it - The Great Rescue

Discover How Jesus was THE First Responder!

INTRODUCING A NEW 4-WEEK SERIES FOR ELEMENTARY CHILDREN'S CHURCH from Pastor Karl Bastian, founder of, in collaboration with other kids pastors. You are going to love it

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it Bible Curriculum - YEAR 3 UNIT 3 - A 4-Week Easter Series

NEW from it Bible CurriculumTHE GREAT RESCUE - Kids will discover how Jesus was THE First Responder, coming to earth to Rescue us from our sins! He came, He taught, He died, He rose again, and He returned to heaven, and now it’s our job to help rescue others!

Learn what makes it Bible Curriculum unique!

Lessons Overview:

  • Lesson 1 - Jesus Saves Us (Palm Sunday)
    Dispatch: The Cross
  • Lesson 2 - Jesus Heals Us (Easter Sunday)
    Dispatch: The Tomb
  • Lesson 3 - Jesus Equips Us
    Dispatch: The Upper Room
  • Lesson 4 - Jesus Sends Us
    Dispatch: The Sky

Theme Passage: The Lord will rescue me from every evil attack and will bring me safely to his heavenly kingdom. To him be glory for ever and ever. Amen. - 2 Timothy 4:18

There are OVER A HUNDRED DOWNLOADS - videos, handouts, game files, screen images, customizable graphics, and more! We give you the tools you need to be AMAZING! 


  • Easy Prep Lessons Teachers AND Kids will love!
  • Theming ideas for the series
  • Fun intro skit for puppet or leader
  • A fun interactive video intro 
  • Games that enhance the lesson
  • Creative Bible story teaching ideas
  • Kids need their Bibles to look up verses
  • Theme Bible passage for the series
  • Paper and/or digital take home tool
  • TONS of helpful presentation images
  • Bonus files, downloads, and ideas

Watch It Videos:
 Bible Characters call into the 7-1-1 Bible Emergency Hotline and the kids try to guess who it is! 3 videos per lesson allow you to insert them throughout the teaching. The kids will love these lesson videos! (12 videos)

Sample Video from Lesson 1:

Every unit from it Bible Curriculum includes a complete biblically solid, fun, creative lesson your kids will love!

Intro it, Play it, Watch it, Tell it, Teach it,
Show it, Find it, Hide it, Live it, and Take it.


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