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6 Questions to Ask When Choosing Songs for Worship with Kids

Janelle Hoos shares her tips for picking awesome worship songs for kids!


Presenting the Gospel Part 2

Sean Sweet and Petrick Snow from CIY finish discussing ways to talk about the Gosple to Preteens.


Presenting the Gospel Part 1

Sean Sweet and Petrick Snow from CIY start discussing ways to talk about the Gosple to Preteens.


Kidology's 'This One's On Me' Fundraiser

Kidology's "This One's On Me" fundraiser is a fun and simple way to support your favorite children's ministry website with small donations that otherwise may seem insignificant.


David Tries to Hide His Sin (Game)

An adaptation of David and Bathsheba to teach about hiding sin. 


Classroom Management Tips

Some advice on how to manage your classroom at all age levels. 


Kidmin Talk #111 - September 17th, 2018

Kidmin Talk #111 covers Righteous Pop Music, Story Sticks, the best kidmin event ever and what can we learn from dusty old CE books?


Parent Meetings + Talking about Technology

In this episode, Sean Sweet talks about 2 different things that can give anxiety when it comes to preteen ministry. First he talks about how to have percent meetings, and then he talks about Technology and how we can help parents understand what their kids are dealing with.


How Do You Encourage Preteens to Grow and Develop

Ever thought of where to start when it comes to getting your preteens to develop and own their faith? It all starts with encouraging them. Check out what FourFiveSix has to say about this very topic.


Kidmin Talk #110 - September 4th, 2018

The NEW Kidmin Talk Show #110 covers teaching kids grace, Fortnite, health in ministry, and more!


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Preschool Worship Can Be More Than Just Singing Songs!

First Steps in Worship

Preschool Ministry is where children get their first impressions of God and His love for them. It should be more than just poppin' in a CD or video and singing along. We have the incredible privledge of giving children their FIRST IMPRESSION of God! Worship should be interactive, fun and educational. That is why I can't recommend highly enough that you check out First Steps in Worship.

More that just fun music, there are interactive tools to help your little ones enjoy worship and engage with the worship. That's that First Steps in Worship is all about! For your three and four year olds, check out Wiggle into Worship and for your four's and five's check out Pass It On Praise!

A one time investment in your preschool ministry will have them wiggling and worshiping and learning how to engage in praise for years to come! You will be amazed at the worship concepts your little worshipers will learn! Take your first step by checking it out today!