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The Great Escape Super Sunday

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Author/Source: Karl Bastian

Topic: Secrets of Salvation

The Great Escape – A Kids Church Escape Room Experience is a super fun, interactive experience for elementary children.

The Great Escape – A Kids Church Escape Room Experience is a super fun, interactive experience for elementary children. This event will take kids through nine stations, each exploring a phase of Jesus' life where they will learn a key phrase from that stage and complete a challenge or participate in a fun activity. For each completed phase, they will receive a puzzle piece. Once they have all nine puzzle pieces, they will complete the puzzle, tape it together, and turn it over to discover the phrase that will allow them to “ESCAPE” and win the game! That same phrase contains the secret to escaping the consequences of sin and entering heaven! (John 14:6)

This SUPER SUNDAY EXPERIENCE can be used as a special event to boost attendance, break your usual Sunday mold, and bring a whole new level of excitement to your children’s ministry!

Watch a highlight video!

Kids solve 9 different puzzles and discover what Jesus did throughout His life, from birth to ascension, to teach us the Secret of Salvation.


  • Event PDF with complete instructions for event
  • Printable puzzle pieces to collect and assemble
  • Printable graphics for games
  • Printable signs for each station
  • On-Screen graphics
  • Souveniers for kids to take home
  • The Great Escape Logo

Watch as Karl Bastian shares an explanation of this awesome event!

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