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The Gospel Colors Download Page

A FUN, new, simple way to share the GOOD NEWS of Jesus using just 8 colors!


"I know you love me, but do you LIKE me, too?"

Kidology Theorem #32 - Kids know you love them. Do they know you like them?


Tell Stories: Face

Pastor Steve Bourque brings you a series called Tell Stories! This 12-video series will help hone your storytelling skills using very specific insights. 


The Quest for Quality Questions!

Kidology Theorem #14 - Unlock learning with intentional questions. 


60 Second Teacher Tips with Phillip Hahn - #15: Talking Heads

These 60 Second Teacher Tips will make your ongoing training a SNAP!


Childlike vs. Childish

The Apostle Paul said when he became a man he put away childish things, but then Jesus said we are to come to Him as children. How do we connect with children, relationally, while maintaining the respect of adults? Pastor Karl - a self-identified "big kid" explains how to keep that tricky balance.


What's Growing Up Got to Do with Anything?

Kidology Theorem #31 - Tomorrow's Leaders Can Start Today!


Laflin Gospel Magic: Magic Paper Bag

In this series, Illusionists David and Teesha Laflin will walk you through a new illusion every episode. 


Family Table Talker - Character

Kidology's Family Table Talkers are a reproducible tool designed to help families disconnect from tech and connect with each other and God's Word.


Predictably Unpredictable!

Kidology Theorem #10 - Shake things up so the kids are excited to come to church!


Fresh Ideas

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Your kids will love this sports-themed series teaching them to flex their spiritual muscles and live radically for God!

XTREME LIVIN' - Unleashing the Power to Live a Radical Life for God! is an 8-week sports-themed series that teaches kids how to live out the Fruit of the Spirit.

Theme Passage: The kids will memorize Galatians 5:22-23



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