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60 Second Teacher Tips with Phillip Hahn - #7: Punctuality

Pastor Philip and Kidology will be offering a brand new video every month during 2021 to make your ongoing training a SNAP!


Workshop: Including Family in Children's Ministry

Pastor Karl training leaders on how to include parents in children's ministry. (Recruiting tips too!)


Family Table Talker - Sovereignty

Kidology's Family Table Talkers are a reproducible tool designed to help families disconnect from tech and connect with each other and God's Word.


Balloon Sculpting with Pastor Brett - Part 11: Goliath's Sword

Pastor Brett Belleque will be presenting a series to help children's workers learn how to sculpt FUN with balloons!


Object Lesson Videos with Nicki Straza - God Protects Me

Pastor Nicki Straza presents short Object Lesson Videos you can use in your services, online, or just to train yourself in a simple object lesson you can use!


Reflections of a Follow-Upper

Follow-up ministry is so important for children's ministry. Whether it's camp ministry or church ministry, kids need to be discipled year round. Kendra shares her story about her own experience at camp and how follow-up plays a key role in her life now.


Bible Blockbusters! SAMPLE LESSON 1

SAMPLE LESSON DOWNLOAD for Bible Blockbusters! Lesson 1 from the 8-Week Series for Elementary Children's Church from Pastor Karl Bastian, founder of


Bible Blockbusters! Series Download

SERIES DOWNLOAD for BIBLE BLOCKBUSTERS!, an 8-Week Series for Elementary Children's Church from Pastor Karl Bastian, founder of


Movie Match-Ups!

Played like the classic card game War, only with kids movie characters instead!


Name That Shadow!

It's a game of silhouettes! Can your kids recognize the characters?


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Help Your Kids Experience the BIG BOLD STORIES of Genesis!

BIBLE BLOCKBUSTERS - Big Bible Beginnings is an 8-week movie-themed series that provides an overview of the Book of Genesis while also introducing kids to 8 Attributes of God. 

Your students will learn the following Attributes of God:

  1. Infinite
  2. Immortal
  3. Immutable
  4. Invisible
  5. Omnipresent
  6. Omnipotent
  7. Omniscient
  8. Holy

Theme Passage: The kids will memorize Revelation 4:11
A hand-motions instructional video is included in the downloads to help you teach the verse. 

There are OVER 100 DOWNLOADS - videos, handouts, game files, screen images, posters, customizable graphics, and more! We give you the tools you need to be AMAZING!

Watch It Videos: Funny Movie Auditions!
In this series, various characters are auditioning for a role in the movie of the Bible story. It’s intended as a fun introduction to the Bible story, not as a telling of the story. (8 videos)

See all that's included in this brand new curriculum series by visiting