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it is a Super FUN, Scripturally SOLID Children's Church Curriculum for Creatives like YOU!

it is DIFFERENT because it includes everything you WANT in a kids church curriculum without all the fluff and extra work.

it offers you a fully-packed curriculum along with the flexibility to use what you want!

it is designed for Elementary: Kindergarten through 5th Grade 

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Newest units are listed first. 

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Angel Sightings 3-Week Christmas Series

ANGEL SIGHTINGS is a 3-Week Christmas Series following the angel visits of the Christmas Story.

This Storm Chaser Themed Series features four Biblical dudes who start out as storm chasers – a bit ahead of the times – and end up as angel spotters, as they have their “eyes on the skies”. The series combines a modern interest in predicting the weather with ancient prophesy.

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Joseph, A Hero's Journey 8-Week Series

Joseph, A Hero's Journey is a movie-themed series that explores the trials and triumphs of Joseph's life.

This EPIC series will reveal for children The Hero's Journey from his calling to his ultimate triumph and legacy, but will explore the challenges and trials that every follower of God must be willing to endure and persevere through in order to see God accomplish His goals and make the dreams He places within us come true!

Kids will also experience an incredible high-tech 4D EXPERIENCE!

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Xtreme Livin' 8-Week Series

Xtreme Livin' is a sports-themed series teaching them to flex their spiritual muscles and live radically for God!

Watch videos that introduce kids to the Fruit of the Spirit. They'll learn about being filled with the Holy Spirit and how we produce the Spirit's fruit in the way we live our lives.

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Undercover Queen 4-Week Series

Undercover Queen - Being God's Kid in God's Place! is a spy-themed series highlighting the Amazing Life of Queen Esther! Being courageous is important, but being obedient is what God asks of us!

In this series, Luke shares his video blog as he's learning to work on his Character. 

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Miraculous 8-Week Easter Series

Marveling at the Miracles of Jesus!> is a magic-themed series that teaches kids about the true Miracles of Jesus, culminating in the greatest miracles in history: His Resurrection and Ascension!

Mike and Ike from Miracle Busters TV Show set out to disprove the Miracles of Jesus but always end up concluding they are true!

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ROCK SOLID 8-Week Series

Climbing Upward and Onward with Jesus! is an 8-week rock climbing themed series that teaches kids how to climb spiritually with Christ! Equip your kids for the adventure of a lifetime!

In the series videos, Grandpa Stone visits with his grandstones while teaching them important spiritual lessons.

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Hark from the Herald 4-Week Series

HARK FROM THE HERALD - Investigating the True Meaning of Christmas, follows a reporter as he investigates some key characters and eyewitnesses of the Christmas Story in order to discover what Christmas is really all about! He reveals the Biggest Breaking News of all time: God Comes to Earth!

In this series, Moe Camel is a reporter broadcasting LIVE from Israel for the Bethlehem Gazette, where he brings the latest stories of animal interest. Through a series of eyewitness accounts and interviews, he slowly pieces together the events surrounding Christmas.

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Zany Zootopia 8-Week Series 

ZANY ZOOTOPIA - Discovering the Animals of the Bible is an 8-week zoo-themed series that introduces kids to 8 important biblical concepts found in 2 Peter 1:5-7.

In this series, various animals are interviewed about their careers and lives, from life as (former) movie stars to life in the zoo. Kids will love these lesson intro videos!

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Bible Blockbusters 8-Week Series 

BIBLE BLOCKBUSTERS - Big Bible Beginnings is an 8-week movie-themed series that provides an overview of the Book of Genesis while also introducing kids to 8 Attributes of God.

In this series, various characters are auditioning for a role in the movie of the Bible story. It’s intended as a fun introduction to the Bible story, not as a telling of the story.

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Power Up 8-Week Series 

POWER UP! covers 8 Winners from the Bible and reveals which Power Up helped them to succeed! Help your students discover the Power Ups they need to WIN in the Game of Life!

Wild Buildz Videos feature Nehemiah #theMADDgamer showing off his mad skills while participating in an 8-part Minecraft building tournament.

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Agents of Acts 8-Week Series 

Agents of Acts: On a Mission from God studies the Book of Acts by exploring the lives of those who acted as God's "Agents" while spreading the Gospel and increasing the followers of Jesus. Your kids, too, can be Agents for God!

The videos for this series feature Undercover Agents who give first-hand reports on their missions and progress in acting as Agents for God.

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Undefeated 4-Week Series 

Undefeated teaches your kids POWERFUL CHRISTIAN SKILLS as they study under the Master Jesus. They will learn the skills that enabled Jesus to defeat any foe He faced: Patience, Perseverance, Purity, and Peace.

In this series, Stewart has won 4 weeks of ninja lessons and can't wait to master his new skills. But "Teacher" knows it takes patience and endurance to learn powerful skills. 

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Secrets of the Ancient Scrolls 8-Week Series 

Secrets of the Ancient Scrolls covers an introduction to the Bible - what it is, where it came from, its structure, and how to study it - followed by an in-depth look at how to have a Daily Quiet Time with God.

In this series, videos feature PROFESSOR DWIGHT LYMON VONMOODY and KID JAMES who will introduce kids to what makes the Bible so amazing, how it is structured, and how to use it.

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Wise Kids Seek Him 4-Week Series 

Wise Kids Seek Him Christmas series leads kids to discover God's Truth in today's world.

In this series, videos feature MOE CAMEL whose great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandpappy was along for the Wisemen's epic journey!

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