Kids Church Online - Have No Fear! God is Here! Video Lesson

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HAVE NO FEAR! GOD IS HERE! addresses fear in a fun, positive, upbeat style appropriate for children of all ages.

Help your kids discover FOUR PROMISES God made for when we are facing fears.

  • God is always with us!
  • God cares for us!
  • God is bigger than our biggest fear!
  • God works all things together for good!

The service features positive, upbeat teaching, an object lesson, a Toybox Tales Bible story, and worship by Jeff McCullough/JumpStart3 and Yancy, both donating their music for this service.

Below you will find a link to the streaming video, via Vimeo, as well as a direct download link that you can use however best fits your ministries needs.

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I hope this will be a blessing to you, your church, and your families and kids!

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Because Jesus Loves Children,
Pastor Karl Bastian

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