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So, you're in charge of the Children's Ministry?!?  HELP IS HERE!

Whether you are a Children's Pastor, Director, Coordinator, or Hold-it-all-togetherer, the fact is you need ideas, and you need them fast!!  If you're looking for a sample policy manual, or permission slip, or other administrative help, this is the place!

If you have a question or issue you would like to see addressed here, please contact us. We have a team of veteran children's ministry administrators ready to help.

ALSO: We would be interested in any contributions you may have for this section.

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All Access Give Your Teachers Orange Cones

A great way for teachers to let you know when they need help in the classroom without having to leave the room.

All Access GOAL Program

We approached an age old problem, "too few workers so let's draft the parents" with a fresh perspective and got "more than we could ask for" results.

Involving Parents
All Access How Thick is Your Skin?

Mark it well, if you are trying to accomplish anything great for God, you will be criticized by those that are doing nothing. Your motives will be questioned; your character may be assaulted. But as leaders, we need to develop the self-confidence and thick skin so to manage criticism constructively.

All Access Incident / Accident Report Sample

This is a sample Incident / Accident Report from the Village Church of Barrington

Admin Forms
All Access Internship 101

We have a responsibility to invest in those who desire to go into children's ministry. A well thought out internship is a great place to start. Here are some pointers to help you have a wonderful experience.

All Access K.C. Krew Application

This is the kids, church crew application and references form for the Kidologist's K.C. Krew. Often requested after the CPC workshop entitled: The K.C. Krew, developing a Team of 5-6th graders to Lead in Children's Church.

Kids Church
All Access Kidology 101 Workshop Notes

These are the handout notes from the Kidologist's workshop "Kidology 101"

Relational Ministry
All Access Ministry Leader Job Description

Need a starting point for a ministry leader job description.

job descriptions
All Access Permission Slip

What about permission slips? A little advice and a sample.

All Access Put the Bulletin to Work for You!

Use the church bulletin to keep the church informed on what the kids are learning.

All Access Quick Reference List... for why new ideas around the church WON'T WORK.

Somebody's always suggesting new ideas around the church, like adding on to the building, or switching Sunday school to after worship, or changing the times of services. No sooner than such ideas surface, objections swarm up like spring mosquitoes.

All Access Sample Baptism Class

Understanding what it is to be in God's family and why Baptism is important.

Baptism Class
All Access Thoughts on dealing with our critics

It is a lot easier to criticize than to be criticized. Most of us think it is bad for people under us to criticize, but we think the people over us deserve a bit of it.

All Access Volunteer Application

This is the application I use with all my volunteers in my Children's ministry.

Screening Volunteers
All Access VOTE YES!

To show our appreciation for our teachers and volunteers in ministry we used the theme VOTE YES! (since it is election year). Use red, white and blue for all decorations.

Volunteer Appreciation
All Access Workers screening

Worker screening resources

Importance of Screening workers
All Access A thank you idea for volunteers

Struggling for an idea to thank your volunteers? Read on....

Thank You idea
All Access Bible Reading Plan for Kids

This is a daily Bible Reading Plan with several options for kids to follow.

Bible Reading Plan
Free Connecting with Kids

If we're really going to make a lasting impact on children, we need to do more than just program for them. We need to make a connection with them that transcends the things that we teach them.

Forming relationships with kids
All Access Losing Your Marbles Is Good for You

The older I get, the more I enjoy Saturday mornings. Perhaps it’s the quiet solitude that comes with being the first to rise or maybe it’s the unbounded joy of not having to be at work. Either way, the first few hours of a Saturday morning are most enjoyable..... (prepare your heart for a powerful lesson)  

Time Management
All Access Parent and Worker Survey Forms

Here are some example parent and worker survey forms

Survey Form
All Access National Crisis Links

The links here are related to the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001. We hope this is helpful during this national time of tragedy.

All Access Take-Home Envelope

Here's an idea to help kids keep all their "stuff" together after Sunday School.

Free OrangeWatch 2008

An archive of the OrangeWatch beta, which featured a live feed of Kidology member-participating blogs and Twitter updates from the Orange Conference in Atlanta, GA (April 28-30, 2008).

All Access 10 Common Mistakes That Stifle Children's Pastors

Ten things to avoid in your children's ministry.

Key Concepts for Ministry
All Access A Fresh Look at Your Ministry

View your ministry with a fresh perspective!

Vision - Evaluation
All Access A Matter of Life and Death

Children’s ministry is more than presenting values that cut between right and wrong. It is about offering, explaining, and illustrating the life that comes from faith in what Jesus did for them through the cross and resurrection.  

Key Concepts for Ministry
All Access Appreciation Luncheon

A way to serve your volunteers...

Volunteer Appreciation
All Access Baptism Class for Children

Need a pre-baptism class? Have we got a material for you! This course will take a child through the basic Christian beliefs that our church felt were important for children to know before the were baptized.

Basic Christian Beliefs
All Access Baptism Class for Parents and Kids

A Baptism curricula for kids interested in being baptised

Starter Better Transitions in Children's Church

Understanding children's capacity for making transitions - for a better children's church experience

Transitions in the Children's Church - and at Home
All Access Children's Ministry Lessons from the Crocodile Hunter

Like most folks, I was saddened to hear of the passing of the "Crocodile Hunter", Steve Irwin. As I was reflecting on his impact, I remembered that I had often used the "Crocodile Hunter" as an illustration of qualities we look for in children's ministers.

Qualities of Children's Ministers
All Access CM Leaders' Manual

Volunteer/Policy Manual

All Access Event Planning / Evaluation Form

This form could be following an event to evaluate how succesful the event was. If kept in file, this form could be extremly helpful in planning the same event the following year.

Event Planning
All Access Faith for the Schedule

Do you often cry out for help with staffing? Do you find yourself asking God for more workers on a consistent basis? Do you question if God cares about this area of children’s ministry?  

All Access Fretters Anonymous

The kids in our children's ministries deserve to see faith in you. Fear over the future will not bring victory. Kids do not need to pick up on your fear of the future even if you feel justified in your "concerns."

Key Concepts for Ministry
All Access Fun Fair Summary

This is a basic overview of an annual outreach event. This was created to bring a new program director up-to-speed on what had been done in the past.

Outreach Event
All Access How to Peel a Bible Story

Bible stories are easier for kids to understand and apply if you break them down and serve them in small parts.

Key Concepts for Ministry
All Access I'm Doing This For the Kids... Or Am I?

Helpful advice for every Children's Ministry worker to determine his/her priorities and purpose for ministry.

Purpose for Ministry
All Access Imagine Being Used by God

Beginning of the year kick off event for Children's Ministry Volunteers, using the theme of "imagination" featuring typical children's toys and games.

Volunteer Team Motivation KickOff
All Access Info Cards

These are cards that we use to gather visitor information for large events.

Visitor Information Form
All Access Internet Safety

Parents can protect their kids from online dangers while teaching them about the importance of accountability in the Christian life -- Covenant Eyes accountability software

Monitoring and Filtering
All Access Jim Wideman on Child Security

Hear from respected children's pastor Jim Wideman on the topic of Child Security.

Child Security
All Access Kidzturn Labs

Kidzturn Labs is the brainchild of Sam and Matt Lussier. As Kidzturn Ministries hey travel the country with their family presenting the gospel to churches of all sizes. Kidzturn Labs is now releasing their media content at Kids' Ministry budget prices!

Media tools on a Kids' Ministry budget
All Access Lessons from a 'Rookie' Children's Pastor

What lessons did the Kidologist learn early on in ministry besides not playing games with marshmallows in a room with red carpet?

leadership / ministry
All Access Making Room for Response

The importance of providing a time of response for children who have heard the Gospel message or who want to respond to the message or pray for others.

Altar Calls
All Access Ministering with the end in mind

Are we ministering with the end in mind? Here’s is what I mean by that. Do we have an end goal in mind for a child as they grow up through our children’s ministry, then through our youth ministry and then on to adulthood. Another words we can say we want a young person to be able to do this or say this when they are all grown up.

Family Ministry
All Access Mission Trip to Mexico

Take a mission trip to Mexico without ever leaving your church? It's absolutely possible, check out this article to find out how!

In-Building Missions Trip
All Access PJ's Box

A creative way to encourage children and parents to communicate with their children's pastor/leader.

All Access Putting Your Vision Out There

Effective ways to let others know about your vision for ministry.

Using Your Vision
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