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Need some ideas for Valentine's Day?
A collection of Valentine's Ideas have been gathered here from throughout the site, but you may still want to search the site for key words, such as 'love,' 'heart' or 'loving' etc.

Be sure to check out Family Valentine's Ideas by Barney Kinard, or a popular game by Steven Knight called "God's Love Balloon Game." If YOU have a great Valentines Day idea or lesson activity on the subject of love, please submit it! Your idea could be used all over the world!

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All Access Recruiting Tool: Valentine's Cards

Send home Valentine's that are also recruiting cards that invite folks to join the children's ministry in sharing God's love with children.

Starter 100 Ways to Show Your Kids LOVE!

100 EASY (and FUN) ways to show LOVE to your kids

Loving Kids
All Access This is Love...

Love isn't just the mushy stuff, it's putting others above yourself. This is a presentation with pictures of love in action!

All Access Family Valentine's Day Ideas

A variety of ideas for families to celebrate the true meaning of Valentine's Day

Starter God's Love Balloon Game

Here is a great game for Valentine's Day to demonstrate how God's love never runs out!

Valentine's Day Game
All Access Kinds of Love

What kinds of love exist? How do we love others like God loves us? This Kinds of Love object lesson will help explain!

Object Lesson on Love
Starter Sweetheart Cafe

Our Sunday Night Live kids (K-5th grade) will be hosting a "Sweetheart Cafe" on Feb. 14th with the target audience of senior citizens. We'll serve desserts, play bingo, and hope to share lots of love between the generations!

Valentine's Day
All Access Valentine's Bulletin Board Idea

This is just a cool idea for a VALENTINE'S DAY bulletin board.

LOVE - John 3:16
All Access Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt

Use this Scavenger Hunt on Valentine's Day!

Starter Volunteer Appreciation for Valentine's Day

Valentine's activity for children to show appreciation for kid-min workers

Volunteer Appreciation

A boy confesses his true love to his Mother, his love of Jesus Christ!

Valentines Day!
All Access Valentine's Day Origin

Food for Thought on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day
All Access We Are Love Lights

We are the light of the world.

All Access Match Maker

A fun game of matching that has the kids up and about!

Valentine's Day
All Access Three Hearts One Love

Proposition: Because our heart is wicked, Jesus changes our hearts Big Idea: Our Hearts are yucky and empty without Jesus

Valentines Day
All Access Cleansing Heart

Kids will learn that when they confess their sins and "bring it to the cross" that Jesus wipes away their sins.

God's Awesome Love
Starter Giving Love Away

All Access God's First Valentines: Adam and Eve

I wanted to explain how God was proud and loved Adam and Eve before they ate the fruit. I also wanted the children to feel how God felt when he was disappointed but he still loved them both.

How God Forgives
All Access Red Sunday

With Valentine's Day around the corner, here is an idea inspired by the color red.

Valentine's Day Idea
All Access The Steadfast Action Figure

This is an entry level skit which requires three adults and very few props. While it was written for Valentine's Day, it can be performed at any time of the year. The skit is about what toys do after everyone leaves a toy store, but it's also about abstinence, i.e. waiting until you're married to have sex. It's done in a very innocent way - there is nothing sexual or romantic in this skit.

Abstinence & Sexual Purity
All Access The Sweet Tooth Heart

A sweet treat for Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day
All Access Top 10 Worst Valentine's Day Gifts

A Valentine's Day PowerPoint with a list of the 10 worst gifts to give/ or get. It ends with showing Jesus is the best gift and that Love is important!

The Worst Gifts to Get on Valentine's Day
All Access Valentine Liturgy for Small Children

This is a short liturgy for small children to present in a worship service in February or any time of the year. It is simple enough that they can easily learn and present well.

Jesus' Love
All Access Valentine Program for Kid's Worship

This is a short Valentine program that may be implemented into a Church Worship service on a Sunday morning. This may be used with a small or large group of children.

Love, Valentine's Day
Starter Valentine's Day Outreach

A very successful idea for reaching families in your community.

All Access Super Love for Our Super Hero

There is a lot of confusion about the meaning of love. Some kids think of love as mushy stuff between a boy and a girl. Love is more than that. It is putting others before yourself. God wants us to love Him and others more than we love ourselves. He displayed perfect love for us when He laid down His life on Calvary.

Valentine's Day
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