A Word from Wilbur - ZOOM Series

A Word from Wilbur - ZOOM Series is a 5-part short video series that introduces kids to the first five books of the Bible and features some fun drone videos.

These short 5-minute teaching videos feature Wilbur introducing each of the first five books of the Bible. Each week, Wilbur uses his drone to zoom in on an object hidden somewhere on the church property. That object is then used as an object lesson for the book of the week. Each video also includes a focus and a key Bible verse. (Slides for each key verse are provided below as well.)

HERE IS A SAMPLE: (Video 1 for Genesis)

  • Video One: Genesis

    • Big Idea: Jesus defeated sin, so that we can have friendship with God.
    • Verse: Romans 8:39b
  • Video 2: Exodus

    • Big Idea: God is our provider so we can trust that He will give us all that we need.
    • Verse: Philippians 4:19
  • Video 3: Leviticus

    • Big Idea: Jesus is the ultimate atonement, so we can put our faith in Him.
    • Verse: 1 John 2:2
  • Video 4: Numbers

    • Big Idea: God takes sin seriously, so we should live our life His way.
    • Verse: Romans 6:23
  • Video 5: Deuteronomy
    • Big Idea: God takes care of us, so we should remember the many things He has done.
    • Verse: Deuteronomy 32:7

Bible Verse Slides for all four videos available as well:

A Word from Wilbur ZOOM Series

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