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Kidology's Ultimate Toolbox for Children's Ministry is here!

Order Karl's Newest Book Today!

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"I wrote this book after decades of ministry in churches of all sizes. I wanted to share what I have learned, often the hard way, and share the tools I have collected, the mistakes I have made, and the insights I have gained along the way. I'm so excited to share my toolbox with you!" - Karl Bastian

THIS IS NO ORDINARY BOOK! It's more than a book, the print and digital toolbox provides for you:

  • 336 pages of practical training!
  • Online training videos at
  • Over 75 pages of downloadable PDFs
  • Bonus links and resources

This incredible Ministry Toolbox is not a book you simply read, it is a practical handbook that provides the tools you need to build a ministry that will last in the following areas:

  • Personal Tools
  • Leadership Tools
  • Teaching Tools
  • Training Tools
  • Outreach Tools

Are you ready to build a ministry that stand the test of time? Order Kidology's Ultimate Toolbox for Children's Ministry today!