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Oh, No! Not Another Meeting!

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Author/Source: Karl Bastian

Topic: Ministry Management

What is your gut response when you hear the word ‘Meeting’? Is it excitement or dread?

What is your gut response when you hear the word ‘Meeting’? Is it excitement or dread?

Now ask yourself how your leaders and volunteers respond (privately) when you say, “Let’s meet!” If you struggle to get people together for meetings, the problem may not be your volunteers dedication, it may be your meetings. (Ouch!)

In the hectic world of children’s ministry management, effective meetings are the cornerstone of success. Yet, all too often, these gatherings become synonymous with boredom, inefficiency, and wasted time. But what if there was a way to transform meetings into dynamic, purposeful sessions that inspire and engage?

Enter Karl's Ministry Management Series, a treasure trove of training tailored for today's super-busy leaders. Among its gems lies a video training that delves deep into PRACTICAL tips on how to plan meetings your volunteers will actually ENJOY! Part 4 of Karl’s Ministry Management Series is MEETING MANAGEMENT. Yawn. I know, the name itself sounds boring – but the results won’t be if you follow the advice found within!

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