Romans Road Gospel Tool

A Visual Road Map to Guide Children through the
Nine Stops along the Romans Road to Salvation.

The Romans Road is a simple and effective way of explaining the Gospel Message using verses from Paul’s Book to the Romans. While no one has ever documented exactly who or where it originated from, using the Book of Romans to evangelize dates back to the early church since Paul’s target audience for the book was the non-Jewish reader. However, the use of the phrase “The Romans Road” was popularized during the mid-Twentieth century. There are a variety of verses that teachers will use, but of course, they will all be from the book of Romans. In this presentation, the most common verses are included.

Our contribution to developing this classic presentation is to assign a name, or “road map” to each verse and to place them in an order that we believe helps to not only guide the listener to the decision to accept Jesus as Savior and Lord, but to answer a couple questions: what is the purpose and role of each verse and what does each verse provide in the process of explaining the Gospel?

In this Gospel Tool from Kidology, you're provided with:

  • A very detailed and helpful Teacher's Guide to help you lead children down the Roman's Road to a clear understanding of the Gospel Message.
  • A simple ONE-PAGE Reference Guide to help as you teach.
  • A customizable and reproducible one-page Romans's Road Map that children can take home and use to share the Romans Road with their family and friends. Provided in both PDF and PNG for easy editing.
  • Colorful graphics that can be printed as posters or used on-screen to help illustrate the Romans Road as you teach.
  • NEW: Key Words to help provide a purpose for each verse. This is what makes this presentation of the Romans Road new and unique. We have never seen this done before.
  • Slides that walk children through the A-B-C's of Salvation and a Prayer of Salvation that can be used to lead kids to Jesus!
  • Over 35 helpful files!

This is a tool that can be used ANY TIME you want to share the Gospel clearly and want to have an invitation to invite children to accept Jesus as Savior and Lord. You may want to have it loaded and cued in your presentation software so whenever you find you want to present the Gospel, you are READY TO GO!


Have more than one campus? Purchase the Group License for 2-10 campuses!

This tool was originally created as part of the Eternity 500 Kids Church series and is included in the download. Note: the curriculum download contains different slides that match the series' theme, but the downloadable hand-out tool is the same. The instructions are a little different, but are also included in the curricululm. 

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