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Puppets remain the #1 ministry tool for engaging, entertaining, and educating kids. The simply fact is KIDS LOVE PUPPETS, and while other teaching techniques come and go, puppets are here to stay! Here you will find help for both puppet teams as well as solo puppeteers.

See Also: Introduction to Solo Puppeteering

#1 Rated Puppet Script:
Flatman and Bobbin #1 The Bumbling Duo Discover the Gospel!

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All Access Be Careful How You Walk

I'm glad God is always watching us and watching over us. That gives me the courage and the confidence to do the scary things in life that I must do.

Christian Living
All Access Be Careful What You Call Me

God really wants us to love Him and to take care of those around us.

Matthew 23:1-12, Loving God and others
All Access Be Patient Toward All

Be patient with others.

Luke 5:1-4, Patience
All Access Be Patient Toward All

The Bible verse is I Thes. 5:14; "Be patient toward all."

Christian Living
All Access Be Self-Controlled

Cookie Monster (from Sesame St) learns that he is much better off to share and not be so greedy.

All Access Being Brave

Fred is brave by firstly not getting scared about going to the doctor's and then by praying for his friends when they get hurt.

All Access Believe in Yourself, and Say It!

God gives us the ability to do anything in him, and we need to feel good about doing it! Don't be hard on yourself.

Believing In Yourself
All Access Bird of Pray

Prayer is talking to God about His greatness, admitting to Him our sins, and asking for His work to be done.

basics of prayer
All Access Bombs Away

a script teaching about spiritual warfare

spiritual warfare
All Access Bones

God breathed life into you.

Ezekiel 37:1-14, The Gift of Salvation
All Access Born Again

"Shifty Nick" tries to find out 'on the quiet' what it means to be born again. He also finds out that everyone needs to make their own decision.

All Access Boxed In

Love can't go where love isn't welcome.

Matthew 5:43-44, Love, Reaching Out To Others
All Access Boy, Do I Feel Sick!

I know that God cares about the little bitty sparrow, so He cares a whole bunch about me.

Psalm 34:15-18, God's Care
All Access Butch's Lesson

Make time in your schedule to read the Bible. Find a quiet place and shut other things out of your mind. Ask God to help you understand it.

Psalm 119:97-104, Meditating on God's Word
All Access Caught in the Spin Cycle

If we love Jesus and trust Him, then He will take hurt feelings out of our heart. When we're sad, when we're angry, when we're scared, when we're feeling mean towards somebody, we can tell Jesus about it, and He will help us to get rid of these hurt feelings.

Matthew 11:25-30, Trusting Jesus
All Access Chef Tellz zee Truth

Great character to do anything with food during your kids Church

Puppet Idea
All Access Children of Abraham

Izzy meets John and Lucas. His new friends show him how to fit in. Even though we're all different, we can all find some common ground. It's about getting along.

All Access Christmas

Rudolph Kringle (like Mr Scrooge) is counting up his money at Christmas and finds $1 missing. Lacking the Christmas spirit, he wants to search everyone for it. He gets an unmerited favor and realizes what Christmas is about, then lets his $1 go.

All Access Christmas Voices

Here are some Christmas monologues that we have used at different times with our puppet team and our drama group. They are short but significant. Add a couple of your favorite Christmas songs and you have a small puppet musical! I hope someone can use them! They can be a lot of fun!

All Access Coach Says

A little boy and his parent learn an important lesson from the ultimate "Coach".

Meet the Ultimate
All Access Come, They Told Me

Lisa and Ashley’s parents have flown out of town on Christmas Eve day because Lisa’s grandmother is ill, but they hope to be home for Christmas Day.

Our own perceptions
All Access Coming Right Up

We should memorize Bible verses and repeat them every day.

Psalm 119:33-42, Scripture memory
All Access Communion

We teach Cookie Monster from Sesame St about some special "cookies" that we use in church to remind ourselves about when Jesus died on the cross for us.

All Access Coney Island 2

Zachary and Julia learn despite destractions from sandwiches

lessons from Solomon
All Access Cough Drops In Church

Church is a special place for kids.

Mark 12:31, Church attendance
All Access Count on Me

Our Scripture today says that those who won't work, shouldn't eat either.

All Access Count on Me #2

Next time adults plan a special event for you, tell them "Thank You" and show them you mean it by doing what you can to help.

Being Thankful
All Access Counting the Stars

Each time scientists develop a stronger telescope, they discover more stars. What does this tell you about God's power?

Psalm 19, God's power, creation
All Access Created For Freedom

God gives us the strength to turn away from sin. When we know God, sin can't control our lives anymore.

All Access Curried Fish

Allison Newsreader, reporter for Channel 10 news, interviews Rajah to find out how his small lunch was able to be used by Jesus to feed 5000 people.

All Access Dad's Greatest Gift

Boys and girls, give your dad, granddad, and all those special men in your lives the best gift of all this Father’s Day. Give them your love.

Luke 7:36-8:3, Father's Day
All Access Daily Care Needed

The Bible is your spiritual food and you need some of it every day. Set up a regular schedule for Bible reading.

Psalm 25:1-10, the Bible
All Access Daniel and the Pussycats

This is a puppet script that is part of a theme on ALL GOD'S CREATURES. They can be used as part of a VBS.

God's Power and His Children's Obedience
All Access Dear John

God gives us a very powerful helper, called the Holy Spirit, to help us do the work that God wants us to do.

Holy Spirit
All Access Different Gifts

Use the talents God has given you and they will grow.

Christian Living
All Access Different or the Same?

Everyone is unique because they are each one of a kind. But if everyone was acting the same, they wouldn't really be unique. People are also unique because they have their own way of doing things.

You are Unique
All Access Dirty Hands, Clean Heart!

Our hands and heart should be clean before we serve the Lord.

Psalm 24, Serving God
All Access Distinct Gifts

God has given each of us different gifts and only asks that we use our gifts for His work.

Christian Living
All Access Do I Look Beautiful?

This script is about a group of girls who think beauty is all on the outside and discover that there is more to it.

What is true beauty?
All Access Do It Yourself

It's not easy to humble yourself, but it's God's way and it's worth every effort.

Matthew 5:21-24, Humility
All Access Does Jesus Care?

When we have bad days, there is Somebody who sees us and hurts with us. It is Jesus. Jesus cares when things are going against us.

Luke 7:11-17, Jesus loves us
All Access Dogs or Cats

God made the animals and He often teaches lessons through them.

Psalm 104:24-34, animals
All Access Dollars From The Heart?

A trip to the baseball games turns into much more for a young boy.

Helping Others
All Access Donkeys on Parade

Be sure to carry Jesus with you as you go about.

Matthew 21:1-16, Witnessing
All Access Don't Chuck The Doll In The River

Poor Jack is quite confused about the story of baby Moses and why his mum put him in a basket then floated it down the river. Read the script to find out why Jack has his sister's doll tied to the end of a rope!

All Access Don't Forget the Batteries

Even today, thousands of years later, we can still worship God just like those men did back then.

Christian Living
All Access Don't Make a Mess Out of Your Life

You are never too old or too young. Nor can you do it too much. We all need to seek Jesus' cleansing.

All Access Dressed for A Wedding

God invites each of us to learn more about Him through Jesus. God invites us to be a part of His family by believing in Jesus.

Matthew 22:1-14, Salvation
All Access Drop the Oars

Are you struggling to save yourself? It won't work. Trust in Jesus today.

Luke 18:9-14, Salvation
All Access E.A.S.T.E.R. Skit

The real message of Easter is Jesus.

The Real Meaning of Easter.
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