U-Turn Cards Gospel Presentation



U-Turn Cards Gospel Presentation DownloadPastor Karl's U-Turn Cards create an engaging Gospel presentation that illustrates the "Romans Road" salvation message.

Using road sign-themed cards, audience interaction, and Biblical references, words are visualized to explain the meaning of repentance. An included script by Karl Bastian provides an outline you can use for your own presentation, along with other application ideas.

The U-Turns Cards are an amazingly fun and interactive presentation of the simple Truth of the Gospel. It begins with 9 children upfront holding the cards, but as the letters are rotated or removed, they keep spelling different words. It works like a magic trick but is more of an illustrated object lesson. Your kids will not only enjoy it, but really come to understand the Gospel Message.

"The U-Turn Cards from Kidology really helped me get the kids into the message with a clear presentation! They help show what cannot save you and then that Jesus is the only way. Sin stops (stop signs) us from getting to Jesus. Then we need to make a U-Turn and give our lives over to God. Several kids turned their lives around at camp and accepted Jesus as their Savior! The U-Turn Cards are an amazing tool to have in your arsenal." - Stanley Mearse, Children's Minister



Here are some pictures of Pastor Karl using the U-Turn Cards to present this engaging and interactive Gospel Presentation:

 It's all about SALVATION!

There are many routes that will not lead to heaven.

JESUS is the only way to Heaven!

Why? Because he was slain to pay for our sins.

SIN is what "Stops" us from getting to heaven.

Repentance means to make a "U-Turn" and go the other way.

There is much more to the presentation. Complete instructions are included with both the print and download versions.


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