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Agents of Acts SAMPLE LESSON 3

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Author/Source: Karl Bastian

Topic: The Book of Acts

SAMPLE LESSON DOWNLOAD for AGENTS OF ACTS, Lesson 3 from an 8-Week Series for Elementary Children's Church from Pastor Karl Bastian, founder of

 Inspire kids to become Agents for God to change the world!

Agents of Acts is an 8-week series that studies the Book of Acts by exploring the lives of those who acted as God's "Agents" while spreading the Gospel and increasing the followers of Jesus. Your kids, too, can be Agents for God!


Agents of Acts is a spy-themed series that challenges kids to become followers of Agent 01, Jesus, as they go on missions for the G.O.D. (The Global Operations Director) to accomplish the Mission of Infiltrating the world with Goodness, Godliness and the Gospel.

Your kids will enjoy secret codes, puzzles, missions, and more, all while being challenged to make a difference in their world as Agents for God!

Theme Passage: The kids will memorize Acts 20:24.



  • Easy Prep Lessons Teachers AND Kids will love!
  • Theming ideas for the series
  • Fun intro skit for puppet or leader
  • A funny video intro (see sample below)
  • Games that enhance the lesson!
  • Creative Bible story teaching ideas
  • Dossier on a disciple in each lesson
  • Cell phone codes for Bible story
  • Kids need their Bibles to look up verses
  • Theme Bible passage for the month
  • Paper and/or digital take home tool
  • Helpful presentation images
  • Bonus files, downloads, and ideas
  • Editable presentation graphics

Videos Featuring Undercover Agents
who will give first-hand reports on their missions and progress in acting as Agents for God. (8 videos)

Sample video from Lesson 3:

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