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Holiday Ideas are here! Deck Your Brain with these Christmas Ideas from Kidology!

From complete Christmas Lessons like Wise Kids Still Seek Him (a three lesson series) to a party theme like a Birthday Party for Jesus or fun PowerPoints like the Kid's Church Top 10 - Christmas or The Greatest Gift visual story! There are devotionals like Why Come as a Child? and performance ideas like Why Christmas? (a poem) or games like Play-Doh Christmas or The Chistmas Story Shuffle. There are fun family ideas in Christmas Potpourri and even fun after Christmas ideas like the After Christmas Blues Song!

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All Access Tree Idea

Neat Idea on how to decorate a kid's tree

Decoration of Tree
All Access 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, Technically

All Access 'Twas the Night of First Christmas

A poem for Christmas that rings familiar to most with the truth of Christmas.

Christmas Poem
All Access What Christmas is REALLY All About

Johnny discovers that he is not supposed to be so selfish during the Christmas holiday. He discovers that Christmas is not about him.

All Access What if Jesus was born today?

A great outreach idea.

Giving to those in need
All Access What Makes a Gift?

All Access Why Christmas? (a poem)

All Access Why is Christmas a Party?

Want a great idea to use in kids church or at a Christmas outreach for kids?

Christmas Fun
All Access Why is Jesus Better than Santa Claus?

All Access Wise Men Science Lesson

All Access Wisemen Gifts

All Access A LEGO Nativity

LEGO people, one and all, come to worship the newborne babe...

All Access Big Gift, Little Gift

Jesus' simple birth

Jesus Birth
All Access Christmas Through The Years

Christmas Through The Years is a skit about the emptiness of chasing our own dreams. Molly Richards becomes the Queen of Rock and Roll, only to find that inside she's the Queen of Emptiness. After running from God for years, when she reaches rock bottom she final gets saved.  

All Access King Herod the Grinch

Using the Grinch Who Stole Christmas Video to teach about Herod the Grinch in the Bible in regards to the Christmas Story

All Access Mary's First Christmas

"Mary's First Christmas Story" book read aloud to the kids

Christmas Story
All Access Reasons Why Santa Was Once a Children's Pastor

Ever felt a kinship to the big guy in the red suit? It may not be coincidental.

Fun Christmas
All Access Stuck on Christmas

The Sandwich Shop & Stuck on Christmas are two skits designed to introduce Awana T&T clubbers to all of the verses in T&T's Start Zone. Stuck on Christmas is is a wacky Christmas special, which is designed to be performed at any time of the year.  

All Access Crazy Christmas Countdown 47

Karl's Classic Toybox Tales Christmas videos have been converted to Crazy Countdowns! In this first episode Zechariah learns his wife will have a son who will be named John who will announce the arrival of the Savior of the World!

Christmas Countdown!
All Access Crazy Christmas Countdown 48

Karl's Classic Toybox Tales Christmas videos have been converted to Crazy Countdowns! In this second episode, Joseph proposes to Mary with his Donkey 4000, just before both learn that God has a very special plan for their first baby!

Christmas Countdown!
All Access Crazy Christmas Countdown 49

Karl's Classic Toybox Tales Christmas videos have been converted to Crazy Countdowns! In this third episode, the shepherds learn that a very special baby has been born!

Christmas Countdown!
All Access Crazy Christmas Countdown 50

Karl's Classic Toybox Tales Christmas videos have been converted to Crazy Countdowns! In this fourth episode, Mary and Joseph arrive in Bethlehem, and after struggling to find a place to stay, Baby Jesus is finally born!

Christmas Countdown!
All Access Crazy Christmas Countdown 51

Karl's Classic Toybox Tales Christmas videos have been converted to Crazy Countdowns! In this fifth and final episode, the Wisemen see a sign in the sky and begin their journey to meet a little boy named Jesus!

Christmas Countdown!
All Access Hark from the Herald Christmas Series Download

SERIES DOWNLOAD for HARK FROM THE HERALD, a 4-Week Series for Elementary Children's Church from Pastor Karl Bastian, founder of

An 4-Week Christmas Series
Starter Hark from the Herald SAMPLE LESSON 1

SAMPLE LESSON DOWNLOAD for HARK FROM THE HERALD Lesson 1 from the 4-Week Series for Elementary Children's Church from Pastor Karl Bastian, founder of

A 4-Week Christmas Series
Free The Polar Express Movie Review

The Polar Express promises to be a true family movie and a Christmastime classic.

Movie Review
All Access Advent Calendar Wheel

Create an Advent Calendar Wheel for a Sunday School craft.

All Access Advent Family Materials

Worship the King Advent Materials

All Access Birthday Party for Jesus

Birthday Party for Jesus

Celebration of Jesus' Birth
All Access Candy Cane Christmas

A single puppet skit to teach children how a candy cane reminds us of Jesus.

All Access Christmas Monologues

Monologues of the Magi, Mary, and a Shepherd about Jesus' birth.

All Access Christmas Obstacle Course

Make the Christmas story come alive with this obstacle course. Great for Jesus' Birthday party!

Christmas Game
Starter Family Friendly Christmas Eve Worship Service

This is something I put together with the help of a volunteer who had a vision for a service using Christmas Carols/Hymns to tell the Christmas Story. I found a few prayers and liturgies and added them (we're of the Presbyterian tradition). Please feel free to tweak or take pieces of it to make it your own, if you like the idea. I hope this is helpful. Have a great worship service!

Christmas Eve Worship
All Access Herod, the King Who Missed Christmas

PowerPoint visual story (with notes) about Herod, the king who missed Christmas.

Christmas Story
All Access Holiday Poem Contest

Holidays / Fun
All Access Hope That Does Not Disappoint Us

A simple puppet/skit needing only 2 people to perform.

The meaning of Christmas
All Access Invitation to a Christmas Party

You are cordially invited to A BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION!!! Guest of Honor: Jesus Christ Date: Every day. Traditionally, December 25 but He's always around, so the date is flexible... Time: Whenever you're ready.

All Access Know Well Noel - Game Show Skit

A game show skit involving 3 contestants who are tested on their knowledge of Jesus' birth.

All Access Night Before Christmas (Legally)

Whereas, on or about the night prior to Christmas, there did occur at a certain improved piece of real property (hereinafter "the House") a general lack of stirring by all creatures therein, including, but not limited to a mouse.

Christmas Humor
All Access Reader's Theater about O Little Town of Bethlehem

A reading for four people about the origins of the song, O Little Town of Bethlehem.

All Access Redeeming Santa

If you work in Children's Ministry every year you are presented with the same conundrum: What do you do with Santa? No matter how hard you work on curriculum... no matter what nuances you add... no matter the sparkle and shine you give to the Nativity... the big, fat guy in the red suit looms in the corner of the room.This year there are two great resources to redeem Santa, really Saint Nicholas

Saint Nicholas and Santa
All Access Santa Shop

A fun event for children at during the Christmas season!

Christmas Activity
All Access Stocking Three Legged Race

A three legged race game the kids love to play!!

Fun Christmas Game
All Access The Best Gift

The best gift is not always the one that looks the best!

Christmas, Giving
All Access The Toy Store

A story is about sharing at Christmas. This is a script for younger children who find it difficult to memorize many lines during the Christmas season.

All Access The Tree of Christmas

During the Christmas season we need to look under the most important tree

All Access We Are A Family

This is a simple song that children can learn and sing for Children's Sunday at church or for a Sunday school presentation. You can also divide into four groups and have each group learn a verse to sing.  

Loving Our Family
All Access What's In My Stocking

A set of Christmas-themed rebus puzzles.

Christmas PowerPoint Game
All Access Which pictures are different?

This game is a fun ice breaker or time filler. A series of holiday pictures are shown and children are encouraged to find objects that are different in each series.

PowerPoint Christmas Game
Starter Wise Kids Seek Him SAMPLE LESSON 2

SAMPLE LESSON from WISE KIDS SEEK HIM, a 4-Week Series for Elementary Children's Church from Pastor Karl Bastian, founder of

Wise Men - Christmas
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