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Balloon Feet Guest Resource

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Author/Source: Karl Bastian

Topic: Welcoming Guests

These super fun balloon feet are a fun way to celebrate guests. Kids love them!

Guests need to be celebrated!

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We put a yellow smilie sticker on our guests so every one knows to greet them, welcome them and treat them extra special! We used to give them a helium balloon, but since it would be a distraction in class, we told them to come back by check-in after church to get one - but most forgot to pick it up.

So I decided to create something we can give them right at check-in that they can enjoy all morning!

Introducing Balloon Feet!

They are customizable too! You can put your logo on the toe and any helpful information you'd like on the bottom.

There are FOUR different color schemes to add variety and fun! (PLUS grey scale version if you don't have a color printer, so you can print on colored paper.



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