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So, you're in charge of the Children's Ministry?!?  HELP IS HERE!

Whether you are a Children's Pastor, Director, Coordinator, or Hold-it-all-togetherer, the fact is you need ideas, and you need them fast!!  If you're looking for a sample policy manual, or permission slip, or other administrative help, this is the place!

If you have a question or issue you would like to see addressed here, please contact us. We have a team of veteran children's ministry administrators ready to help.

ALSO: We would be interested in any contributions you may have for this section.

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All Access Volunteer Engagement: How To Keep Volunteers Involved In Your Ministry

How to keep volunteers engaged in your ministry

Volunteers, Involvement
All Access Volunteer/Employee Background Checks

Organizations know background checks help reduce risk, maintain a safe environment and minimize liability. But how often, for whom, and how important is it really?

Child Safety, Background Checks
All Access Walking with a Slow Walker

Recognizing when your stride as a leader is not right for your followers

All Access We All Worship Differently

A PowerPoint devotional Adapted from Gary Thomas' book Sacred Pathways that summarizes the different ways we connect with God.

worship, connect, pathways
All Access Websites to Keep Current with Kids

Some Websites to Keep Current with Kids (in addition to, or course!)

Free What a Home Improvement Project Reminded Me About Leaders

Does your Children's Ministry need a project manager?

All Access What Can Tree Roots Teach about Ministry?

Learn to focus on your roots so the rest of your life can flourish.

Foundation, Leadership
Free What Do You Consider a "WIN" for Your Volunteers?

What areas are you working on and seeking to move your volunteers forward in?

All Access What Happened to the Bible?

A tragedy is happening! The Bible is a rare object in most children's ministries today. What are the steps for action that we need to take?

Using Bibles in Children's Ministry
All Access What Happens After Sunday School?

People in your church may not realize that the bulk of ministry to children and families happens after church ends on Sunday.

Leadership, Kidologist
All Access What is Family Ministry?

What is family ministry? That is the question of the day! Here is an introduction to a basic biblical model of family ministry.

Family Ministry
All Access What the Church Can Learn From Apple

How do you honor those who work for you? How do you honor those who leave?

Honor, Volunteers
Free What Type of Kids Pastor Are You?

Do you know your strengths and weaknesses in ministry? Are you surrounded by people who can fill in where you lack? This is how you build a strong kids ministry. 

All Access When is it Time to Move?

19 things to ponder while considering moving churches

Switching Churches, Moving
All Access When Technology Fails

Technology is great... until it isn't. What do you do when your tech fails?

All Access When You Just Want to Quit

What steps do you take when things aren't going well in the classroom? If you don't have a plan, maybe these ideas will help.

Classroom Control, Preparation
All Access Who's Holding Your Ladder?

In children's ministry, it's easier to get help with the big issues and neglect the easier, smaller things that we feel competent in doing. Going at it alone can get you in real trouble!

All Access Why Children's Ministry Is So Hard

Ministry is hard.  If you’re in a pastoral-type position, you know it’s hard, and studies have proven it.  Aside from the senior level (Senior/Lead/Executive Pastor type positions), I believe leading in Children’s Ministry is the most difficult pastoral position to serve in.

Difficulty of Children's Ministry Position
All Access Why Discipleship is Important for Children

You. Me. Every Christian. We are all called to make disciples. Most of us can look back on our lives and name at least several Christians who either discipled us or had a significant impact on us. How many children do you know who are being intentionally discipled by a mature Christian? The children in our ministries need to be discipled, and they need to have several different “disciplers” in their lives.

All Access Why Do Some Bible People Have the Same Name?

The Answer Guys bring you another excellent children's puppet script to help children learn about names of people in the Bible!

Bible Skit, Puppets
All Access Why I Never Liked January

Since when are goals only for January? You can set goals any time of year... like now!

Goal Setting, Leadership
All Access Why People Aren't Excited about Your Children's Ministry

Do you feel tired and frustrated by the lack of support and excitement for your ministry? Here are strategic questions to ask to help you examine why.

Vision, Volunteers, Parents
Free Why We Need Sunday School Ministry

Just how important is Sunday School? Read this article and you will understand the importance of Sunday School Ministry!

Sunday School
All Access Why Your Church Needs a Children's Check-In Solution

Why does your church need a children's check-in solution? Here are the main reasons.

Check-In Solution
All Access Winners and Losers

Suggestions on how to handle ministry turf wars and deal with known ministry priorities.

Priority, Budget, Programs
Starter YOU are a Bible Character

Did you know that YOU are a "Bible Character?"

All Access You Kept Me From Drowning!

It’s really scary to be in over your head, in rough and deep uncharted waters. The frantic efforts to preserve life when taking in water, thrashing about, scared and panicked about what’s next. Managing to gasp for breath, while trying to stay afloat, is overwhelming.

All Access Your Decision To Leave

So you have decided to leave your position as Children’s Leader at your church. Perhaps “going for the door” was not an easy decision to make. On the other hand, it just might have been the obvious choice. God has been speaking to you and you have agreed, it's time to turn in your resignation.

All Access Your KidMin is NOT New Family Friendly

How kid-friendly is your church? 

Kid Friendly Church
All Access Your Life Verse

A Life Verse can be your favorite verse from the Bible—you know, a verse that you really like or want to model. How does your Life Verse relate to your Children’s Ministry?

Life Verse
All Access Your Personal Year in Review

What goals are you setting for the new year?  

New Year, Year in Review
All Access Your Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Job Descriptions for New Children's Ministry Programs

Use these guidelines, along with the downloadable template, to create your next job descriptions. 

Job Descriptions
All Access Converting the Child-Care Model

When you allow your children’s ministry to be designated as a “child-care” program, you succumb to secularizing your ministry, which makes it more conducive to a “baby-sitting” service, than a legitimate ministry function that is complimentary to a church.

Child Care
All Access How Divorce Affects Preschool Age Children

The signs that we should look for to see the effects of divorce on preschoolers.

Effects of Divorce on Preschoolers
All Access Recruiting Tool: Turkey Jokes Postcard

Download these funny postcards to encourage your volunteers this season!

All Access Recruiting Tool: The Perfect Gift

Download this invitation for parents to volunteer in their kids' ministry!

All Access Ideas for Group Names

Ideas for group names

Group Names
All Access 3 Steps to Successful Recruiting

I have 3 steps to help recruit in children's ministry. Know where you are going, know who you are recruiting, and know what's next.  

All Access Becoming a Leader with Passion

I shared this with my workers at are monthly get together. The information is pulled from different sources noted in the notes. Enjoy

Passion in Children's Ministry
Starter Ingredients for a GREAT Volunteer Meeting

Create volunteer meetings your people will WANT to come to!

Volunteer Training
All Access Leading Hummingbirds and Eagles

Are you an eagle or a hummingbird? Find out which category you, and your team members, fit into.

All Access Sources of Craft Supplies for Children's Ministry

Here is where to go for craft supplies.

All Access Sources of Prizes for Children's Ministry

Here is where to go for prizes for your ministry.

All Access Sources of Stories for Children's Ministry

Here are some places I have found that have great stories for children's ministry.

All Access Sources of Videos for Children's Ministry

Here are some great ideas and sources for videos to use in your ministry.

All Access 25 Ways to Build Up a Child

25 ways to build up a child verbally. Don't always say it the same way. Be creative and vary the ways you build kids up!

All Access Camp Program Promotion

Ideas for promoting camp in your children's ministry.

All Access Common Qualities of Leadership

Honest evaluation, although at times painful, maintains the cutting edge on your ministry and your leadership.

All Access Did Jesus Use a Modem?

Jesus and Technology

All Access Easy Name Tag Idea

A great system for kids picking up name tags.

Name Tags
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