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DiscipleTown Kids Church Unit #8: How to Pray

by Karl Bastian

DiscipleTown is a Kid's Church curriculum developed by Karl Bastian, a veteran children's pastor who has written and led more than 1,000 children's church services in a variety of settings. Whether you lead in apsmall urban church, a large suburban church, or a mobile church, you need a curriculum that is unique and flexible. In DiscipleTown, you'll find a customizable curriculum that seems like it was written by someone just like you... because it was!

There are 24 units in the DiscipleTown curriculum, with each unit lasting 4-5 weeks. This is Unit #8, How to Pray.

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Unit Summary
Prayer is a familiar topic to children - but do we truly teach children how to pray? For too many Christians (of any age), prayer is reserved for times of trouble or cursory meal blessings, but prayer is so much more. In order to give children a simple mental framework, break down the many aspects of prayer into four areas, each starting with a letter of the word "PRAY" - Praising, Repenting, Asking, and Yielding. While there is certainly more to prayer than can be captured in four simple words, each lesson will expand on the broader aspects to show kids that they will enjoy a lifetime exploring the power and the joy of connecting with God!

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What Is Included?
Your DiscipleTown Downloadable Unit includes the following:

  • How To Use DiscipleTown Guide
  • 4 Leader Guides - one for each lesson
  • Review Questions for each lesson
  • 4 PowerPointâ„¢ Templates - one for each lesson
  • 4 "Object Talks" Teaching Videos - one for each lesson
  • 4 DiscipleTown Table Talkers - (Weekly In-Home Tool)
  • 4 Parent E-mail templates - one for each lesson
  • 4 Take Home Bookmarks
  • PowerPointâ„¢ Visual Guide
  • Super Citizen Certificate
  • Disciple Dollars
  • DiscipleTown Lesson Planner
  • DiscipleTown Logos
  • Good News for Kids
  • Certificate of New Birth
  • Ideas for an Review Week
  • Unit Cover & Spine
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