it - Miraculous! 8-Week Easter Series

Your kids will love learning about the  Miracles of Jesus!

INTRODUCING A NEW 8-WEEK EASTER SERIES FOR ELEMENTARY CHILDREN'S CHURCH from Pastor Karl Bastian, founder of, with collaboration from other kids pastors. You are going to love it

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it Bible Curriculum - YEAR 2 EASTER - An 8-Week Series on the Miracles of Jesus

NEW from it Bible Curriculum, MIRACULOUS - Marveling at the Miracles of Jesus! is an 8-week magic-themed series that teaches kids about the true Miracles of Jesus!

Learn what makes it Bible Curriculum unique! 

March Lessons:

  • March 6th - Lesson 1: Jesus turns water into wine
    Know IT: Jesus Obeys
    Learn IT: Miracles happen when we obey God.
  • March 13th - Lesson 2: Jesus heals a centurion’s paralyzed servant 
    Know IT: Jesus Commands
    Learn IT: Miracles happen when we demonstrate faith.
  • March 20th - Lesson 3: Jesus heals the paralytic after friends lower him through the roof
    Know IT: Jesus Responds
    Learn IT: Miracles happen when we put ourselves before Jesus.
  • March 27th - Lesson 4: Jesus heals the woman in the crowd 
    Know IT: Jesus Notices
    Learn IT: Miracles happen when we reach out to Jesus.

April Lessons:

  • April 3rd - Lesson 5: Jesus Feeds 5,000
    Know IT: Jesus Provides
    Learn IT: Miracles happen when we give Jesus all we have.
  • April 10th - Lesson 6: Jesus Heals Two Blind Men
    Know IT: Jesus Forgives
    Learn IT: Miracles happen when we believe.
  • April 17th - Lesson 7: Jesus Rises Again!
    Know IT: Jesus Lives
    Learn IT: The Greatest Miracle happens when we give our life to Jesus!
  • April 24th - Lesson 8: Jesus' Ascension!
    Know IT: Jesus is Coming Again
    Learn IT: Miracles happen when we share Jesus!

Theme Passage: The kids will memorize John 11:25-26
I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; and whoever lives by believing in me will never die.

There are HUNDREDS OF DOWNLOADS - videos, handouts, game files, screen images, customizable graphics, and more! We give you the tools you need to be AMAZING!


  • Easy Prep Lessons Teachers AND Kids will love!
  • Theming ideas for the series
  • Fun intro skit for puppet or leader
  • A funny video intro 
  • Games that enhance the lesson
  • Creative Bible story teaching ideas
  • Simple illusions to illustrate the point
  • Kids need their Bibles to look up verses
  • Theme Bible passage for the month
  • Paper and/or digital take home tool
  • TONS of helpful presentation images
  • Bonus files, downloads, and ideas
  • Editable presentation graphics

Watch It Videos: 

In this series, Mike and Ike from Miracle Busters TV Show set out to disprove the Miracles of Jesus but always end up concluding they are true! Kids will love these lesson intro videos!

Sample Video from Lesson 1:

Every unit from it Bible Curriculum includes a complete biblically solid, fun, creative lesson your kids will love!


Launch it, Play it, Watch it, Tell it, Teach it,
Show it, Find it, Hide it, Live it, and Take it.


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