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Here you will find short summaries of current events as found in online articles from various sources. These summaries are written by Kidology contributors (listed below) and printed quarterly in Kidzmatter Magazine. You can order the magazine in the Kidology Store.

Each post includes a thoughtful summary, a few "Think About It" questions, and a link to the original article. New summaries with article links will be posted at least monthly. Check back often to read new information.

Contributors: Dawn Farris, Patti Kirkland, Steven Knight, Trisha Peach, Amber Pike, Nicki Straza

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Starter 3D Printers: Meet the Gamechanger!

Well, 3-D printing isn't going away. In fact, it just seems to keep getting more popular and less expensive.

Starter 'Uber for Kids' Companies Picking Up Speed

What’s a parent to do when their child has practice, but can’t get off work to transport them? 

Starter The Ongoing Damage of Porn on Kids

Most Christians would agree that pornography is destructive and addictive. But did you know that when a child views pornography, there is the potential for lasting damage to that child?

Starter Kidzania - Theme Park with a Purpose

Who could have imagined kids (and parents) would pay to put kids to work?

Starter Better Parenting, Better Health?

There have long been concerns about people growing up in poverty and their life expectancies.

Starter Drowning the Silence

What environment do you set up for your kids?

Starter Maker Minds - Built to Create

What is the “Maker Space” movement?

Starter Teaching Kids to Lead Themselves

Strategies parents can use to develop personal leadership in their kids

Starter Tech and social skills

Experts insist that children need intentional training to develop social skills.

Starter Do we value life anymore?

Canada legalized medically assisted suicide.

Starter The New Move to Gender Non-Identification

Will gender be removed from birth certificates?

Starter Healthy Home, Happy Home

How can we make a healthy home?

Starter Palm Oil and Child Labor?

Are you unknowingly supporting child slave labor?

Starter No More Pursuit of Happiness?

Why are our kids so sad?

Starter Learning More About Online Learning

The recent pandemic has raised the question, "what makes a person resilient?"

Starter Kids who Bounce

The recent pandemic has raised the question, "what makes a person resilient?"

Starter Out of Touch

Social media aimed toward kids has grown... and so has its danger to your kids. 

Starter Less is More When it Comes to Kids' Toys

Fewer toys can lead to better playtime. 

Starter The Role of Fathers in Early Childhood Development

Fathers are important for their children's development. 

Starter The "Work" of a Child

Play is important for the learning process of kids. 

Starter Long-term Effects of the Pandemic

Long-term affects of Covid measures include children and their educational setbacks. 

Starter No Class Acts?

Christian schools are being sued for discrimination. 

Starter Shifts to Social-Emotional Learning

Kids and teens feel multiple threats to their emotional and mental health.

Starter Love, Nurture, Grow

US Census Bureau tells us that more than 23 million families in the United States experience food insecurity.

Starter "Not So Smart" Voice Devices?

Experts are warning that "voice" search engines may actually be detrimental for children.

Starter BIG TECH Headache?

“Big tech” has been in the news a lot lately, as parents wonder how to keep their children safer in an increasingly online world.

Starter Compassion Over Consumption

Help transform the wanting mindset of children into a helping mindset. 

World Issues
Starter Parenting When You are Exhausted

Between work expectations, house chores, school activities, and self-care, parents can find themselves stuck in a cycle of exhaustion that often results in harsh words and short tempers.

Starter Teaching for Healing

It can be argued that “trauma” has become a universally shared experience in recent years.

Starter The Evolution of Sports

Youth sports has become increasingly competitive and specialized.

Starter Working Strategies to Close the COVID Learning Gap

In a new study, researchers with the NWEA studied the MAP Growth Scores of 8 million students from 25,000 public schools across the nation.

Starter What Does a Hungry Child Look Like?

US Census Bureau tells us that more than 23 million families in the United States experience food insecurity.

Starter More Screen=Less Happy?

Brand new research just revealed (unsurprisingly) that kids spending more time on screens after school (phones, tablets, TV, laptops etc.) were less happy, secure, and satisfied.

Starter Remote Work is Here to Stay

According to studies from Owl Labs, remote work and virtual conference meetings are here to stay.

World News
Starter Winning Teams

A recent study found that children who participate in team sports receive a lot more benefits than physical fitness alone. 

Starter Tuned out Parents

Today’s parents spend more time with their kids, but the level of engagement between parent and child is lower than ever.

Starter The Curiosity of Substance Use Among Pre-Teens

A new study shows that 1 in 10 pre-teen children are curious about using alcohol or tobacco products. 

Starter Across the Metaverse

What will our everyday routine look like in the year 2040?

Starter Choose Friends Wisely

Parents send their children off to school, where most children find their friends, admonishing them to make wise choices. But how do friendships happen?

Starter Which Comes First? Hyper Kids or Harsh Parents?

Behavioral scientists have discovered a link between hyperactivity in children and harsh parenting tactics.

Starter Can We Talk? Chatting With Your Kids About Social Media

National poll results concerning parents, kids, and social media use were recently reported by the University of Michigan.

Social Media
Starter Food for Thought

Eating together as a family helps children feel better, physically and mentally.

Starter Getting Back to the Basic of Toys

It’s probably no secret that different toys affect behavior in different ways. 

Starter The Crisis Claiming Our Kids

Professional help can’t keep up with children’s mental health needs.

World News - Kids Mental Health
Starter Helicopter and Snowplow Parents Might Be Hindering Cognitive and Emotional Skill-Building in Kids

How much is too much when "helping" our kids?

Starter Build a Better Immune System, Outdoors!

Want to boost a child’s immune system? Expose them to nature. 

Health and the Outdoors
Starter The Value of Forgiveness

Brain Science has come a long way in helping us understand the impact of our emotions, choices and habits on our brain and body. 

Starter Lean into Green

God’s creation is a gift from God to us. As Christians we don’t have any trouble believing this. However, it is so easy as parents and leaders to forget the power of learning and playing in nature.

Starter The Trap of Social Acceptance

Research continues to show an alarming connection between social media consumption (especially on smart phones) and declining mental health.

Social Media
Starter It's Not Just About the Toys

Parents and grandparents in search of the best toys can be overwhelmed with the choices offered.

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