a Kidology All Access MemberJoin today with discount code LetMeIn and get  20% off an annual membership.

DOWNLOAD the 10 Standards for Excellence today and take your ministry UP a notch!