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This is the place to find things written or submitted by the creator of, Karl Bastian.

Use Karl's creativity to your advantage! Browse his ideas, plans, games, and more, and use them as is or adapt them for your ministry!

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Be (or become) the one who puts in the most effort. 

Effort in Ministry

There is no reason for negativity when we are on the WINNING TEAM!

Outlook in Ministry

If I were to ask you, "What is the most important skill for a ministry leader to have for success?" what would your answer be?

Kindness in Ministry

Unless you are intentional, the weekly demands of ministry can quickly push you into a role of a reactive leader.

Proactivity in Ministry

What is YOUR purpose?

Purpose in Ministry

Urgency is a 2-sided coin. 

Urgency in Ministry

What are you trying that will only succeed if God is in it?

Risk in Ministry

We’ve all had events creep up on us. We KNOW that preparation is the key to success, but why is it so hard to be prepared in advance?

Preparation in Ministry

Have you ever wanted to quit? Toss in the towel? Take this job and… well, you get the idea. Just remind yourself of one simple fact...

Perseverance in Ministry

If you want to have a productive and successful week of ministry, allow me to give you a few practical tips on how be in an INTENTIONAL LEADER.

Intentional Leadership

THE NEW YEAR IS HERE! How's it going so far?

Ministry Assessment
All Access YES! Recruiting Postcards

Fun super-hero-themed postcards designed to make joining the kids ministry team easy and inviting!

Recruiting Tools
Free Facts About Psalm 118

Some things you likely never knew about Psalm 118 that are pretty cool!  

Psalm 118
Free The Ultimate Birthday Party for Jesus Planning Pack Super Sunday

A FUN Party Plan for Celebrating the Birthday of JESUS!

Fun, Stand-Alone Birthday Party Plan for Christmas
Starter Candy Pancake Breakfast Super Sunday

Host a CANDY PANCAKE BREAKFAST for the kids! It’s something they will LOVE, TALK ABOUT, and LOOK FORWARD TO, and even BRING A FRIEND!

Fun, Stand-Alone Lesson on Thankfulness
All Access Salvation Follow Up Parent Letter

Sample letter to send parents when a child makes a decision to accept Jesus as their Savior at church.

Parent Follow Up
All Access Pizza Pun Volunteer Thank You Note

Just a punny pizza-themed note for saying thanks.

Volunteer Appreciation
All Access Kid Conversation Cards

These Customizable Conversation Cards get kids talking - but they work like a game!

Small Group Discussion Tool
All Access Highpoint Kids CM Manual

Pastor Karl's Children's Ministry Manual from his church in Colorado (updated 2022)

CM Manual
All Access 5 Minute Roller Coaster Countdown Video

5 Minute Roller Coaster Countdown Video

Countdown Video
All Access Are You Called to Minister to Children?

You'll never gain fame or glory in children's ministry. So are YOU called?

Ministry Calling
All Access The Gospel Colors Download Page

A FUN, new, simple way to share the GOOD NEWS of Jesus using just 8 colors!

Gospel Presentation
Starter Childlike vs. Childish

The Apostle Paul said when he became a man he put away childish things, but then Jesus said we are to come to Him as children. How do we connect with children, relationally, while maintaining the respect of adults? Pastor Karl - a self-identified "big kid" explains how to keep that tricky balance.

Becoming a Relational Leader to Kids without Losin
Starter 100 Ways to Show Your Kids LOVE!

100 EASY (and FUN) ways to show LOVE to your kids

Loving Kids
Starter How to Study the W.O.R.D.

A way to help kids (and adults) get more out of their Bible reading time.

Bible Study
All Access If You Think Church is Boring

An invitation to church that kids can give their friends: "If you think church is boring, you've never been to MY church!"

Church Invitation
All Access Head, Shoulders, Knees and CUP!

A Super Fun Game using only plastic cups!

FUN Group Game
Free No More Making Time for Family

Why I will NEVER make time for my family ever again!

All Access The Story of God's Trees

This is a retelling of the classic story of The Three Trees written by Karl Bastian, provided here in three different formats. The original author is unknown. This is Karl's version of the beautiful fable. Ideal for Christmas or Easter.

Starter GOOD NEWS Gospel Tract

FREE DOWNLOAD! A fun, simple and effective way for kids to share the GOOD NEWS of Jesus with their friends!

The Gospel
All Access Karl's Kids Church Rules and Super Kid Certificate

Children's Church Rules and Rewards

Kids Church Discipline
All Access Workshop: Including Family in Children's Ministry

Pastor Karl training leaders on how to include parents in children's ministry. (Recruiting tips too!)

Family Ministry
All Access Movie Match-Ups!

Played like the classic card game War, only with kids movie characters instead!

All Access Name That Shadow!

It's a game of silhouettes! Can your kids recognize the characters?

All Access 3 of a Kind Game

Based on the classic "Three of These Things" Game, but uses characters from children's fims.

All Access Noah Found Grace RAP

Lyrics for classic song Noah Found Grace in the Eyes of the Lord.

All Access Crack the Safe

Fun game for introducing a Bible verse.

Lesson Intro Game
All Access 100 Bible Names Magic Trick

This is an EASY but AMAZING magic trick using 100 Bible names.

Magic Trick
All Access Hidden Messages

This is a fun on screen word puzzle to get kids talking about biblical phrases.

All Access My Plan vs. God's Plan

A super cool Magic Trick / Object Lesson that illustrates why sometimes God says no to our plans. He has a bigger plan!

Trusting God
All Access Elbow Balloon Pass

Social Distance Game where kids pass a balloon around using only their elbows. They learn about how we REALLY win in life!

Social Distance Game
Starter The 7 Most Powerful Letters

This simple, fun activity will help kids discover the power of saying "I'm Sorry."

All Access Who is Hiding the Spies?

Social Distance Game where kids try to guess who is hiding the spies. Ideal for story of Rahab and the Spies.

Social Distance Game
All Access A Word from Wilbur - Imagination Time Machine

A Word from Wilbur - Imagination Time Machine is a 4-part short video series in which the host, Wilbur, vists some Old Testament characters to learn some important life lessons.

Old Testament Stories
All Access What's Missing Game?

A Silly Social Distance Game where try to remember objects as they are removed.

Social Distance Game
All Access Silly Word Number Swap!

A Silly Social Distance Game where kids have fun with silly words and numbers!

Social Distance Game
All Access ZILCH! The Game of Greed!

Game where kids try to win by not getting tooooo greedy!

All Access A Word from Wilbur - ZOOM Series

A Word from Wilbur - ZOOM Series is a 5-part short video series that introduces kids to the first five books of the Bible and features some fun drone videos.

Pentateuch Overview
All Access Pool Noodle Games!

Social Distance Game where kids try to navigate a giant maze on the floor.

Social Distance Game
All Access Tape Maze!

Social Distance Game where kids try to navigate a giant maze on the floor.

Social Distance Game
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