Kidmin Interviews with Karl

One of the features of Kidmin Talk are the interviews Karl does - conencting YOU to in-the-trenches kidmin experts on a wide range of topics.

Here is a collection of some of Karl's top interviews.

Interview with Sean Sweet 
Topic: Launching a Preteen Ministry

Sean Sweet from joins Kidmin Talk host Karl Bastian from to talk PRETEEN Ministry. They discuss what it is, why focus specifically on this age group, what it looks like, and how to launch a preteen ministry.


Interview with Alex Smith
Topic: Kids Ministry in a Digital Age

It's a dangerous digital world for kids. As parents and children's ministry leaders, we need to keep our kids safe. There are many tools available today to keep kids safe. Alex Smith, president of KidCheck and father of five, joins Karl to discuss this topic. Lots of helpful ideas are the result!


Interview with Josh Denhart
Topic: Leading Up

Karl welcomes Josh Denhart, the creator of Kidmin Science, to the show to discuss how to "lead up" in our ministries. Every leader reports to a leader who oversees them. Learn the secrets of getting what you need from your leader for the benefit of your ministry.


Interview with Stanley Mearse
Topic: Gaining, Training and Retaining Volunteers

Karl Bastian welcomes children's pastor veteran Stanley Mearse onto the show for a Kidmin Talk about how to gain, train and retain volunteers in your children's ministry. Be prepared for lots of practical tips!


Interview with Craig Wilson
Topic: Ministry Outside the Church

In this Kidmin Talk Podcast, Karl Bastian, aka the Kidologist, from invites Pastor Craig Wilson onto the show to talk about creative ways to reach the kids who don't go to your church. Incredible ministry in church is great - but what about the children who will never walk through your doors? Don't they need to learn about Jesus, too? How can you creatively reach them?


Interview with Nicki Straza
Topic: The Difference Between Teaching Kids and Equipping Kids 

Nicki Straza, from Freedom House Church in Brantford, Ontario, joins Karl to "Talk Kidmin." The main topic is helping kids experience God through our teaching.


Interview with Philip Hahn
Topic: Ministry BY Kids

On this episode of Kidmin Talk, Karl welcome Kids Pastor Philip Hahn on the show. Like Karl, Philip got his start in kidmin as a child, a kids pastor PK! Both of these guys are passionate about training kids to serve - since they are both in ministry today because they started young! So the topic today is ministry BY kids, not just TO kids!


Interview with John Mobley
Topic: Unleashing Creativity

In this interview, Karl invites John Mobley onto the show to have a Kidmin Talk about Creativity! John is known as Johnny Magic in the Indianapolis area and is one of the most creative people Karl knows. If you don't think you are creative - think again! This podcast will give you some practical ideas on how you can unleash your own creativity!


Interview with Kristina Fucci
Topic: Helping Grieving Kids

I am excited to introduce you to Kristina Fucci, a young woman who lost her mom at the age of ten. When her father remarried, her new mom found herself raising three grieving children. Kathleen, Kristina’s new mom, has now written a book based on her daughter’s story with the hope of helping other children who are going through a similar experience. They are also developing a story for boys as well as a grief recovery curriculum for churches. Watch this short interview with Kristina and then order some books to have on hand, ready to use when you find yourself needing to minister to a grieving child.

Interview with Matt Guevara
Topic: VBS and Summer Outreach

For INCM's Web Week 2017, I joined Matt Guevara for a lunch time chat on the topic of VBS and creative summer outreach. Enjoy!


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