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UPDATE: Due to prepping for the reopening of children's ministry, Pastor Karl is no longer creating full online services. The four full series' below are still available. Instead, he is creating WEEKLY NEW CONTENT on for kids that coordinates with GO! Curricululm. You are welcome to direct your kids to for your Sunday service, there are a LOT of fun videos there that they will enjoy. You can just send families to

Here is a sample of one of the NEW videos on

View all the lessons available: A Word from Wilbur


During the time while we were unable to gather in person, I created ON-DEMAND Children's Church videos for kids and parents to watch at home.

Hello! I'm the Kid's Pastor at Highpoint Church, in Aurora, Colorado. Our state restricted social gatherings for a while - but we weren't going to let that retrict ministry! We streamed a custom made online experience for adults, and I created online services for our children, and shared them with other churches to use as well, all for FREE.

Since Sunday, March 15th, these Kids Church Online services have been viewed by nearly 50,000 families. Only God knows how many children are enjoying these videos!

The inaugural Kids Church Online lesson on Fear requires only a FREE "Never Expires" Starter Membership on All Access Members have access to all Kids Church Online series' in addition to the vast resources on this website.

If you find these lessons helpful, please consider supporting our ministry by joining or donating.


NOTE: PARENTS DO NOT NEED TO JOIN KIDOLOGY. Leaders simply send parents the direct viewing link, or host the download in their own closed enviroment. See details at the bottom of each lesson page for complete distribution guidelines.

4-Week Series

Join goofy gumshoes Sneak and Snoop as they investigate some of the Bible's Greatest Mysteries! They will seek to solve The Mystery of the Missing Man, The Fireproof Friends, The Mystery of the Squirting Rock, and The Missing Boy.

Join Sneak and Snoop as they discover why OBEDIENCE is so important to solving the mystery of life!


3-Week Series

Tune in to the Extreme Home Sports Network for the latest stuck-at-home extreme sports! Whether it's extreme straw shooting, extreme paper airplanes, or extreme taco building, being stuck at home just got exciting!

Join Krazy Karl and Maniac Micah as they compete while learning about some Extreme Bible Dudes who demonstrated their commitment to God through extreme acts of faith.

Whether they're learning about Extreme Lion Taming, Extreme Fire Starting, or Extreme Water Walking, kids will be challenged to demonstrate their own Extreme Faith as they follow God!


4 Week Series On Bible Basics

Taking Kids Where They Have Never Been Before!

It's time to help our kids launch deeper on the Christian Journey! Introducing a fun four week series that will help kids learn how to navigate life as they follow Jesus!

4 Week Easter Series

This series explores the Easter message while introducing kids to Jesus Our Redeemer, Jesus Immanuel and Jesus Our Savior, and finally showing them how Jesus is Everlasting!

Stand-Alone Lesson on Fear

HAVE NO FEAR! GOD IS HERE! addresses fear in a fun, positive, upbeat style appropriate for children of all ages.

Help your kids discover FOUR PROMISES God made for when we are facing fears.

  • God is always with us!
  • God cares for us!
  • God is bigger than our biggest fear!
  • God works all things together for good!

Below you will find a link to each available lesson. The videos are hosted on Vimeo so that you can stream or download for use in your local church.

To help share Kids Church Online, just forward this link:

WORSHIP MUSIC in the videos used with permission. For local church use only and within the lesson videos. Support these artists by purchasing their music for broader use in your ministry:

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I hope this will be a blessing to you, your church, and your families and kids!

If you would like to donate to Kidology, visit our Donation Page.

Because Jesus Loves Children,
Pastor Karl Bastian

P.S. Kids Church Online can also be found in the All Stars Kids Club and VBG (Valued by God) Apps in your favorite app store!

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Here are some fun signs you can laminate and place on the floor to help people spread out for check-in.

Covid-19 Reopen Resource
All Access A Word from Wilbur - Wisdom Series

A Word from Wilbur - Wisdom Series is a 4-part short video series on Wisdom from the Book of James featuring special guest, Noduh the Wise One.

Wisdom from James
All Access A Word from Wilbur - ZOOM Series

A Word from Wilbur - ZOOM Series is a 5-part short video series that introduces kids to the first five books of the Bible and features some fun drone videos.

Pentateuch Overview
All Access Sneak and Snoop Bible Detectives
Lesson 4: The Mystery of the Missing Boy

Sneak and Snoop are back! It’s another missing person, but this time it’s a young boy! He was last seen with his family at the temple in Jerusalem, but apparently did not leave for home with the rest of his family. It’s been three days! Will they find the boy? Will they figure out why he stayed behind? By the end of the adventure, the kids will learn why we need to obey our parents.

Boy Jesus at the Temple - Obey Your Parents
All Access Sneak and Snoop Bible Detectives
Lesson 3: The Mystery of the Squirting Rock

Sneak and Snoop are at it again, this time investigating the case of a squirting rock! It appears that a man named Moses has been charged with assaulting a rock with a stick. To make things even odder, after he hit the rock, water flowed out! Will they get to the bottom of this strange case? Who was this man and why did he hit a rock? Where did the water come from? By the end of this adventure, the kids will learn that we need to obey carefully.

Moses Strikes the Rock - Obey Carefully
All Access Sneak and Snoop Bible Detectives
Lesson 2: The Mystery of the Fireproof Friends

Sneak and Snoop are on the case of some reportedly “fireproof friends” who were cast into a fiery furnace, but eyewitnesses claim that not only were they unharmed, they were joined by a fourth mysterious figure. Why were they tossed in an oven? How were they left unharmed? And who was that mysterious fourth person? By the end of the adventure, the kids will learn that we must obey God no matter what the cost!

The Fiery Furnace - Obey No Matter What
All Access Sneak n Snoop Bible Detectives
Lesson 1: The Mystery of the Missing Man

Sneak and Snoop are on the case of a missing man! He was sent to Nineveh, but was reportedly last spotted by eyewitnesses on a boat headed for Tarshish. The weather forecast is not promising. Will they find the missing man? Will they discover why he went the wrong way? Will they learn why God sent him to Nineveh in the first place? By the end of the adventure, the kids will learn that it is best to obey right away!

Jonah - Obey Right Away
All Access Extreme Bible Dudes!
Lesson Three: Peter and Extreme Faith

Tune in to the Extreme Home Sports Network to watch the Extreme Taco Building Competition between Maniac Micah and Crazy Karl! Kids will also learn about Peter, aka Wet Feet Pete, who was victorious in the extreme sport of Water Walking! God rewards extreme faith!

Peter and Extreme Faith
All Access Extreme Bible Dudes!
Lesson Two: Elijah and Extreme Bravery

Tune in to the Extreme Home Sports Network! Watch the Extreme Paper Airplane Flying Competition while also learning about an Extreme Bible Dude who brought fire down from Heaven with God's help!

Elijah and Extreme Bravery
All Access Extreme Bible Dudes!
Lesson One: Daniel and Extreme Loyalty

Tune in to the Extreme Home Sports Network! Watch the Extreme Straw Shooting Competition while also learning about an Extreme Bible Dude who spent the night in a Den of Lions!

Daniel and Extreme Loyalty
All Access To Eternity and Beyond! Lesson Four: Worship

Kids will learn that worship is more than singing: it is anything we do that shows God what He is worth to us. They'll discover that worship is not only Upwards, it's Inward and Outward as well.

Worship - Our Glorification System
All Access To Eternity and Beyond! Lesson Three: Church

Captain Karl discovers that Space Ranger Micah is floating off in space outside the ship! He is in danger because he didn't stay connected! The Church is how Christians stay connected so they don't drift away from God.

The Church - Our Edification System
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