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All Access Survivor - Lesson 3 Baptism

Lesson 3 talks about Baptism. Be sure you have the kids wear their swim suits or things they can get wet in and plan to be outside. The activities are fun and WET!

Mid-Week Service Series
All Access Survivor - Lesson 4 Justification

Lesson 4 takes the long word of JUSTIFICATION and explains it to the kids in a simple way.

Mid-Week Service Series
All Access SURVIVOR - Salvation Island

A Mid-Week Survivor theme series that teaches lessons on temptation, salvation, baptism, redemption, justification, sanctification, and missions.

Mid-Week Service Series
All Access The Bible--God's Love Letter

God loves us through His Word. It is written straight from His heart in order to touch yours. Jewish traditions reveal to us the meaning behind Christ's analogy of the Bride (the Church) and the Bridegroom (Christ) and how this covenant is expressed through baptism and communion.

Why Did God give us the Bible?
All Access The Blessing of an Obedient Heart

There were some disciples in the Gospel of Luke who were fishing one day. When Jesus told them to cast their nets out in the deep water they obeyed; although, they did not feel like doing this. If we will only listen to God and do as He asks us to do, we will find that life will be so much more rewarding.

All Access The First Martyred Hero

Stephen, a man full of faith in God and power, did many wonderful miracles among the people. Kids have fun as they engage in this short drama. Great for worship service and easy to put on with little preparation.

All Access The Race of Life

This object lesson was written for an Awana Grand Prix devotional to be used while the judges were determining the winner.

Awana Grand Prix Devotional
All Access True Worship - Session 1: What's True Worship? Who Worship Is For And Not For

The purpose of this session is to help students get in their minds that worship is all about God. This is our starting place because, apart from that understanding, we just don’t get worship and can’t go any further. The key is to emphasize to your students how foundational and absolutely essential this is.

All Access True Worship - Session 2: What's True Worship? What Worship Is (And Isn't)

The purpose of this session is for students to get a better grasp of what worship actually is and what kind of worship is acceptable to God. The major emphases are (1) we all worship something, (2) we worship what we value and (3) true worship is the only worship acceptable to God.

All Access True Worship - Session 3: The Requirements For A True Worshiper

The purpose of this session is for students to understand that worship actually requires something. We don’t worship God on our own terms but on His terms. We must be saved, we must be holy and we must take worship seriously in order to be true worshipers.

All Access True Worship - Session 4: What a True Worshiper Does

The purpose of Session 4 is to challenge students to take up the practices of true worshipers. The major emphases here include personal worship, corporate worship and living an overall lifestyle of worship. We are really beginning the transition from what worship is to what worship looks like on a daily basis.

All Access True Worship - Session 5: The Test of a True Worshiper

The purpose of Session 5 is for students to understand that true worship happens even in the most difficult of circumstances. More than that, we are refined and made better worshipers as a result of the things we suffer if we continue to worship during tough times. The major emphases in this session are: 1) True worshipers aren’t immune to tough times, 2) True worshipers worship even in the tough times, and 3) Worship is an all-the-time way of living, not an occasional event.

All Access Imagine Lesson 1- God Is Always At Work

This lesson introduces the Esther unit. The children will meet the main characters of the story and will learn about the exciting things that happened to Esther. In this lesson they will see that God is always at work, even when He can’t be seen.

God's Will
All Access Birthday Party for Jesus

What kid doesn't enjoy a birthday party? And whose birthday is more important than that of Jesus. By giving a fun birthday party for Jesus, children will understand the true meaning of Christmas.

All Access John the Baptist 1- Listen Zach, You're Having a Son!

An angel appeared to Zacharias and told him that his wife would be having a baby. This was too wonderful for him to believe. Because of his unbelief, God caused him to remain mute until his son’s birth. The angel told Zacharias that his son would have a supernatural calling. He would point people to the coming Jesus. He was a prophet, a spokesman for God.

All Access John the Baptist 2- Being an Arrow

John was greatly used by God, not because of the way he looked but because he dared preach and point people to Jesus. In a day when people were not thinking about the coming Savior, John faithfully preached about his coming.

Pointing Others to Jesus
All Access John the Baptist 3- A River, A Dove, A Voice

Jesus was baptized in the water by John the Baptist. He did this to be an example for us. When we are baptized we show people that we have decided to follow Jesus and become His child. God wants each of His children to be baptized.

All Access John the Baptist 4- A Dance of Death

John the Baptist had a successful life and ministry, but his life ended in a very sad way. Although death is certain, John knew that death was not the end. He was not afraid to die because he had a relationship with Jesus Christ. He left a great legacy for each of us to follow.

All Access 12 Disciples Part 1 – Simple Guys with a Special Job (Intro to series)

Jesus called 12 ordinary people to do a special job. It is amazing that Jesus even picked them! Among them were a handful of common fishermen, a hated tax collector, and an impulsive political fanatic. Although they were ordinary men, they were available and obedient to the Master’s call and did extraordinary things for Him!

Twelve Disciples - Being available
All Access 12 Disciples Part 2 – Peter Facing the Storm

When Peter walked on the water he knew the storm was there, but he believed His Savior could help him to walk through the storm. Later he sank because his faith failed and he somehow thought that the storm was greater than his Savior.

Keeping Your Eyes on Jesus
All Access 12 Disciples Part 3 - John Left His Nets Behind

John and his brother James were fisherman by trade. One day Jesus walked by and called them to follow Him. They both left their nets immediately and followed Jesus.

Following Jesus
All Access 12 Disciples Part 4 - Matthew, the Tax Collector with a Change of Heart

Matthew was a tax collector who was hated by many people. He was like every other Romans tax collector and was only worried about himself. Everything changed on day when Jesus walked by and said “follow me.” Immediately Matthew obeyed and followed Jesus. Instead of looking out for himself, he began to show concern for others.

Putting others before yourself
All Access 12 Disciples Part 5 - James, Learning to be a Servant

James was a fisherman and was the brother of John. These two were known as “the sons of thunder”. One day James and John asked Jesus if they could be the greatest in His kingdom. Jesus taught them that the greatest was the one who serves.

Serving others
All Access 12 Disciples Part 6 - Andrew, Concerned About the Future

In Mark 13:3-14 we learn that Andrew and three other disciples were concerned about what would happen in the future. Most people are interested about future things. How do we learn about the future? Do we find someone who can read a crystal ball? Should we trust in astrology and try to determine the future by the stars? Andrew and the other disciples went to the right Person to find out about what was going to happen.

The future
All Access 12 Disciples Part 7 - Phillip, Nothing is Too Hard for the Lord

Jesus saw a multitude of people that came to hear Him. They were hungry and needed something to eat. Jesus asked Philip where they would get the food for all the people. Jesus was testing Philip’s faith. Philip didn’t know where the money would come from and thought it was an impossible situation. God provided the food from a boy with his packed lunch. Philip needed to learn that nothing was too hard for the Lord. The Lord has no problem when it comes to supplying that which is needed!

God's Provision
All Access 12 Disciples Part 8 - Bartholomew, God Knows All About Me

Bartholomew (also called Nathanael in the Bible) was surprised to find that Jesus knew all about Him. He knew what Bartholomew was thinking. He knew where Bartholomew was. He knew what kind of person Bartholomew was. The same is true for us. The Lord knows all about us…and He loves us anyway!

God Knows and Loves Me!
All Access 12 Disciples Part 9- Thomas, Having Faith to Believe in Jesus

Thomas is often called “doubting Thomas” because he said he wouldn’t believe that Jesus had returned to the disciples after the resurrection until he saw and touched Jesus. When Jesus appeared to the disciples after his resurrection, Thomas wanted to touch the body of Jesus before believing. After touching the body of Jesus, Thomas believed it was Him. Jesus told Thomas there is a greater blessing for those that haven’t seen Him and still believe.

Having Faith in God
All Access 12 Disciples Part 10- The Little Known Disciples: Greatness in the Little Things

James, Simon and Thaddaeus were three of the twelve disciples whom the Bible says nothing about! Although they are not mentioned in the Bible they were faithful servants of Jesus. Men do not always see greatness the way God does. Men often look for people to be famous or to be long remembered or to be noticed for all their great accomplishments. But God sees greatness even in the little things that others may never see or may never notice.

All Access 12 Disciples Part 11- Judas: Don’t Be A Phony Follower

Judas was a good actor. He wore a good mask. He was a good pretender. He was able to hide what was really on the inside so that others could not see it.

Being a True Follower
All Access Fishers of Friends 1- Fishermen Transformed into Fishers of Men

Jesus invited his followers to become fishers of men. This lesson will encourage children to bring their friends to Jesus as they become fishers of friends.

Reaching Others for Christ
All Access Fishers of Friends 2- Fishing with God's Word

In this lesson children are taught to use their Bible to share Jesus with someone. They discover that faith comes hearing God’s Word!

All Access Fishers of Friends 3- Got Bait?

A fisherman isn’t going to go very far without bait in his tackle box. In this lesson children are taught what bait they can use to tell their friends about Jesus!

All Access Fishers of Friends 4- The Light of the World

If you are God’s child, He wants you to share the love of Jesus with a world in need. To be a light for Him, you need get rid of the junk in your life (sin) and trust the Holy Spirit to help you.

All Access Acts 1 - The Ultimate Super Hero

This lesson can serve as an Easter lesson as well as an introduction to a unit on the book of Acts. Kids love super heroes because (like adults) kids both wish they were more powerful and that they could have help when in need. Well, Jesus meets both those needs. When we need help – He is there, and He invites us to more than just ordinary people, he calls us to be heroes for him! A hero is someone who puts the needs of others above their own needs, and kids do that every time they witness for God! Jesus proved he was the ultimate super hero because not only could he do amazing things, but he did something no else had ever done or ever will do: He was able to raise Himself from the dead! And if he can raise himself, he most certainly can raise us too!

Jesus - Easter
All Access Acts 2 - Bad Guy, Turned Good

Every kid has people in their life that seem hopelessly lost. Bullies that pick on them, or stuck up girls that look down on them, or mean adults who make life hard. It is easy to write them off as ‘bad people’ but kids need to learn that everyone is loved by God and no one is a ‘lost cause’ or beyond God’s reach. It may surprise them to learn that the Apostle Paul was once an arch enemy of God – he deserved to be ‘zapped’ but God chose instead to forgive Saul and turn his zeal and energy to good, and renamed him Paul. Kids need to pray for and be hopeful for even the meanest and toughest people in their lives, if they can learn to do that, they will be started on the path to being a change agent in the lives of others their whole life!  

Conversion of Paul
All Access Acts 3 - The Encourager

Everyone loves to be encouraged! We all like compliments and pats on the back. Barnabus was given his name because he was known for encouragement. This lesson’s aim is to challenge kids to become encouragers – to be the kind of kids that build others up rather than tear others down. Our human instinct when we are hurt or attacks is to tear the other down, but in this lesson they will learn that when they build others up – everyone succeeds!  

All Access Acts 4 - Godly Gals

This lesson uses the examples of several women in the book Acts to teach that we need to discover what our gifts and abilities are, and then use them for God and His Kingdom!

Mother's Day
All Access Acts 5 - Stand Up Guys

The book of Acts contains amazing stories of faith and courage. It is easy to think of these heroes as being extra special or extra spiritual, but they were ordinary people, just like us! Kids can be challenged to be bold and brave for God in their neighborhoods and schools!

Bravery / Witnessing
Starter God's Team 1- Playing On God's Team (INTRO)

This lesson is an introduction to a unit on spiritual disciplines. The spiritual disciplines will be compared to training to play well on a baseball team.

Spiritual Discipline
All Access God's Team 2 - Spiritual Discipline: The Bible

This lesson introduces the Bible, how to read it, and a challenge to be disciplined in reading and studying it.

The Bible
All Access God's Team 3 - Better Than Bubble Gum, Chew on God's Word

This lesson introduces the concept of meditation to children. While realistic practical application of meditation may be beyond most children, it is still valuable to give them a fundamental introduction to the concept. Those with more spiritual maturity will benefit from it.

All Access God's Team 4 - Talkin' to the Coach

This lesson introduces the discipline of prayer to children. While we often talk about HOW to pray with children (I hope), this lesson focuses on how to develop the discipline of prayer.

All Access God's Team 5 - Live to Give!

This lesson introduces the concept of giving as a spiritual discipline.

All Access God's Team 6 - The Nerve to Serve

This lesson introduces the concept of service as a spiritual discipline.

All Access God's Team 7 - Cheerleader for God

This lesson introduces the discipline of worship to children. Worship is more than singing and praying, it is anything we do to show God His worth to us. It is a Show of Worth.

All Access God's Team 8 - Turn Down the Noise!

This lesson introduces the discipline of solitude to children. We live in a busy world – kids will be challenged to ‘turn off the busyness’ and seek God.

All Access God's Team 9 - Nothing Can Be Something!

This lesson introduces the disciplines of fasting and simplicity to children. We live in a prosperous country – even our poorest are rich by the worlds standards. Kids will be challenged to think about how they can simplify their lives and focus better on God.

All Access God's Team 10 - Attitude of Gratitude

This lesson introduces the discipline of thanksgiving to children. We live in a greedy world – kids will be challenged to develop an attitude of gratitude.

All Access God's Team Unit Overview

This unit is an overview of the Spiritual Disciplines that uses a baseball "team" theme. Features the popular "NoDuh the Wise One" videos by Karl Bastian.

Spiritual Disciplines
All Access A Fresh Start

A complete lesson with MANY activities on the theme of the new year. Use the whole lesson or just parts of it.

New Year's Lesson
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