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DiscipleTown All About the Bible's Power 3-Pack Collection

3 Complete Units for $99.95! - Units 12, 18, 19

The All About the Bible’s Power Collection features 3 months of DiscipleTown curriculum! This special release includes 3 popular teaching units that revolve around the common theme of applying the Bible to life.

How To Meet with God
DiscipleTown Unit #12
In this unit, your kids will learn tried-and-true techniques for enjoying a personal "quiet time" with God so they can deepen their friendship with Him.

How to Study My Bible
DiscipleTown Unit #18
In these lessons, are four inductive Bible study steps, Zoom! Look! Think! Live! Soon your students will be exploring their Bibles in a whole new way!

How to Memorize God’s Word
DiscipleTown Unit #19
In this unit, children will appreciate the incredible mind that God has given them, the importance of memorizing God's Word, and the benefits of doing so.

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