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Holiday Ideas are here! Deck Your Brain with these Christmas Ideas from Kidology!

From complete Christmas Lessons like Wise Kids Still Seek Him (a three lesson series) to a party theme like a Birthday Party for Jesus or fun PowerPoints like the Kid's Church Top 10 - Christmas or The Greatest Gift visual story! There are devotionals like Why Come as a Child? and performance ideas like Why Christmas? (a poem) or games like Play-Doh Christmas or The Chistmas Story Shuffle. There are fun family ideas in Christmas Potpourri and even fun after Christmas ideas like the After Christmas Blues Song!

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All Access How To Find The Missing Peace This Christmas

Do you feel broken, beaten, battered or busy this time of year? Take a look at how God has a plan of peace for you.

Finding Peace
All Access Jesus' Two Big Sticks

Jesus as our good shepherd and King using a staff and Scepter to clarify why we celebrate advent.

All Access Journey to Bethlehem

Easy to set up Christmas re-enactment of Christmas story in Luke.

Christmas lesson drama
All Access Kidmin Leadership by Santa Claus

Here are six things that I have learned from Santa about leading in children's ministry!

Leadership, Children's Ministry, Christmas
All Access Looking For Advent Resources For Your Family?

Advent Resources for Parents

Advent, Christmas
All Access Names of Christ ADVENTure for the Family

A fun family ADVENTure that takes families on a journey through the names of Christ with scripture and fun activities.

Christmas, Family
Starter Oh! You'd Better Watch Out! (Jesus Christ is Coming Again!)

My version of a Christmas Classic. Instead of watching out for Santa, kids ought to be watching out for Jesus... He's coming again!

FUN Christmas Song
All Access Preparing for Special Needs Kids

Are you prepared for special needs kids in your ministry? Here are 10 tips to help you!

Special Needs
All Access Preschoolers Angel Breakfast

Christmas events are often for elementary school children and above. We run this Angel Breakfast just for our preschoolers to make Christmas special for them too.

Angel Breakfast
All Access Putting Christ into Every Holiday

All of this got me wondering, does it really make any difference? Perhaps the bigger issue is how we, who know Jesus, celebrate every day of our lives! In fact, instead of watching the world take Christ out of Christmas, what if we put Jesus into every holiday? Why not try celebrating a bit differently in 2013!

All Access Reminds Me of Jesus

Here is a Powerpoint presentation that gives several different object lessons, each illustrating a Christmas item and why it reminds us of Jesus!

Christmas Object Lessons
Free Retaining Visitors Who Attend Your Children's Ministry Christmas Event

How do you plan to retain the visitors to your church during this holiday season?

Christmas, Retention
All Access Seeking the Messiah

Compare and contrast the circumstances surrounding the birth of an earthly king with the birth of the King of Kings. 

Christmas Experience
All Access Snowball Brigade

"Just for fun" game to open/close your service. Teams with the most snowballs in their bucket at the end of 1 minute wins. Play the game 3-4 times with 5-6 kids on each team.

Winter crowdbreaker game
Starter Snowman Jokes

Here is a collection of Snowman jokes

Christmas Jokes
All Access The 3 S's That Can Trigger Unexpected Emotions and Memories at Christmas

Help children of divorce better cope with the holidays by being aware of the things they may be missing this Christmas. 

Christmas, Divorce, Parenting
All Access The Best Christmas

Here is a great Christmas skit for children on how to give Jesus a present for Christmas!

Christmas, Children's Skit
All Access The Birthday Message

Need a children's skit or a puppet script for your children's ministry? This week's script helps teach children that Christmas isn't about Santa Claus and presents, but it's about the birth of Jesus!

Christmas, Children's Skit
All Access The Greatest Gift

In this power point with a Christmas story, a town is all worked up to present a special gift to give to Jesus, but one little boy, who thinks he has nothing to give, discovers he has the most valuable gift to give... himself!

Christmas Story
All Access The M&M Nativity Legend

We wanted to complete our Advent study, and with a fifth Sunday, it seemed like a great idea to do something unique.  That’s where the M&M Nativity Legend comes in.

Nativity Object Lesson
All Access The Messenger of Advent

The Messenger of Advent Text: Luke 2:8-20

All Access The REAL Meaning of Christmas

A FREE download resource from on the REAL Meaning of Christmas

All Access The Reason For The Season

There are many things that may take our focus off of what is most important at Christmas time, but there is only one true reason for the season. The reason to celebrate, is Jesus!

Children's Ministry, Gospel Magic
All Access The Reason for the Season Object Lesson

Kids learn the real meaning of Christmas and where traditions came from.

All Access The True Gift of Christmas

Here is an object lesson that uses a Christmas present to demonstrate that Jesus is the best gift of Christmas!

Christmas Object Lesson
All Access Three Last Minute Christmas Lesson Ideas

Since the holidays are such a busy time, we all get behind in something. For this Christmas season, I wanted to provide you with three last minute Christmas lesson ideas to help you, if you are in need of a quick children’s ministry lesson!

Children's Ministry, Christmas Lessons
All Access True Meaning of Christmas PowerPoint

Karl has this interesting story in the Christmas Zone. I put pictures to it to turn it into a visual story.

Santa explains the real meaning of Christmas
Free What Does Jesus Want for Christmas?

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “What does Jesus want for Christmas?” What do you buy for God, who has everything?

All Access Jesus is the forever king

Jesus shown as our true king comparing and contrasting the Crown of Thorns and Gold.

All Access Christmas Angel Breakfast

Something special for the Preschoolers

All Access Christmas Pile

A great object lesson about all the stuff that gets 'piled' on top of the true meaning of Christmas.

Christmas Clutter
All Access 12 Days of Christmas

All Access A Christmas Chronology

This is a summary of the historical events that helped to shape Christmas as we know it today.

All Access A Christmas Elimination Quiz

An elimination quiz about Christmas.

All Access A Puppet Routine on Giving

All Access A. C. T. UP for Christmas

All Access Advent Program Ideas

All Access After Christmas Blues Song

This song is sung to the tune of Don Fransico's "He's Alive" - it is a spoof - you sing it seriously, but it is actually very funny, especially if you introduce it as a song the Lord laid on your heart last night as you reflected on Christmas being over.

All Access An Unexpected Light

All Access Baby Jesus in a Manger

This is a creative craft where the kids make a manger to look just like the one would have that Jesus laid in!

CHRISTmas craft
All Access Birthday Party for Jesus

Fun activities for a Christmas party

Christmas Party
All Access Bulletin board for the holidays!

All Access Candy Cane Christmas Game

All Access Candy Cane Contest

A fun and easy game that kids love!

Christmas Game
All Access Candy Cane Pencil & Eraser

All Access Christmas Carol Lyrics

Christian Life
All Access Christmas Crackers

A fast, easy, fun activity that teaches kids to think of others during the holidays

Christmas Activities
All Access Christmas Gift Idea

Simple Christmas gift idea for kids.....possible outreach tool

Christmas Gift
All Access Christmas Gift of Appreciation

Seeing how important volunteers are in ministry, but having limited resources, we came apon this idea that many went "head over heels"about.

Inexpensive Gift for Volunteers
All Access Christmas Prayer Reminder

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