DiscipleTownDiscipleTown is a Kid's Church curriculum developed by Karl Bastian, a veteran children's pastor who has written and led more than 1,000 children's church services in a variety of settings. Whether you lead in a small urban church, a large suburban church, or a mobile church, you need a curriculum that is unique and flexible. In DiscipleTown, you'll find a customizable curriculum that seems like it was written by someone just like you... because it was!

There are 24 units in the DiscipleTown curriculum plan.  Take a look at the DiscipleTown Curriculum Map, as well as read detailed Unit Overviews

We started using DiscipleTown several months ago and everyone is loving it. The spiritual growth of our kids has been insane! ...DiscipleTown has been better then words can really describe.

-Pastor William Johnson
Life Church in Victorville, California


About DiscipleTown

DiscipleTown uses a creative and adaptable town theme to teach practical "Disciple Skills." It is published by the creators of DiscipleLand, the most comprehensive children's Bible curriculum on the market. Disciple Skills are practical skills that every follower of Jesus Christ must develop in order to grow and live victoriously. The children's church format compliments DiscipleLand and/or your other ministries to kids. Learn more about DiscipleLand's Bible Curriculum at DiscipleLand.com

Rather than providing a rigid plan to follow, you can quickly and easily modify DiscipleTown to fit your ministry needs. There is more than enough material for a full length service, but you can also choose only the elements you'd like to use. By design, DiscipleTown is packed with ideas so you'll never be left needing to supplement the lesson, but its flexibility allows you to add your own unique teaching elements.

Unique DiscipleTown attributes include...

  • Undated - Use it anytime, between other series or on its own
  • Ungraded - Teachers select the levels of learning for various age groups
  • Translation-Independance - Encourage your kids to use their own Bibles
  • Build Disciples - Uses sequential learning and helps kids reach their full potential as disciples of Jesus Christ
  • Teaches More Bible - Focus on solid Biblical content over entertainment
  • Engages Kids' Interest - Exceptional visual design, creative videos with Karl Bastian, and in-lesson character role models
  • Connects to the Home - Take-home resources and parent e-mails help famlies engage the principles kids are learning

Each DiscpleTown curriculum features Object Talks, short videos with object lessons. This Talk is entitled "Magnify God" (Additional examples can be viewed on ObjectTalks.com): 


DiscipleTown "How to Use My Bible"

What Is Included?

Each DiscipleTown Downloadable Unit, includes the following:

  • How To Use DiscipleTown Guide
  • 4 Leader Guides -- one for each lesson
  • Review Questions for each lesson
  • 4 PowerPoint™ Templates -- one for each lesson
  • 4 "Object Talks" Teaching Videos -- one for each lesson
  • 4 DiscipleTown Table Talkers -- (Weekly In-Home Tool)
  • 4 Parent E-mail templates -- one for each lesson
  • 4 Take Home Bookmarks
  • 4 PowerPoint™ Visual Guides -- one for each lesson
  • 4 Super Citizen Certificates -- one for each lesson
  • Disciple Dollars
  • DiscipleTown Lesson Planner
  • DiscipleTown Logos
  • Good News for Kids
  • Certificate of New Birth
  • Ideas for a Review Week
  • Unit Cover & Spine

PDFDownload a Sample from DiscipleTown Unit 1
(PDF, 540k)

PDFDownload "Table Talker" Sample from Unit 1
(PDF, 185k)


"I just wanted to make sure you know how wonderful the DiscipleTown material is! We just finished up the unit 'How to Walk in Victory!' and I think it was one of the best ones yet! It ALL was so important for our children to know and I believe it will be knowledge learned that will make a forever difference in their lives for years to come! Thank you for all you do to make sure all our kids grow up to be strong disciples of Christ!

"Your material is untapped gems of gold! I can’t believe every church out there isn’t using it! I’ve taught for over 35 years and it has been the BEST material and my favorite by far!

"Blessings to you and yours! Be encouraged to keep up the good fight and work for the Lord!"

Tamara Waderich
Eagle Heights Church

Unit Overviews

Here's an overview of the units in DiscipleTown:
You can also view the bundle packs available.

    DiscipleTown Unit #1: How to Worship God
  1. How to Worship God - Download Now!

  2. Worship is not a new concept to children, but it is often misunderstood. Too often, kids do not realize the significance of worshiping the one, true God. Children assume that "worship" is synonymous with "singing." This unit provides an understanding of what true worship is -- and it offers some very practical ways that children can incorporate worship into their lives. The first lesson explains the core meaning of worship "to show worth." This second lesson imparts practical instruction on how to have daily quiet-times with God. The remaining two lessons will demonstrate how kids can worship through giving and by serving others.

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    DiscipleTown Unit #2: How to Use Your Bible
  3. How to Use My Bible - Download Now!

  4. For children, the Bible can be a very intimidating book simply due to its size. This unit will erase kids' impressions of the Bible as a giant, overwhelming volume that will take years to wade through. Instead, they will view the Scriptures as a collection of smaller books written personally for them. You will introduce children to exciting tools that will help them delve more deeply into the Bible. Watch their confidence grow as kids gain a broader understanding of how the Bible is organized and how to navigate its pages! Students will be motivated to practice applying biblical principles to their daily lives. The Bible is not just a book to be studied —- but God's Book that can change their world!

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    DiscipleTown Unit #3: How to Grow Spiritual Fruit
  5. How to Grow Spiritual Fruit - Download Now!

  6. The Fruit of the Spirit may be a familiar topic to children, but the concept of how to grow spiritual fruit is one that is often misunderstood by adults, not just by kids. Unlike many curriculums on the fruits of the Spirit for children, this unit is not an overview of the nine fruits. Rather, it is a 4-week series that will walk children through the process of how to nurture the soil of their soul so that the Spirit of God might produce genuine spiritual fruit in them. Starting with the seed of salvation and being watered with the Living Water, children will discover that their spiritual life is like a plant and God is like a loving gardener. They will learn that it is only by being pruned through loving discipline and abiding in Jesus that spiritual fruit will blossom in their lives. This unit will guide them, not into working harder to be good, but to draw closer to God so that he can make them more like Jesus.

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    DiscipleTown Unit #4: How to Make Good Friends
  7. How to Make Good Friends - Download Now!

  8. One of the more important skills we can impart to children is the wise ability to choose good friends. Few things will have greater influence on the rest of their life. The friends children choose will have significant influence on their character, their choices and therefore the direction of their life. Helping children to be intentional and thoughtful about their choices in friends is a skill that if gained as a child can have life-long benefits. This unit will help children understand that friendships are not only a gift from God, but something that we are to be intentional about.

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    DiscipleTown Unit #5: How to Follow God's Plan
  9. How to Follow God's PlanDownload Now!

  10. Many people, including Christians, settle for a very self-focused life goal -- to arrive at death safely, with as much comfort as possible along the way. This is hardly God's best! Though the world offers fun and excitement, only the Lord's plan promises deep, rich fulfillment. We can help kids elevate their perspective to see that life can be thrilling when they follow God's plan. This unit will help your kids discover God's will for their lives! They will learn that growing in Biblical knowledge, in Christlike character, and in godly conduct are key to fulfilling God's wonderful plan.

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    DiscipleTown Unit #6: How to Make Good Choices
  11. How to Make Good Choices - Download Now!

  12. Many parents pray long and hard that their children will make good choices. It is essential that we equip children while they are young with decision-making skills that will enable them to weigh and evaluate alternatives. This unit will help your children understand the power they have to choose between right and wrong. They will learn how to win the spiritual battle that rages inside, as well as what to do after they make a bad choice — as we all do far too many times. You will encourage your kids to listen to the positive influences that help guide them toward sound choices along the way.

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    DiscipleTown Unit #7: How to Be Faithful Workers
  13. How to Be Faithful Workers - Download Now!

  14. The topic of work may not immediately appeal to children (or adults for that matter), but God invented the whole idea! Beginning with the first chapters of the Bible and throughout Scripture, God presents work not as a chore but as a gift from Him. Work allows us to engage in God's plan for His wonderful creation. In this unit, you will introduce children to the gift of work, and they will learn how to be faithful workers — as they use their attitudes, their abilities, and their actions. Teach children that when we accept the gift of work, have a good attitude, learn new abilities, and get into action, God can provide for our needs!

    PurchaseOrder DiscipleTown Unit #7: "How to Be Faithful Workers"
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    DiscipleTown Unit #8: How to Pray
  15. How to Pray - Download Now!

  16. Prayer is a familiar topic to children — but do we truly teach children how to pray? For too many Christians (of any age), prayer is reserved for times of trouble or cursory meal blessings, but prayer is so much more. It connects us with our Creator and deepens our walk with God. Teach prayer as a skill so that children can discover firsthand how it enriches their lives. Teach children to pray, and there become many things you will not have to teach them — the Holy Spirit will do it for you! In order to give children a simple mental framework, break down the many aspects of prayer into four areas, each starting with a letter of the word "PRAY" — Praising, Repenting, Asking, and Yielding. While there is certainly more to prayer than can be captured in four simple words, each lesson will expand on the broader aspects to show kids that they will enjoy a lifetime exploring the power and the joy of connecting with God!

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    DiscipleTown Unit #9: How to Build Character
  17. How to Build Character - Download Now!

  18. Children grow up being told what to do and what not to do, learning behaviors that keep them out of trouble and earn them rewards. In this short-sighted approach, their walk with Christ becomes limited to seeking to please the adults in their lives. Remove those adults, and the kids' pursuit of Jesus evaporates as well. Teach children to build solid Christian character, however, and you have disciples who can live victoriously, independent of adult supervision yet dependent on God. Isn't that our ultimate goal? This unit trains children to evaluate and take ownership of their spiritual growth, following the model of Jesus' growth in the short but powerful verse, Luke 2:52. In this verse we discover a comprehensive formula for Christian character in young people — wisdom, character, integrity, and reputation. Children can intentionally develop in these same areas, if we are willing to guide them!

    PurchaseOrder DiscipleTown Unit #9: "How to Build Character"
    (Kidology Store)

    DiscipleTown Unit #10: How to Explain My Faith
  19. How to Explain My Faith - Download Now!

  20. Jesus' final command before leaving earth was to "Go and Make Disciples!" For kids to be disciplemakers, they need to know how to explain their faith to their friends. During this unit, your students will discover the joy of sharing their faith with others. As they learn a simple Gospel message, "Good News for Kids," they will explore each element that Jesus told His followers to take to people everywhere (Matthew 28:18-20). During each lesson, children will unpack Biblical principles that explain how to communicate their faith to others. They will discover how to prepare to share, how to be wise with words and actions, and how to develop the courage to share their faith with people who desperately need the Gospel.

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    DiscipleTown Unit #11: How to Gifts & Talents
  21. How to Discover Gifts & Talents - Download Now!

  22. One of the most exciting things about being a Christian is that God gives His children special gifts in order to help them serve Him. While all of His creatures are born with talents that are a part of what makes them unique, when we become a part of God's family, the Bible tells us that we receive special abilities — spiritual gifts — that help us serve God and advance His kingdom. In this unit, children will be encouraged to learn about both their talents and spiritual gifts and will be guided through a process of exploring what their spiritual gifts might be.

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    DiscipleTown Unit #12: How to Meet with God
  23. How to Meet with God - Download Now!

  24. The purpose of the Christian life is to have a relationship with God. Too often people in the church place an emphasis on "getting saved" — but then what? While our ultimate destination with our Creator is to be cherished and celebrated, Jesus also died to welcome us into a relationship with Him during this life on earth! In this unit, your kids will learn tried-and-true techniques for enjoying a personal "quiet time" with God so they can deepen their friendship with Him. They will also discover how to enjoy the Lord's presence throughout the day and how to call on Him in times of need. Meeting with God is something we can do in a focused "quiet time," but God is also available anytime we want to experience His presence and power.

    PurchaseOrder DiscipleTown Unit #12: "How to Meet with God"
    (Kidology Store)

    DiscipleTown Unit #13: How to Navigate the New Testament
  25. How to Navigate the New Testament - Download Now!

  26. For many kids, the Bible seems so big and complex that they feel overwhelmed. They don't know how to start mining the riches in the New Testament. In this unit, you will take children on a tour that will unlock the mysteries of God's Word and give them confidence to navigate through the New Testament. Your kids will learn how the New Testament fits together. You will show that the 27 New Testament books fall into three groups: History, Living Letters, and Prophecy. In addition, they will "meet" some key authors of the New Testament. Finally, you will guide children to apply Bible truths to their lives.

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    DiscipleTown Unit #14: How to Navigate the Old Testament
  27. How to Navigate the Old Testament - Download Now!

  28. For 4,000 years, the Old Testament has molded Jewish civil, religious, social, and economic life. Never has one book so greatly influenced the way of life of an entire nation! Few children today, however, can relate to OT customs that appear to be outdated and irrelevant. This is your opportunity to open their eyes to the enduring significance of God's Word. During this unit, your kids will learn how the Old Testament fits together. You will show that all thirty-nine Old Testament books belong to these three groups: History, Poetry, and Prophecy; seventeen History books illumine the past, five Poetry books imprint the present, and seventeen Prophecy books inspire the future. The Old Testament may be an "old" book, but it has a new message for kids today! Bring this ancient manuscript to life for your students.

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    DiscipleTown Unit #15: How to Show Respect
  29. How to Show Respect - Download Now!

  30. People often say: "Kids today have no respect." But what is respect and where does it come from? In this unit, your children will learn basic skills to help them show respect to God, themselves, their families, and others. They will realize that respect begins as an attitude. If we develop a respectful attitude, respectful behavior will soon follow. We can help children become more respectful by helping them accept who God made them to be and by encouraging them to improve their attitudes toward other people.

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    DiscipleTown Unit #16: How to Know the Truth
  31. How to Know the Truth - Download Now!

  32. This DiscipleTown unit introduces kids to basic questions and answers related to understanding and defending the Christian faith — the study of apologetics. While apologetics is often used as a witnessing tool, its proper place is to strengthen the faith of believers. This unit will help prepare children to answer questions about their faith, while teaching them that having questions is okay. Children need the confidence that when they think logically and search God's Word, He will provide His answers!

    PurchaseOrder DiscipleTown Unit #16: "How to Know the Truth"
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    DiscipleTown Unit #17: How to Be a Global Christian
  33. How to Be a Global Christian - Download Now!

  34. Christians must expand their horizons and embrace God's heart for people all over the world. By broadening kids' perspectives to see beyond their local church and community, this unit will enable your children to grasp God's great plan and to participate in His Great Commission. First, children need to see that God has a plan for every person to know His Son, Jesus. Next, they need to understand the good news that Jesus came to bring salvation to every person — everywhere — so they will be able to share it. Then, they must understand that God uses His Church to spread His Good News around the world. Finally, they need to be challenged to have "beautiful feet" by sharing God's wonderful message.

    PurchaseOrder DiscipleTown Unit #17: "How to Be a Global Christian"
    (Kidology Store)

    DiscipleTown Unit #18: How to Study My Bible
  35. How to Study My Bible - Download Now!

  36. You and your students are about to begin a wonderful journey together — the joy of personal Bible study. The Bible is a powerful book! It has the potential to change kids' lives! However, too many children view this amazing book as one that adults study and then tell them about. God gave His Word to all believers to read and study, and that includes children. When we equip our children to read and study the Bible, they experience its power for themselves! In these lessons, you will introduce children to four inductive Bible study steps. First, they will learn how to survey a Bible passage (Zoom!); next, how to carefully observe a passage (Look!); then, after learning how to correctly interpret a passage (Think!), they will discover how to apply biblical principles (Live!). Soon your students will be exploring their Bibles in a whole new way!

    PurchaseOrder DiscipleTown Unit #18: "How to Study My Bible"
    (Kidology Store)

    DiscipleTown Unit #19: How to Memorize God's Word
  37. How to Memorize God's Word - Download Now!

  38. God declares that His Word is authoritative and effective, and when "hidden in the heart," it has the power to keep us from sin. But the idea of memorizing Scripture can intimidate children and adults alike. In this unit, children will appreciate the incredible mind that God has given them, the importance of memorizing God's Word, and the benefits of doing so. Furthermore, kids will learn to meditate on Scripture in order to allow it to sink into their very characters and wills, resulting in deeper, richer insights. Using fun science, they'll know that God has wired them to learn and to apply what they learn.

    PurchaseOrder DiscipleTown Unit #19: "How to Memorize God's Word"
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    DiscipleTown Unit #20: How to Love God
  39. How to Love God - Download Now!

  40. When Jesus was asked to identify God's greatest commandment, He answered, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength" (Mark 12:30). But what does this truly mean? What does it look like? Too often we give children "pie-in-the-sky" platitudes but without supplying practical steps they can apply in everyday life. This unit will help your children know what it means to love God with actions — not just words. Your kids will discover how to love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength. They will also learn that loving God involves loving other people, too.

    PurchaseOrder DiscipleTown Unit #20: "How to Love God"
    (Kidology Store)

    DiscipleTown Unit #21: How to Be Jesus' Disciple
  41. How to Be Jesus' Disciple - Download Now!

  42. We spend a great deal of time in ministry doing a great many wonderful things—reaching, teaching, and training kids for Jesus. However, Jesus gave just one primary command when He returned to heaven: "Go and make disciples." What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus? Can young followers of Jesus experience victory in their Christian walk? This unit introduces children to five basic principles for having P-O-W-E-R to follow Christ in their faith: Praying from the heart, Obeying the Holy Spirit, Worshiping with the Church, Explaining their faith to others, and Reading their Bibles daily. Yes, children can experience profound P-O-W-E-R in their walk with God when they begin to apply these life-changing disciplines.

    PurchaseOrder DiscipleTown Unit #21: "How to Be Jesus' Disciple"
    (Kidology Store)

    DiscipleTown Unit #22: How to Walk in the Spirit
  43. How to Walk in the Spirit - Download Now!

  44. God gave children an amazing gift when He gave them the Holy Spirit. During this unit, your kids will discover what it means to be indwelled and filled with the Holy Spirit — how to walk in the Spirit! They will explore four roles of the Holy Spirit that are described in the Bible and come to know the Holy Spirit better. While the fruit of the Spirit is often taught to kids, many times it is taught as a list of traits kids should be working on in their own strength. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are traits that will naturally flow out of a Christian who is walking in the Spirit. This unit focuses on teaching kids what it means to walk in the Spirit and provides practical ways to do so.

    PurchaseOrder DiscipleTown Unit #22: "How to Walk in the Spirit"
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    DiscipleTown Unit #23: How to Earn Eternal Rewards
  45. How to Earn Eternal Rewards - Download Now!

  46. God loves to reward His children for their hard work, obedience, and service on earth — not only with blessings in this life, but with rewards in the life to come. The Bible teaches that every attitude, thought, and action has both earthly and eternal consequences. For believers, bad attitudes, negative thoughts, and selfish actions will burn up at Christ's judgment seat. But God will reward good attitudes, positive thoughts, and selfless actions, generously multiplying their value in heaven. This is both assuring as we know that we'll be forgiven for our failures, and also motivating as we understand that we'll be rewarded for the good things we do.

    PurchaseOrder DiscipleTown Unit #23: "How to Earn Eternal Rewards"
    (Kidology Store)

    DiscipleTown Unit #24: How to Walk in Victory
  47. How to Walk in Victory - Download Now!

  48. What is our goal for our children? That they come to know Jesus as their Savior? Of course. But what then? If salvation were our only goal, children might as well go straight to heaven upon accepting Christ. But the reality is, they have an entire life ahead of them. Children, just like adults, are living in a spiritual battlefield and need to be equipped to live victoriously. Too often we tend to focus on helping children know how to behave — as if a child's behavior depended entirely on human effort. What children need is to be trained in how to claim spiritual victory in Christ Jesus.

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