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DiscipleTown Kids Church Unit #24: How to Walk in Victory

by Karl Bastian

DiscipleTown is a Kid's Church curriculum developed by Karl Bastian, a veteran children's pastor who has written and led more than 1,000 children's church services in a variety of settings. Whether you lead in a small urban church, a large suburban church, or a mobile church, you need a curriculum that is unique and flexible. In DiscipleTown, you'll find a customizable curriculum that seems like it was written by someone just like you... because it was!

There are 24 units in the DiscipleTown curriculum, with each unit lasting 4-5 weeks. This is Unit #24, How to Walk in Victory.

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Unit Summary
What is our goal for our children? That they come to know Jesus as their Savior? Of course. But what then? If salvation were our only goal, children might as well go straight to heaven upon accepting Christ. But the reality is, they have an entire life ahead of them. Children, just like adults, are living in a spiritual battlefield and need to be equipped to live victoriously. Too often we tend to focus on helping children know how to behave — as if a child's behavior depended entirely on human effort. What children need is to be trained in how to claim spiritual victory in Christ Jesus.

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What Is Included?
Your DiscipleTown Downloadable Unit includes the following:

  • How To Use DiscipleTown Guide
  • 4 Leader Guides -- one for each lesson
  • Review Questions for each lesson
  • 4 PowerPoint™ Templates -- one for each lesson
  • 4 "Object Talks" Teaching Videos -- Each available in 2 video formats, MOV & MP4
  • 4 DiscipleTown Table Talkers -- (Weekly In-Home Tool)
  • 4 Parent E-mail templates -- one for each lesson
  • 4 Take Home Bookmarks
  • Bonus Magic Card Trick Video
  • PowerPoint™ Visual Guide
  • Super Citizen Certificate
  • Disciple Dollars
  • DiscipleTown Lesson Planner
  • DiscipleTown Logos
  • Good News for Kids
  • Certificate of New Birth
  • Spiritual Gifts Article
  • Ideas for an Review Week
  • Unit Cover & Spine
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