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Human Worth: How to See the Good in Others

Here are some quick and powerful ideas for adding value in your family and with the children in your life.  


Kidmin Talk #116 - February 11th 2019

Kidmin Talk #116 - This Special Edition Kidmin Talk features 17 year old Camille McKeever interviewing Karl for a school assignment as she prepares for a career in kids ministry. Learn some never before told stories from how Karl got into kids ministry and how Kidology started.


How I Turned My Ministry into a Family Ministry

When the church and the home are working together, we will have more success in making disciples of our kids.


Emotional Concussions

Emotional concussions can be just as lethal, and sometimes even more so, than a physical concussion


Encouraging Words for Broken Leaders from Craig Jutila

A nursery rhyme can teach you a lesson on brokenness.


4 Tips for Gifting a Bible to Kids

Find some great tips for how to make a Bible even more special to the child receiving it.


Ask Me No Questions and I'll Tell You No Lies

Why do some divorced and single parents lie to their kids? What affect could this have on them longterm? How can you help?


Knight Humor

Just some funny knight jokes for a Medieval themed lesson or event.


Winter Coloring Page "Give God Praise"

A simple yet fun way for kids to be reminded to praise God in every circumstance. 


Valentine's Recruiting Cards

Send home Valentine's that are also recruiting cards that invite folks to join the children's ministry in sharing God's love with children.


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Kathy also travels around to churches and schools and performs educational, Scripture-filled, musical Bible programs for kids of all ages designed to get your kids applauding the Word of God. She also is available for effective teacher training workshops for those who teach preschool, elementary school, Sunday School, and work in special needs ministries.

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