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Before the website, Kidology started with the launch of Karl's first book, The Kidology Handbook. Then came the Kidology University Conference (we did 15 in 3 states!), followed by the website in 1994. It all began with the Study of Kidology - studying how kids think, relate, communicate and learn, and relating to their world! For over 25 years has grown, with new resources and curriculum added weekly, but the study of kids has never stopped!

For 2022, we're returning to that initial focus with a weekly THEOREM on the Study of Kids! Our newsletter, Pastor Karl's Ministry Tips, will focus on just ONE of the Kidology Theorems each week. You can also check out the full list of theorems or read ones you missed as they are added by visiting here each week.

May the learning continue on how to Reach and Teach kids for Jesus!

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Starter Every child wants FUN, but what they need is LOVE.

Kidology Theorem #02 - Deliver fun, but never stop seeking how you can show kids love.

Kidology Theorem #02
Starter Ikinagagalak akong makillala kayo! HUH!?

Kidology Theorem #04 - Kids ministry is cross-cultural  

Kidology Theorem #04
Starter Don't Teach Empty-Handed

Kidology Theorem #05 - learn to engage kids with curiosity to win their attention!

Kidology Theorem #05
Starter Make Scripture Memory Central to Your Teaching

Kidology Theorem #07 - Help Kids Hide God’s Word in Their Hearts

Kidology Theorem #07
Starter Always Bring Your A-Game!

Kidology Theorem #09 - The goal is not to be THE best. It is to be YOUR best.

Kidology Theorem #09
Starter Predictably Unpredictable!

Kidology Theorem #10 - Shake things up so the kids are excited to come to church!

Kidology Theorem #10
Starter "Thank you for that great program!" said no kid ever.

Kidology Theorem #12 - Teaching is Important, but Loving is Paramount

Kidology Theorem #12
Starter The Quest for Quality Questions!

Kidology Theorem #14 - Unlock learning with intentional questions. 

Kidology Theorem #14
Starter Get off the Stage!

Kidology Theorem #15 - Sometimes you have to teach from within the crowd.

Kidology Theorem #15
Free Play the Eyeball Game!

Kidology Theorem #17 - Connect with Every Kid During Your Message or Story

Kidology Theorem #17
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