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Kidmin Talk #115 - January 12th 2019

Kidmin Talk #115 -Pastor Karl wants to make you look good in 2019 by providing tools for YOU, your leaders, your parents and your kids - plus recruiting tools and more for 2019! Watch this short Kidmin Talk to learn about Kidology's NEW Booster Packs! Kidology is going to make your ministry better and easier in 2019!


5 Tips for Teaching Younger Kids

Learn easy ways to help your younger students get the most out of your lessons. 


Lessons Learned... or Learning

When you go through a rough patch, do you turn FROM God, or TO Him?


Tips for Student Participation in Large Group

Give yourself a break and use these tips for active participation during large group time. 


Parents, What Message are You Preaching to Your Kids?

Do your kids understand the relentlessness of God?


Four Keys to a Nurturing Nursery

A volunteer training video on the four keys to a nurturing nursery: is it Safe, Clean, Friendly and Purposeful?


Four Steps to Form a New Habit

Form healthy habits with your family now so you can enjoy long term results. 


Personal Management - Part 1 of the Ministry Management Series

Part 1 of the Ministry Management Series.


Family Table Talker - January 2019

Kidology's Family Table Talkers are a reproducible tool designed to help famlies disconnect from tech and connect with each other and God's Word.


Toybox Tales Crazy Countdown 04

Toybox Tales Crazy Countdowns are fun interactive videos for before service. Kids will gather and watch and be eager for church to start!


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Kidmin Booster Packs

Give Your Ministry a Boost!

We know children's ministry is hard! As always, Kidology is here to make your job EASIER!

NEW FOR 2019, every month Kidology is going to give EVERY AREA of your ministry a BOOST for you, your leaders, your parents, and even your kiddos!


  • Exclusive Leadership Development Video (Value $20.00)
  • Practical Volunteer Training Video (Value $20.00)
  • Reproducible Family / Parenting Tool (Value $10.00)
  • Creative RECRUITING Tool (Value $10.00)
  • 4 Brand New Toybox Tale Countdowns (Value $20.00)
  • A Kidology DIGITAL GRAB BAG Product (Value Over $20.00)
  • FREE SUPER BOOSTER BONUS from one of our Resource Partners! (This month from JumpStart3, value $30)

Kidology is committed to equipping the church while understanding that children's ministries have limited resources and funding. So here's the deal... ready for this?

During the month of release, each Kidology Booster Pack is only $19.00! Yes, you read that right!

And for those who support our non-profit ministry, you can download everything in the Booster Pack for FREE! Not an All Access Member yet? JOIN TODAY!

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