A Word from Wilbur - Wisdom Series

A Word from Wilbur - Wisdom Series is a 4-part short video series on Wisdom from the Book of James and features special guest, Noduh the Wise One.

These short 4-minute teaching videos feature Wilbur introducing the topic of the lesson. Then Noduh the Wise One provides deeper teaching and introduces the key verse before Wilbur closes with a practical life application. "From the Word to the World" challenges kids with a practical application from the lesson's verse.


  • Video One: Asking for Wisdom
    • Verse: James 1:5
  • Video 2: Doing, Not Just Listening to, the Word
    • Verse: James 1:22
  • Video 3: Treat Everyone the Same
    • Verse: James 2:1
  • Video 4: Taming the Tongue
    • Verse: James 3:5

Bible Verse Slides for all four videos downloadable as well!

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A Word from Wilbur Wisdom Series

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