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"Why would you write a Halloween series?!?!"

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Author/Source: Karl Bastian

Topic: Spooky Halloween Series - With Kids In Mind

I don’t “celebrate” Halloween. I wish it didn’t exist. But it does. And the decision regarding whether or not to write this unit was not an easy one.


When I first wrote Spooky Lessons of the Bible the hate mail poured in! To be honest, I kind of expected it. And I respected it. People who loved God asked a valid and fair question: why ON EARTH would I write a series that celebrated the most evil of “holidays?”

First of all – I don’t “celebrate” Halloween. I wish it didn’t exist. But it does. The decision regarding whether or not to write this unit was not an easy one. I understand that the feelings surrounding Halloween and how we are to respond to it as Christians run strong on both sides. On one end, there are those who decide to completely ignore the ʻholidayʼ (in quotes, for it is hardly a ʻholy dayʼ), and on the other end are those who wish to take advantage of the opportunity to reach kids & families through outreaches & Fall events. Of course, there are also many views in between.

I would hope it could be assumed that I have no desire to condone the events or practices surrounding Halloween that Christians disagree with. We cautiously selected visuals to both reflect the season while also avoiding anything that is contrary to our belief system. That’s why we focused more on bats, pumpkins, spiders, and items that exist in nature: all things that kids enjoy.

But the question remains: why write it?

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