A Word with Wilbur - Imagination Time Machine Series

A Word from Wilbur - Imagination Time Machine is a 4-part short video series in which the host, Wilbur, visits some Old Testament characters to learn some important life lessons.

These short 5 to 6-minute teaching videos feature Wilbur introducing an important life lesson from an Old Testament Bible Story. He uses his "Imagination Time Machine" to interview Old Testament Bible Characters to learn about their roles in God's Story.

HERE IS A SAMPLE: Video 4, where Wilbur uses his Imagination Time Machine to chat with with two Bible Dudes, one from the Northern Kingdom and one from the Southern Kingdom in Bible Times, to find out why Israel split into two divided Kingdoms! God loves unity, but sin tears God's People apart!


  • Video 1: Doing the Right Thing
  • Featuring: Rahab
    • Big Idea: God wants us to put our faith into action.
    • Verse: James 2:17
  • Video 2: God Has Power Over All Things
  • Featuring: Joshua
    • Big Idea: God has power over all things, so we can battle our fear with faith.
    • Verse: Psalm 34:4
  • Video 3: Today, WE Are God's Temple
  • Featuring: King Solomon
    • Big Idea: The Holy Spirit lives within the Church, so we should make meeting together our #1 priority.
    • Verse: Ephesians 2:22
  • Video 4: God Loves Unity
  • Featuring: The Divided Dudes (From the Northern and Southern Kingdoms)
    • Big Idea: Sin tears God’s people apart, so we should confess and turn away from our sinful desires.
    • Verse: James 4:1

Bible Verse Slides for all four videos downloadable as well:

A Word from Wilbur Time Machine Series

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