You guys are so amazing. Our kids Ministry has tripled in nine months! We now have over 150 kids. We put this down to Gods Blessing and your amazing web site!
-Janine Daly
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Premium Ministry Leaders Who Didn't Make the Cut

Everyone needs a good laugh! It’s time for you to have a few of them. Take a look at this report and see how no one would be truly ready to serve God in ministry, except for God’s grace.

A Laugh for the Kidmin Leader
Premium Teen Training Session

Here is everything you need to hold a Teen Training Volunteer Session to inspire, instruct and instill confidence in your youth volunteers.

Teen Volunteer Training
Premium 10 Easy Ways to Partner with Families in Your Ministry

Ten easy steps to help you get started on your goal to partner with families in your church.

Partnering with Parents, Leadership, Equipping
Premium 110 Reasons I Love Children's Ministry

Need a good reason to love Children's Ministry? How about 110 reasons?

Premium 2 Words To Avoid With Your Kids (And Co-Workers)

Have you ever used "Extreme Language"? We all have. The trick is to become aware when we're doing it, and put an end to it. Otherwise, we might start to believe it. 

Relationships, Leadership
Premium 21 Questions to Ask Those You Lead

One of the most important skills a leader needs to learn is to listen. Here are 21 crucial questions we need to learn to ask. 

Leadership, Listening
Premium 3 Parenting Fears and How to Face Them

"What are you most afraid of as a parent?" This question evokes fear and uncertainty in many parents. How can you move from fear to rest and trust?

Family, Parenting, Fear
Premium 3 Things Every Pastor Should Say During Christmas

Every pastor or minister wants to be relevant during the Christmas season and point people toward Christ. Here's timely advice on what they need to say.

Pastor, Christmas
Premium 4 Powerful Things Criticism Tells About You

Being the object of criticism can be discouraging and deflating. It can also be an opportunity for growth.

Criticism, Growth, Leadership
Premium 4 Ways to Stop Your Hurried Pace of Life

Feel like ministry is on fast-forward mode all the time? Here are four ways to press STOP and learn to pause.

Leadership, Criticism
Premium 5 Leadership Don'ts You Should Do

We often hear about the leadership "do's." What about the leadership "don'ts?" Read about 5 that you can apply to your ministry today!

Leadership Don'ts
Premium 5 Spiritual Lessons to Learn from Riding a Bike

Spiritual lessons from riding a bike? Of course!

Leadership, Growing in Faith
Premium 5 Things Children's Ministers Wish Their Senior Pastor Knew

An open letter from those who serve in children's ministry to their senior pastors.

Premium 5 Things You Should Tell Kids in Your Church

5 things to teach your children that never grow old or stale. 

God's Love, What All Children Should Know
Premium 7 Deadly Sins of Kidmin Pastors

Do you want to be in kid's ministry for the long haul? If you do, here is a list of sins to avoid.

Leadership, Administration, Pastoral Advice
Premium A Kidmin Giant?

Learn how to set reasonable goals for YOUR ministry, instead of just emulating others.

Ministry, Setting Goals
Premium A Reminder from Your Future

Children's Ministry is difficult, so take a look into your future...

Future, Endurance
Premium A Whole New Kind of Swearing

I had been taught all my life that this commandment, meant you couldn't swear, or yell out "OH GOD!" when you stub your toe, but as I grew older, this interpretation seemed shallow to me, and on this day I hungered for something deeper to teach my kids.

Watching Your Words
Premium Are You a Carbonated Geyser?

Remember the parched and thirsty deer that yearns for a drink at the cool waters? Maybe it's time to rethink that imagery in light of New Testament teaching.

Ministry Direction, Change
Premium Be Proactive

You can be the victim in your ministry. Or you can be proactive with your ministry.

Leadership, Struggles
Premium Be Still, Be Still... BE STILL!!!

Life gets crazy this time of year. Here is a hypothetical conversation between a children’s ministry leader and God. Is this YOU?

Reminder for Busy Times in Life
Premium Best Quotes Ever To Kick You In the Seat and Get You Moving

These are the WORLD’S BEST QUOTES for kicking you in the pants and shoving you into action.

Motivation, Inspiration, Leadership
Basic Can a Pastor Take a Day Off?

Can a Pastor take a day off? Yes, you CAN get a day OFF. And it can be Amazing!

Leadership, Mistakes, Recruitment
Premium Celebrate the One

Each week, God has provided committed children's ministry volunteers for our needs, but as the ministry leader, it is my job to ensure that screened, trained, committed, Christ-following volunteers show up to care for and teach the children He brings to us.

The Importance of Every Volunteer
Premium Choose to Speak Life

God brings many people (staff, volunteers, parents and children) into our circle of influence. Pray for them, and choose to speak life into their lives. 

Encouragement, Inspiration
Premium Christmas Devotional: A Time of Giving or Receiving?

 Teach your children that receiving is better than giving...

Christmas, Devotional, Gift Giving, Receiving
Premium Connected to the Vine

Amid the hectic world of kidmin, how do you stay connected with God on a daily basis?

Connecting with God
Premium Dealing with Challenging Kids at VBS

With VBS coming up, attitudes and conversations can make a difference when you have a rambunctious group of kids.

Divorce, Discipleship, Difficult Kids
Premium Dear Student Leader

Here is a personal note that I wrote to encourage a student leader for their service.

Encouraging Note
Premium Discipleship Ideas for Divorced and Single Parents

When discipleship is the strategy, Deuteronomy 6:6-8 can be a reality, even for single and divorced parents. 

Divorce, Discipleship, Single Parents
Premium Do You Apologize Too Much in Recruiting?

Saying "sorry" is a good thing, but not when your goal is to win volunteers to your ministry and vision.

Leadership, Mistakes, Recruitment
Premium Do You Suffer From #Kidmin Tunnel Vision?

Do you have tunnel vision when it comes to your kidmin? Follow these tips on how to stay connected with the rest of the ministry teams!

Focus, Staying Connected
Premium Does your church disciple single dads?

How does your church disciple the single dads in your community?

Divorce Care
Premium Finest Hour

When will your finest hour occur? You may not even notice it yourself!

Your Best Moment
Premium Finest Hour

Realizing the significance of the ministry that you do

Encouragement, well done, significance
Premium For the Least of These

Are you ministering to those in your community who are struggling?

Serving Others
Premium Getting the New Kid to Open Up

Is it possible to get any kid to talk to you? Yes it is, and here are a few tricks. Feel free to put them to the test, and I guarantee that you will get a positive response.

New Kids, Welcoming
Premium Giving Hope To Broken Families

How can you give hope to others during this season?

Hope, Christmas, Broken Families
Premium God Believes in You!

In times of trial and in times of error, God says You Can Do This!

Encouragement, Faith
Premium God in a Box

Home is where the heart is. Church is where Jesus is. And where Jesus is, it's not a box.

Devotion, God, Church
Premium God's Firefly Reminder

This week's Encouraging Word urges us to fix God's words on our hearts.

God's Word on our Hearts
Premium Having Trouble? Take Heart!

Today, you need to take heart and stick your courage into the sticking area, because Jesus never changes!

Premium Helping Your Kids Memorize Scripture

Do you struggle with finding easy ways for your kids to memorize scripture? Whether at home or at church, these tips can help children of all learning styles painlessly remember their verses.

Bible Memorization
Premium Hitting the Mark and What to Do When You Don't

Learning the skill of writing effective goals will go a long way towards accomplishing them. Janelle Hoos of the Well Equipped Volunteer blog provides a strategy of writing goals, accomplishing them, and knowing what to do when you fail to hit your goals.

Leadership, Goal Setting
Premium Hope for Your Ministry Team

Get ready for what God has in store for you and your ministry team.

Encouragement, Team
Premium Horribly Embarrassing Ministry Mess-up? Here's What to Do When It Happens to You

Sometimes it seems like some mistakes signal the end of your ministry! Fear not. Here's how your ministry gaffes can lead to growth.

Leadership, Mistakes, Growth
Premium How Can R2D2 Encourage You Today?

It is with a sense of duty that R2D2 finds himself in unlikely, often frightfully dangerous, situations. In those situations, when the humans are outwitted, outnumbered, and hopelessly surrounded, he saves them from looming annihilation. There are many days when children's ministry leaders are stuck in these same situations!

Premium How Does a Gate Prevail?

What do you use to storm the gates in life?

Premium How To Be Present This Christmas Without Coming Unwrapped

Find out how you can be fully present, in the moment, each day this Christmas Season.  

Premium How To Find The Missing Peace This Christmas

Do you feel broken, beaten, battered or busy this time of year? Take a look at how God has a plan of peace for you.

Finding Peace


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