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Who Are These Kids?

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Author/Source: Janine McNally

Topic: Connecting with Today's Kids

Do you know how to connect to today's device- and media-saturated kids?

You’re in Kidmin, yes? Well, do you know who Generation Alpha is? 
These are the kids to whom you are ministering! This new generation are SO different from Gen Z or Millennials. In fact, their parents are Millennials! Somewhere along the way we have transitioned from the millennial generation, who were introduced to social media and iPhone in their latter teens, to “Generation Alpha,” who were born into it. 
Gen Alpha have typically had access to a device from their youngest years. They have been labeled as Generation Alpha (the first generation in the new millennium, born 2010-2024) and they are an entirely different entity. The oldest are already 12 years old while the youngest are yet to be born. These are our children. Do we know them? Do we understand them? Have we made appropriate adjustments for them, or are we assuming that “kids are kids”? 

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