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Author/Source: Karl Bastian

Topic: Connection in Ministry

Learn four ways to make a connection with the kids in your ministry.

No child has ever thanked me for that great vacation Bible school we did three years ago or for the awesome Water War event. Instead, children remember our trips to restaurants, the times I came to watch them play soccer in the rain, the birthday parties I attended, or the miniature golf outings we had. It’s the little things that matter to kids. And if we’re really going to make a lasting impact on children, we need to do more than just teach them or create programs for them. There are too many young people with heads full of Bible facts who aren’t living for the Lord. Somehow, we need to make a connection with them that transcends, is deeper than, and makes relevant the things that we teach them.

What does it mean to connect with kids? What does that CONNECTION look like? What must you do to become a genuine kid connector?




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